What is a negotiable salary for a Chaplain with 5 yrs experience and with the 400 hrs (1 Unit) that is recommended?

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Should I take the job?

Job Offer On The Table:
• marketing manager
• $65k, I already was told they’ve maxed out on the offer
• added duties of budgeting, multiple locations to visit
• pto is awarded in hours not days and can carry

Current Place of Employment:
• I am the primary graphic designer
• Employed for 8.5 yrs
• $50k
• Kept me on through COVID
• 3 weeks PTO established
• Flexible & lenient
• Good team to work alongside


Infosys offered me 12.7LPA for Technology Lead for 5 yoe. Seriously, is that the average that they can offer me? Or am I expecting more. Please let me know.


Any Accenture and Accenture federal services fishes how does the bonus look for this year , Any insights what’s the average hike and average bonus ?

Just came across this in another bowl, might be of interest to some of y'all.


A quick five minute search makes me think my salary isn't as bad as I thought it was.


I’m a bit lost..Does anyone have a resource for compensation negotiation that includes RSUs - for UK specifically? I have never been through the process before and it’s very different in 🇺🇸. Thank you!


Can someone share how would a salary structure look like if you opt out of epf


Has anyone asked for a pay raise for the increased amount of responsibilities that was not originally asked or discussed in job description. It's been over 1yr and I have few certs. I made impact on my team. They value what I bring to them, but workloads increased more than my main role. I think it's fair to ask for a better pay raise. What do you think? Or should I just moved on to another company? What example information can I talk to my manager to negotiate? I'm underpaid ~14%. Need guidance


What is a fair salary/hourly for a kitchen manager in Tampa FL? Small kitchen with 3 to 4 kitchen assistants. Kitchen is open 50 hours a week. Manager has full creative license and has no one above them in the chain of command outside of owners.

Hello Fishes,
Can anyone help me to understand what is my fixed salary from below screenshot.

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Hey! Anyone know a typical hourly rate or salary for a Registered Behavior Technician(RBT) in Sacramento, CA? Currently getting paid $21/hr and just wanted to see if this is the norm.


How many days it takes usually to release the offer letter in Cerner?
I have received the congratulations on selection mail and have completed the Versant test also, it is 4th day now, and i have not received the offer letter till now. Should I be worried 😥


If FIS retains an employee with a new salary in November/December....do they consider you for Yearly Appraisal ?


How much do people spend on engagement rings? I make about $130k in TC to put things into perspective.


In the final stage for a growth market Senior Manger position based out of Toronto in QE domain. How much base salary I should negotiate? What other monetary benefits ( bonus, global profit sharing etc.) at this band I can expect. Any lead will be highly appreciated.

Hi Bowlers,

Had a few job offers on the table from CPG and Tech (non-FAANG) companies for Senior Analyst type roles.

Without negotiating it seems like Tech pays more, is that true? Or can I still negotiate more with CPG companies?



I’m a former CohnReznick employee. I’m curious, what response do they have to Corona? Any layoffs or pay cuts? Haven’t seen anything on Going Concern.


Wells Fargo what’s the average base pay for vice president? Also what level is Vice president?

Is it ok if company says thet joining bonus will be given after completing 3 months???

Hello all just a happy post .

Aaj mai khush hai bohot!

I was in a toxic af company for 5 months and was feeling suffocated drained and helpless but my only solace were u faceless nameless machlees consoling and motivating me.

Finally I have been offered a role at a company I manifested for and good enough hike and I'll be joining them in a fortnight.

For PPL in my situation aapne ghabra na nhi hai, sab theek ho jaega, mental pressure no take, more interviews yes give.

Thnx machlees!


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My motivation legit evaporates when I’m on the bench... help


Is there any shift timing for developers at JPMC ?

What should be my salary expectations from Credit Suisse AVP role at credit Risk Team.

YOE 8 years
Current 19 LPA
Offer In Hand 25 LPA

Check out my twitch stream! I stream 4 days a week. Here are the games on tap this week! See you around!

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Daily Dordle #0016 5&7/7
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⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜
🟨⬜⬜🟨⬜ ⬜🟨⬜⬜⬜
🟨🟨🟨🟩🟩 ⬜🟩⬜🟩⬜
🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 🟨⬜⬜🟩⬜
⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ 🟩🟩🟩🟩⬜
⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

Who all will be at Sapphire next week?


Do any of you end up with days that you have no assignments? Do you become paranoid or do you relax about it? I am 4 months in a new position which was supposedly very needed.


STARTUP FOUNDERS and FAANG: would you rather hire MBB with 3-4 years of exp or Tier 2 with 5-6 years? If you could isolate those variables and everything else held constant.


What are other company’s master in Taxation tuition reimbursement polices?


Folks -Any recommendation on road trip route from NY to Niagara falls,ON ?Insee google maps shows 3 different routes and looking for a safer and scenic route.
Any guidance on kids activities in Canada side for Niagara?Thanks


How long should one stay at his firm before transitioning ?


