What is average for people working in in-home care as a scheduling coordinator and also client coordinator?

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Average pay? For what area? And how many YOE? That would help me to narrow it down for you!

DFW, Texas, 1.5 years experience also experienced as care manager and billing, HR, and recruiting

I can't speak to DFW, but I make a bit over $41k ($20/hr) as a scheduling coordinator.

Same here, only a little less. I make $19.43/hr as a home care scheduler. In Ohio. With over a year of experience.

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Anyone from Standard Chartered bank client from Synechron Inc. ??? Please help me out regarding work life balance and project work culture. Synechron Inc. Standard Chartered


What'd be the total comp for a director of product design at Meta?

It seems like Fortune 500 companies rely on being a Fortune 500 company when recruiting. Just interviewed with one and while the base pay is fine (about average for the location) it is:

- contract to hire
- no relocation package
- no PTO until hired
- wants you to move within 3-4 weeks and start
- have to be onsite 3-4 days a week
- no sign on bonus
- no guarantee of hire after the 6 months

After all costs taken into account it would be around $20k more before taxes.. Seems so stingy?


Wondering what other Business Analysts make? And what should I be making, I have been in this role for 1 year now


Anyone know the salary ranges for an Account Director at Grey NY and Y&R New York? Are there big differences between agencies in the same holding company?

January, I got a promotion to store manager of a Metro by T-Mobile. The job however came with a mandatory 60hrs/6 day work week. And salary at $1,000 a week. There are no benefits, PTO, or even holiday pay. I get a commission on my sales with how things are now a days, it's like an extra $400 a month. I'm not really happy, and am having doubts about staying here. Is this a good salary? At $16.6/hr i feel as it's not.


HI Folks,

Please help on the below. Got three offers.

Position: manager
18.5 fixed + variable (% not defined)
1.5 joining bonus

Position: C3B
25LPA ( Including variable ie: monthly, quarterly & incentive)

Position: Senior Consultant
21 LPA (11% variable)
Hr confirmed that variable be 100% paid once in 6 months

Yoe: 11.10
Relevant yoe: 9.10
Oracle functional
Cctc: 13.8 (11.5% variable)

Please suggest which one to choose. Confused a bit. Priority: 1) Growth 2) wlb 3) Amount.

I'm a 35 year old Officer in Indian Navy with 14+ years of experience(good job security). I'm planning to switch to corporate world due to mundane job profile. I've developed many niche software for Navy and am good with Python, Java, JSP, SQL. For perspective - TCS quoted 20 cr for similar s/w that I've singularly designed & developed. Plz help me make a decision-
Quit Navy and lookout for a job right away or Stay in the current role for another 7 yrs(will be 42 by then) for pension eligibility


Hi Fishes,
I have a offer from collins aerospace and Deloitte.
Compensation wise both is same.
Which one should I choose?
Any suggestions will real be helpful.
YOE - 3.5 (.NET resource)
Location: Collins (Yelhanka)
Deloitte : (Bellandur)


Hi fishes,
I have been resigned from infosys due to medical issues before my probation period. They are asking me to pay 1lakh penalty..What will happen if I didn't pay any amount


Hi Fishes, I have salary discussion round with McKinsey tomorrow for senior software engineer role. My current CTC is 21 LPA and YOE is 7 years. What is the reasonable salary to ask? TIA


I’m a sales engineer in the manufacturing industry working for a small company, who received a job offer from another small company in a different industry within the manufacturing space who really wants me.

My growth has been the following:
Base: 70k
FY20: 12k
FY21: 14k
FY22: 18k

The offer:
100k, with $7.5k sign on bonus. I’d be paid hourly with opportunity for OT for the first 3-6 months as inside sales while I learn the product and then transition into outside sales at 120k base


Anyone at RSM doing transaction advisory can share thier salary as a Senior? Looking to leave industry but a few people I know have been switching over just curious to know if it will change my mind lol. Chicago market would be great


Hello Freelancers I have 5 years of experience in Digital marketing and end to end sales client success etc I would love to have one 2 one chat with Freelancers wanting to know some easy starting tips for on boarding or searching for right clients ! Comment here your email address I will add you to our email list loaded with stuff like this ! Wanting to learn a lot from you guys as well :)


What is the average TC for pharma associate directors in business roles (e.g., business development, portfolio strategy)? What’s the average timeline for promotion to director?


How much hike can we expect if we get a promotion in legato


I am a management consultant with 16+ years of experience in market research, strategy, data science & analytics industry with top organizations and very stable career progression.

