{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "What does your personal finances look like? Please share. Curious about whether I'm financially sound for my age group. I'll start....\n\nAge: 30\nMartial Status: Married, no kids\nTotal annual comp w/ bonus: ~145k \nCurrent cash in savings: $25k\nBrokerage account: $5K", "post_id": "6269caf839454900390343ac", "reply_count": 267, "vote_count": 35, "bowl_id": "553769a790f5eebe1d2a0f92", "bowl_name": "Finance", "feed_type": "crowd" }

What does your personal finances look like? Please share. Curious about whether I'm financially sound for my age group. I'll start....

Age: 30
Martial Status: Married, no kids
Total annual comp w/ bonus: ~145k
Current cash in savings: $25k
Brokerage account: $5K

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I think this is an interesting exercise in futility. Each person needs to do the best they can with the resources and situation they have. Also folks, I hate to break it to you, but as someone who has enjoyed an incredible career (turning 60 next week) a lot of it has to do with luck. Yes, you have to work hard. Yes, it helps to be smart and make good decisions. Yes, it helps to have a strong pedigree (the right schools, etc.). But don't underestimate being in the right place at the right time. Don't underestimate how luck got you laid off at one place only to put you in a place 100x better. And perhaps most importantly - as many have noted, EQUITY, EQUITY, EQUITY. With cash compensation, almost no matter how much you make (within reason) 1/2 goes to the government and you'll figure out how to spend the rest. Get yourself into a position where you are getting options, stock, etc. It is the only way you will create wealth from employment (as opposed to being a founder/owner). The second most important point: CONTRIBUTE THE MAX TO YOUR RETIREMENT PLAN(S) NO MATTER WHAT. I know it doesn't feel like it now (in your 20's and 30's) but after 40 years I can tell you that those savings will compound over time and end up being millions of dollars. Also, in your 20's and 30's (and even 40's) invest those retirement savings accounts aggressively in all equities and LEAVE THEM THERE. Do not fall for the "borrowing from yourself to buy a house" pitch. The returns you miss may make it the most expensive loan you'll ever take. And yes, there may be a couple times in your career when your account falls 30% and you'll freak out. It doesn't matter. You've got another 20-30 years to make it up, and you will. As you get into your late 40's and 50's, depending upon your circumstances and retirement plans, you can start migrating to a more conservative portfolio. Good luck.


My DH has a ton of equity that’s under water. I think he is better off being poor but enjoyed life more. But now after giving away so much life and health for some <<0 equity, I feel ripped off. You only live once, the whole illusion of opportunity lured many into making their employers rich but they end up with mental health issues, and ruined family relationships.

Total comp £45k
Savings 6.5k
Assets: 2 bed apartment in London, car (depreciating assets but worth 5k more than I brought it for) 15k in investments
Role: wealth associate
Liabilities: 18k loan, 3.6k credit card, mortgage
Relationship: to be engaged next couple of weeks

Not to concerned at the moment as I’m only 27 I’m doing my IAD and have completed my second degree, looking to be on 90k sterling by 30 if everything pans out 🤷🏽‍♂️

Before anyone says I am leveraged badly, don’t worry I have done a wealth assessment on myself and I’m actually in a good position, barely notice the debt and have no critical payments to make.


This post is meant to be judgment free! I would hope no one comments negatively on your financial position. Thanks for sharing, my fellow fish.

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Age: 37
Married, no kids
Total annual comp w/cash bonus and equity: $465k
Cash savings: $20k
Investments: $772k
Other assets: $81k


I'm interested in financial crime area too

Here before all the FIRE folks show up who are 30 years old with $500k of savings


1 kid, $70k comp
Liquid/Savings: $150k
Investments: $230k
Real Estate: $225k
Debt free


Definitely a sense of freedom!

Wow. Thought everyone on here was a multimillionaire before 30?


What led u to that thought, lol?


Age 27, single, 0 kids
Total comp 160k, minus 40k business expenses, so taxable income 120k
Roth 401k 70k, Roth IRA 25k, crypto 14k,
80k loaned to a friends company earning 7%,

70k cash but using all of it for a home down payment.

Advice: never use a brokerage account to invest unless you’ve maxed out ALL qualified options (IRAs/401k/HSA)


What is an mscb?