3 years later I decided to turn off my work phone after 6pm and not touch it during the weekend. I feel fucking amazing. Don't be tied to work 24/7 folks.


I recently started a job, about 3 months ago… I'm dealing with a coworker whose comments come across as passive-aggressive. I'm unsure if my race is part of the intention of these comments. However, I raised my concerns to my supervisor, and nothing seems to be happening since our conversation. Should I be concerned with my new team?


Hi Guys, One of my friend is looking for suggestions, he has confusion in
Fujitsu and Mindtree,
YOE:4 around.
Please put in you insights too it would be helpful for him :)

The ACAB movement is getting stronger and stronger, I think it's time to get concerned.


Brillio is hiring !!!!!

Lead - Fullstack
Exp - 5-8 yrs

Lead - JBPM
Exp - 8-10 yrs

Lead - C++
Exp - 5-10 yrs

Lead - MEAN Stack
Exp - 5-8 yrs

Engineer - GIS
Exp - 3-6 yrs

Data Scientist
Exp - 5-10 yrs

Lead Engineer - Database
Exp - 6-10 yrs

Developer - Java
Exp - 2-4 yrs

AWS Data Specialist
Exp - 5-10 yrs

AWS Architect
Exp - 12-18 yrs

Snowflake Lead
Exp - 5-10 yrs

Snowflake Architect
Exp - 10-16 yrs

Senior Engineer - Apigee
Exp - 3-4 yrs

Location will be Bangalore/Hyderabad/Chennai


A recruiter from a recruiting company reached out and scheduled a call for tomorrow to see if I'd be a good fit for any of the positions she's looking to fill. I've never worked with a recruiter before, how do these calls usually go?


How are the PWC HR (SDC Kolkata) in terms for salary negotiations do they generally get back with enhanced offers or is it otherwise


Additional Posts in Salaries in Healthcare

What’s the best hourly rate for a bachelors level IICAPs counselor?


Curious of non clinical salary in the dental field. I work in not quite ‘high end’ dental as insurance specialist. I am also front desk manager (tho not office manager). I was hired to do insurance and in the 2 months since I started I have been given a dozen more responsibilities. Insurance verification, front desk, answering phones, taking payments, training, all IT work (which I’m not even good at but I’m the only person under 50 in the office so it falls on me)


In Ky. Looking for comps for Director of Operations for large specialty practice. Overseeing 18 providers and around 90 employees. Three departments

Hi everyone,
How much do you think a CHT of 7 years should be making in New Jersey.
I also had 2 years as a secretary prior to becoming a technician.


I have two masters degrees (counseling and education) and I am currently working in Louisiana as a Bereavement Coordinator making $50k a year. Am I being low balled?


Can anyone confirm pay for regulatory compliance manager at Elevance Health?


Hello everyone. I work at a Crisis Diversion Facility in Seattle as a Behavioral Health Case Manager. I make $57,000 a year. I am also a Housing Case Manager at a small for profit company based in Eastern Washington but I am a Seattle Case Manager I make $23/hr. I also work as a RBT/CBT part time in Greater Seattle making $22/hr. I really want to move to Chicago. Can anyone share their salary? All the jobs I look at in my fields are pretty low, and I understand cost of living is lower but still


What is the salary for a Clinical Medical Associate in Duluth Ga?


How much would a medical assistant make in NYC?


Hello, I have a background in healthcare and I’m applying for entry level consulting jobs in London, is anyone here willing to send a referral for me?

I’m applying to BCG, Bain, and LEK


What is the salary range for epic application analyst pharmacist? I was offered 135k and have 3 years of experience. I am Willow and Inventory certified and have the ability to work remotely. I am based out of the Cincinnati area.


Hi All!
Would you say $92,500 for a Key Account Manager (Specialty Pharmacy) in Brooklyn, NY is comparable to the current market?


Any tips on how to ask for a raise when they are trying to call it a lateral promotion, when it clearly is not.


Pet/CT Nuclear Medicine technologist dual ARRT certified In both Nuclear medicine and CT . How much should I be making with over 15yrs experience?


How much does an entry level Sourcing Specialist earn per year?


Average LPN salary in NJ with 10+years of experience?


Pta with 4 years director of rehab experience, what can I expect for a salary?


Question/Advice. I’m currently working as a Pre-Access/Biller for a worker’s comp role with a 3rd party company handling 2 major hospital accounts. I feel severely underpaid as I work claims, pre-auths, follow-up, AR, RTW/atty req/med req/c9 req/approvals, etc. for the WC revenue cycle. Interested in hearing others salaries for the role? Or roundabout? OR WC salaries in general. Also, what’s the next upward career move after working a role as this? Thank you! (I work remotely if this helps)


Wondering what is the average pay rate for Medical Assistant in Buffalo N.Y. With 8 years of experience I been making the same since 2020 the pandemic $18 an hour


I have heard from a lot of people in many sectors that one should change jobs / companies every 2-3 years to increase salaries and benefits etc… is this also true for healthcare? Or should I stick it out. I am a few weeks into year 3


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