What is a normal salary percentage bump when getting promoted, and are these bumps negotiable??

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Assume they’ll come in with a 10% bump. But it also depends on the company. Everywhere is different. Yes they’re negotiable. Get a number in your head that you’re comfortable accepting a promotion at. If you don’t get that number, make your case. If they say it stands at what it is, find a different job that’ll pay you what you’re asking for.

I'm hearing about a lot of 3-5% bumps, but that's in tech. Everything will depend on your company and your role and your value, don't be afraid to push for more!

Definitely varies by industry and company. You can ask around your company (if there's anyone you're comfortable asking) about their past bumps to get an idea. If it's a big company you may be able to ask here in your industry bowl for people's experiences there.

10% is standard according to the HR experts, however I’ve heard of people getting 20%.

It really depends. I think the average is about 10%. I have never negotiated one but it never hurts to ask.

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Looking for better and competitive compensation according to the industry standard in delhi NCR region either in core IT industry or IT Consulting.

Current CTC - 250000
Expected CTC - 400000

Suggest me please.


Hi Fishes,
I have 6 years of experience and have offers from the below companies, Help me on selecting the same?
I am getting a headache as my last date is approaching. Please Help me before Jan 18.

Company, project, CTCdetails are below.

Value Labs - Banking(Fullstack) - 19Fixed + 2LPA
NTT Data - Well Fargos (React) - 20 + 3LPA
Hexaware - Amaze Banking Project (reactjs,AZURE) - 20+2 LPA
GSPANN - Sports E-commerce (AWS, MERN) - 20+2 LPA

Have offer for 15LPA with IBM.

And Altimetrik is ready to offer around 20LPA counter offer.

Which one to prefer?

Role: ReactJS Developer

Opinions please...

Client recently offered me a job for an open req (industry eq SM). The work is flexible, the req is just to get me in the door but I decide what I want to work on (which I trust to be true). Much better culture, wlb, etc., but I’d be taking a 100k pay cut and be an IC with no team. Is it worth taking a step back in pay and responsibilities, or does it seem possible to get all in one?

Hello Everyone,

Got a offer from LTI for 18LPA in clould BU
YOE:- 6.5 and technology is DEVOPS

However I have been told that client interviews would happen once i join the org. Currently having 11LPA CTC

I'm new working in Germany as a chef.
How are the usual salary?

What is the average hike provided in Reliance Jio for an employee who is already at market standard and at Manager position. Consider he rated top in a fiscal year with no promotion? Please consider 4 year average while answering if possible.


Have an opportunity to go in-house with a top private equity firm in NYC on their compliance team as likely either a Sr. Associate or Manager level, but working also with the in-house legal team. I have 10-15 yrs experience in private practice - in areas that have some cross over skills but are not necessarily direct financial experience.
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What’s an ACD/Creative director weekend rate-
1.5x day rate or 2x day rate?
OT after 8 hours?


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I don’t care about DM’s, but if you like monsters, meet Charlie.

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So what do you guys do at happy hours to make them more interesting? What do you drink? I find them boring because it’s not networking with new people and I’m sick of water or sprite.


Hey guys, what does Level 5 in Accenture maps to in SF . Also what's the total comp for director and senior direcror in SF. Appreciate any insights to it. Thanks in advance!!


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I’m hiring a global internal auditor. Will pay relo. 15% international trip will be included. Please message me if you are interested in it.


Mindtree - 23 LPA fixed good package? Getting only 25 % from current CTC... Help me


When do you find yourself checking FB during the day?


Do any 🐠 work for Kaiser Associates? Or worked there previously? Or just have any insight? I have an interview coming up and I want to learn a little more about their public sector practice. Thanks!!


Anyone have any thoughts on Sup Ducks community?


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So got an offer from a company on Wednesday and sent a counteroffer on Thursday and only notification I’ve received is they are working on it. Do I reach out today if I haven’t heard back 🤔??


Help! I just asked for a 40% increase in pay to as I’m underpaid according to average of what others in my position make. I know I won’t get it, but feel crazy for asking!

For context: this is a lateral move, into a newish project manger position at my company . Was told it wouldn’t be a pay raise, I make 55k. I know this is low for PMs.


So I accepted a new job at a higher base of 75k but is it weird in an investment bank they do not offer a laptop or headset everything is done on the employee’s personal devices?


Like a lot of others, I’m underpaid. I’ve been with my company for 3 years having worked various roles and have been working as a researcher for a couple years now.

Our org is restructuring and part of that is salaries are being reviewed and adjusted.

What are the chances I get the adjustment I deserve? They will need to bump me up 35%. Am I being foolish or do I need to look elsewhere?


What’s the real difference between a verbal and written offer? If I accept the verbal offer, then see all the nitty gritty details in the written offer, I still have room and time to negotiate, right?


Annual review coming up. Looking for suggestions for asks…

8 YOE, Current 125 base, TC ~140.

Median base for my title/geo ~170 (mean ~166, 0.75 ~226).

Certs: CIPM, M365 Security Admin/Architect, AWS SOA, AN, & Security.

Vet, Inactive TS.

Highlights of the year: flew out on 12hr notice to evac E Europe-based employees & families, plugged 3 exposures before they became breaches, built TVM/privacy program from scratch, onboarded new CNAPP.

(-) Still a student (GIB: BA/MS expected ‘24)


Hello everyone. I am going into negotiations soon with an early level startup and wanted to hear inputs. I’d be working remotely and live in a MCOL city. I have 2 years of data analysis experience and 1 year of experience as a database developer. On top of that, I have an additional year and a half of experience in a role that is more applied rather than direct. I have an MS in DS as well. I’m being considered towards an Associate DS role. What should my base and bonus comp expectations be?

Hey fishes, what's the salary range for a finance manager, with 15 years experience should be?


Last year, I negotiated my salary since given what my job responsibilities turned into, I was underpaid. COO offered an increased salary, I said I was hoping for this higher number according to my research so he went up a bit more (not reaching what I asked for) and guilted me for it.
An anonymous doc where coworkers entered their job info and salaries got passed around and even with my negotiated salary, I'm still getting paid less than peers in similar positions.
Any advice moving forward?


I’m a test engineer with 2 years of experience in Santa Barbara. How much should I be making?


So i can get a lease car in my contract. I got a budget of €725 (which is like a Volkswagen Golf) now i want to negotiate for my lease budget to get an SUV. Now I'm scared that i will be the only SUV in the parking lot and stand out too much. Is this something I should worry about?


Hi, I need advice, got an offer from
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TCS:- 13 LPA
and Morningstar:- 15 LPA

which one should be a good choice considering growth and a good career.

Thanks In Advance!!!


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Not sure if this is the area to ask this question but my CEO and COO is coming to our branch to do a meet and greet and I think this is the best opportunity to bring some suggestions that I think I want to see. First concern is that the place I work for is not paid holiday. We have 8 observant holiday in a year and we are required to use on these holidays. That's 64 hours of my pto I have to use? Is there a suggestion I can bring up where I have an option to work on those days? Or do flex time?


Hi All. I have been in my role for almost 2 years. In that time the company has promoted 4 people into my level. I have been made aware that they are actually making higher base wages than myself. How do I negotiate an increase without being too confrontational? Thanks in advance