Age: 25
Single, in a relationship (living together)
Total annual comp 86k
Normal savings: 3k
High yield savings “emergency fund”:10k
Brokerage ~20k
Roth IRA ~ 2k
401k ~ 30k


Holy heck thank you for making me feel normal with this comment


Age: 31
Married, no kids
Comp: $250k; combined $500-700k
Cash: $140k
Crypto: $50k
Investments: $1.5m
RE: $3m
401k: $500k


Nicely done

I just turned 30 this month and I started my career in 2018 with maybe $5K to my name?
Total comp this year will be 205K after moving from audit to FDD to investment banking
Have about 80K in cash and stocks (tho they’re down 35%).
I paid off $50k in student loans since then.
I also bought a house less than a year ago that has appreciated $100K since then. It’s nuts.


Nice. Congrats on getting your student loans paid.


Age: 30
VP in distressed debt for some large private credit fund.
Comp: GBP150k + 185k bonus
Investment Portfolio: GBP4.2M
Retirement Account:GBP190k
Startup Investments: GBP150k
Cash: :GBP60k

Started investing at 16, been on an insanely good run last few years with energy. All self made, no money from parents. Considering taking some time out from the industry to travel


That’s awesome for you! Thanks for sharing… Is coal still a good place to invest?


Age: 26
Total comp: 105k without bonus
Current liquid cash: 3k lol
Savings: 5k
Brokerage & company 401k: 10k


TC 350 plus equity
690k IRA
50k Roth IRA
1.5M Real Estate
100k NFTs
370k Cash
350k Various Start Ups


Just curious - how many startups is that 350 spread across? And are they mostly software?

Well this makes me feel like I’m grossly underpaid.
25 years old.
$20k in Roth 401k
$5k cash
$47k in brokerage
$12k in private real estate/IPO (Fundrise)
$53k a year in compensation
$4-8k a year through side job right now

I’m trying to be like everyone else when I grow up 😅😢



Pay $104,000 with comp
Single no kids

Savings $2,000
Retirement $25,000

Debt - $60,000

You are doing fine . I supported my family oversees (family of 6), living in Orange County , California and started a side business that’s isn’t profitable .

Struggled to survive . Please be proud it’s not the income it’s the expenses


Max out your 401ks!!!


Age 30, $20k cash, $500k in NFTs


Wow $500k in NFT!

Lots of y’all make a real good money haha. Can’t wait to get there one day lol.

Age: 29
Marital status: single no kids but have a GF
Total Annual comp: 56k not including OT which can be an extra 6k. I also make about 7k driving for Lyft and Uber.
Current cash in savings: $4500
401 k: 28K
Brokerage acct: 45k
Own a 2 family house that I bought last year for 350k
Debt: no car loan, 26K in school loans, 7k in credit card loan.

My girl is to get my salary up!


Agreed. Love the hustle. Keep striving, we're all on this journey to bettering our financial position, together!


Age: 24, Single
Total comp: 50k without bonus
Current liquid cash: 1k
HYSA: 8k
Brokerage & company 401k: 17k on good days, 16k today lol


Age: 22
Total comp: 100k without bonus
current cash: 19k
brokerage account: 2k

can someone plz advise on the best place to put savings?


Overall just don’t invest all your cash at once. Like many here say dollar cost average in and then build up to 6-8 mos in cash for emergencies.

Savings and investments are two very different things. The first two years when I made no money out of college I invested my savings very poorly and paid the price. Be a stickler with your money for the first two years. It will pay off.

I’m now maxing my 401k, take my bonus as cash, and store some conservative investments in a robo via Betterment.


I’m pretty amazed at the levels of comp on here! Good for you guys!


Age 26, married to age 31
No kids
Total joint income: $120,000
Cash in savings : $10,000
Cash in brokerage $30,000
Retirement account: $45,000
Savings would be higher but just bought 2nd home (sold one for $80k profit and invested in new one)


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Didn’t get in my dream school, it’s such a mixing feeling. One point that you feel you would like to work harder and try it nxt yr, the other part you start to doubt whether this journey really


Currently Senior 1 - have opportunity to leave for 90K + 10-15%bonus for external reporting senior position. Current salary 65K. I want to go but I don’t want to settle.


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Co-worker: “what? I don’t even bring my laptop home.”



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