How much hike is received by such a professional who is already in the early 40s (LPA) of salary band? Is 30-40% is good or >50% should be demanded for such a long experience and existing pay package?

Seek urgent & clear response as I have salary negotiation rounds with 2 companies next week. Please help.


Considering switching from marketing to business development. What’s a realistic salary expectation for a BDM at a major tech company?


Hi Fishes

How much EXL provides for the Senior Consultant role.

Some information for which i was offered -
Experience - 5.5 years
Role - Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
Offered -
25 lpa fixed
12% variable
Band - C1
Designation - Senior Consultant


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Currently in Deloitte GPS Risk and Financial Advisory - Accounting and Internal Controls and thinking about making the switch


How bad does moving from one firm to another before a year look in your resume? I am discussing a good opportunity at another big 4 but have been at D less than a year


What's with the saturation of self help/ productivity books on social media (reddit, Instagram etc.) ? Not saying I don't mind reading them, but I see this quite a bit. Know a few people who consciously only read non fiction instead. Just thinking aloud over here. Would like to hear what you guys think ?


I’m relatively new to the area and looking for work. Would any CDs in town be willing to meet for a coffee and a quick chat?

Any benefit to having medical marijuana card? How’s it different from getting cbd at the store?


What is the yearly hike in EY GDS for Finance roles in Core Business services


31F looking for something serious with a playful guy. My faith is important in the sense that raising kids the same is a deal breaker. I practice hot yoga, frequent concerts, travel, and recently picked up skiing. Short, petite, curly brunette.


Anyone who got an offer from Accenture consulting able to have them change the home office. Interviewed for DC but now want to stay in NY.

How much hike can I get at PwC Kolkata this June?

Joined in October last year as a SA2 Assurance and have recieved positive feedback from clients so far. Currently getting 19lpa.


IQVIa or Wipro?

IqVIa current offer - 18.86 fixed +1.44 lakhs VP

Wipro - awaiting for 2nd round , 1st round cleared.had asked for 24 fixed and recruiter agreed.

Skill business analysis, 8 YOE.

Heard IQVIa offers max 90% vp, while wipro Provides 100% quarterly payouts. I would personally prefer wipro


At an ID firm, but doing 30% ID, and the rest is appellate work + appellate work in a different area of law. Team is amazing—well known people in the legal community. I love appellate work, want to be a state ct appellate judge ultimately. But I’m scared I’m locking myself into ID. What should I do?


I’m almost done building the website for my social media agency. I’ll be doing B2B social media management. I’m stuck on my Portfolio page. For those who have launched their own agency, if I don’t have clients yet should I just create demo mock-ups of social media graphics or should I take on a few free clients (only creating 9 social media graphics for them) so i can post them on my portfolio page? Hope that makes sense


Strategy at Heartbeat? I’m getting good vibes so far.

Ericsson joining formality : 1. do they provide laptop before joining day ?
2. it's virtual onboarding ? 3. do they provide any joining kit on day 1 ? how smooth onboarding journey ? please share your experience


I hate Texas, moved here since July and haven't had good luck so far. Changed apartment twice and all unites are noisy (either construction or upstairs neighbor noise). I have no friends here and the summer here is just too hot for me to bear. Can't wait to move back to California but wondering what keeps people happy here in TX?


Is it just me or is procure to pay the most boring thing ever? I have done a few projects on it and it is just not interesting.


Does anyone have insight into Latham and Watkins? (Culture, comp, etc.) preferably if someone knows anything about their firms in the Bay Area but generally would also be lovely.

A few weeks ago I sent my resume in for a PCA posting. I’m qualified for the position yet never heard anything back. Not even a confirmation that my application was received. Is there anyway to reach out about it or should I just forget it and move on?


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Does anyone know how well Amazon Executive Assistants gets paid? Also, what’s the office culture truly like especially as an admin?

Looking for advice on negotiating a raise. My current company recently "reviewed all salary positions to determine if they were needed to be competitive in the market". Of course they came to the conclusion that none were needed. The issue is that there are very very few positions, similar to what I do, to compare against. I'm highly skeptical as to what they actually compared us against so my question is... Is it worth using similar positions in different industries as a comparison?


I was told by a company via email prior to the final interview, “that the maximum salary for this opportunity is $90k plus 10% bonus.” Does this mean that I should expect no more than the previously stated or expect to be offered the previously stated? Just don’t want to be blindsided if the offer is lower. Thanks!


Hello everyone!
I’m currently working as an Optimization Associate, which in my company is a step above a project manager. Our team didn’t have a scope for the majority of my tenure, so I was practically doing E2E PM & process improvement for multiple teams. I’ve asked for an off-cycle salary increase (35%) because I’ve been performing at a higher level than my job entails far before my promotion to the role and I’m currently excelling. How likely would the company accept it?


Even though some job postings include the range, the recruiter still asks me what my desired salary range is? Im totally fine with the salary range posted in the job description - that’s why I applied. Do you guys usually give a higher number or just narrow the range down but stay within the salary range posted with the job description?

Just received an offer from Thermo Fisher for 25/hr (best pay for me to date). Would it be prudent to respond with counter-offer if the recruiter stated the cap was 26 for the position?

Finally had a chat with my boss this week requesting a raise. They said they don’t have the final say over salaries. He has to ask the 2 main company directors and will have an answer for me in 1-2 weeks

I’m already below market rate and really trying to level up with rising costs of living etc. Plus I want to earn what I’m worth in the market now if I can

Any advice if they return with a lower than expected offer? I haven’t had any bump in 3 years and don’t want to settle for less anymore


Hi, I was just promoted to a position much higher than my current.
I was a Talent Acquisition Operations Specialist at $53k and was promoted to a new title where I have to strategize and build structure for an entirely new role- a Talent Acquisition Programs and Marketing Manager… was offered $60k.


Hey fishes, hope you are doing great. I'm a DevOps/sre Engineer, with 12 YOE in the UK. I'm currently working in a Reputed tech company. Not FAANG. I would like to pursue my career in these above similar top tech companies. Would like to know your opinions on preparation and what kind of salaries can be expected and is there any WLB.
preparation: I'm sure that I'm bad at datastructures and algos.
Sys Design:ok
But my role has nothing to do with too much SD
Appreciate your suggestions


Is this a Management red flag?

My friend is making $19/hour and has been asking for a raise for months. Mid management have “little control” over raises and decisions stem from upper managers, although his reviews are always excellent. Their lumber company was recently acquired by a large private equity firm.

He recently got another job offer and when he put in his 2 weeks his current employer offered them a supervisor position of a $58K salary the same day.

Any advice or pro-tips?


Just got offer for Global Supply Chain Manager for AWS - seems a bit low can anyone help provide feedback? I plan to negotiate with my recruiter but no sure what range this position offers or what level it is (I think L5 but have not been told anything on this). Offer details: Base: 104k signing bonus: 70k (40 year 1 and 30 year 2) stock: 32 RSUs with normal Amazon best schedule TC Y1: about 147k. Thank you!!!!


Salary negotiation question- I have 6 YOE and most recently 3 years in a Operational lead role. The job I’m applying for is an Operations Manager (NYC) and has a base range of $82K-$88K with 15% bonus. I’m dying to get to 6 figures on my base.. How can I ask for a higher base, what’s the most I can ask for and how much is appropriate before them refunding the offer (If I get it)

Hello, I am looking for a referral with the following companies Amazon Google Microsoft Chime Stripe Facebook (Meta) . This is fir a non tech related job. Please let me know if you can help in any way. Thank you in advance


Boston BioTech

I'm in the final round of interviews for two internal positions - both vertical. One has FTE's (my first such experience) and the other a much broader scope vs my current role

I had interviewed externally for a role on par w the internal roles, at a smaller and less established company. They confirmed +20% was in their range

How do I push back on my company if they offer less than that, if I do want one of those roles? Without a pay scale, what is the best way to approach?


Phone interview with Apple for an Americas Supply Chain Finance Analyst role in Austin this week. 2YOE in Supply Chain, 1 YOE in FP&A. Anyone have insight on compensation expectations for a role like this? I've tried researching this role online but, can only find supply chain analyst and financial analyst compensation information. Thanks!


I just received an email from the company inviting me to permanently join - currently I work as a contractor and they’re inviting to join the team - the proposal is less than I make it as a contractor ( considering that I won’t be able to do overtime - and I do a lot - I’ll make 15% less than I’m making now). Also both amounts seems low compared to the industry. Any advice? Thank you!

In Public Accounting in Vancouver, what is the average signing bonus received when moving from B4 to mid-sized as a senior/designated professional? I've heard of many cases of signing bonuses but my former coworker who started at the company that I'm interviewing with didn't get a signing bonus. Is there a way to negotiate for one?