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Let’s say I want to get into pentesting and CEH - where would you advise starting if my experience is minimal? I know my way around things but not much scripting or too heavy network experience. Downloaded Kali on a VM to get some tools, but let’s say you could advise me of a training course/package to start with - what would it be, and from where? My current job is going to let us pick something, and while my answer would be to go to DEFCON 😂 that’s obviously not gonna happen this year.


Currently exploring the option to take a full-time-remote position for a significant pay increase. Can anyone that’s recently made the move to a full-time remote job speak on pros and cons?


I’m in Virginia and taking my last CPA section in three weeks here. If I pass I will be done. Plus I’m soooo burnt out. After I’m done and to avoid taking the ethics exam, could I just transfer my scores to the DC CPA board and get certified there?


I have recieved an LOI from American Express but not the offer letter. How long do they take to roll out the offer letter? Also, is it possible that they don't extend an offer despite of me accepting the LOI?


Do EPAM Systems employees have to go through the same process of client interviews to allocated to a project? I heard they don't. So if Anywhere and Systems are same then why this difference? Can anyone please let us know the facts.


Can anyone help me on this, working in tcs since 6 years ,now i got an offer with 100%hike ,resigned from tcs and serving notice period. but tcs offering me onsite opportunity if i revoke and also received a mail confirmation on onsite opportunity from all my manger with hr


When would be an appropriate time to discuss a title change/maybe a comp increase? I work for a tech startup about to enter series B. I am quickly coming up on 1 year with the company. This is my first full time post undergrad. However my job role expanded significantly early on. Current salary is in the $60-70k ballpark. The catch is that I am the only one doing all finance, accounting, investor relations... honestly more interested in a new title. I took the job for the experience, not money.


R system - 28 lpa Landis - 24 lpa Coforge - 24 lpa Which one to join? Genpact Tata Consultancy Coforge Landis Rsystems


How does one make the switch from media planning to production? Really interested in applying for Associate Producer roles but want to know the best way to translate my experience


I just finished my MBA and I am an electrical engineer of 10years experience. I received a job offer as a senior engineer from a an engineering company. I previously discussed project manager role with this company but they extend me a senior engineer position.
I would like to get advice on what to do, how to proceed, and have an idea of salary that i should negociate if i decide to go with the company?


Hi All,

I am currently working in TCS with 7+ yrs of experience with a very low package
I am looking for a job change and worked in SAP MDM with different projects.

Kiny advice is the right time to change during this recession Period.I am thinking whether to resign without any offer in my hand


I'll switch to a startup as the only data engineer and will closely work with all the Head ofs + the CTO.

Any advice/books/... on stakeholder management at that level? Especially when things fail/discussing budgets/new hires etc.


What corporate/commercial banking position can a financial advisor transition to while still preserving VP title and compensation??


Hello all, anyone please suggest .... I have received the offer letter from HSBC for Feb 22 and now HR is asking to negotiate with current organization to relieve early and join them atleast a month before as per hiring manager...what does that mean will they cancel my offer letter if not joined... please suggest


Does anyone know if JP Morgan will offer a sign on bonus/will they negotiate for one for a VP position?

What will be band for senior scrum master in wipro?


Anyone work at Google Health and willing to chat? Would love to learn about shifting from consulting


Hi All, Greetings!

Can anyone give an idea on what is the salary range for a Senior Data Analyst in Gartner?


Hi All, Which one should I joined
Tech-python developer
YOE-5 years
Capgemini 21 LPA including variable
Wipro 24 LPA including variable
Tech Mahindra 24 LPA including variable
Synechron Inc. 24 LPA fixed


Anyone have experience working at Optum Advisory? Can you provide insight... good, bad, ugly? TIA

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Is contacting a candidate’s references worth it?


Recruiters- Are any of you hiring for Corporate law, tax, or any other interesting fields? I’m an admitted attorney in NYC. Thanks!

V. annoyed by Milbank's and Cravath's bonus numbers. Our bill rates went up this year- bonuses should as well. We're potentially getting lower total comp, esp without 2018's summer bonuses. Not happy.


Hi everyone

I am having around 3 years and 8 months of experience in building Web and Microservices using technologies like Java, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Security, Hibernate, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, JavaScript and React.

Looking for referrals.

Thank you


Hospital software development analyst within the research department salary?


Openings in Light&Wonder A product based company, Let me know anyone's interested

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What’s the point of doing a sequel for the Ikea lamp ad if no consumer really gives a shit about it? I feel it is more for the advertising people...


Hello All,

I am looking for job change, any referals please advise. I have a total of 7 years of experience in IT, MRO and Indirect services.

How early is too early to leave a job? Started in January (first job out of college) and while I’m not necessarily actively looking for a new role, I wouldn’t say no if the right one came around.


Where would you cap your rent if you made 86k and wanted to live nicely but responsibly?


Which companies have a data annotator position?

What is the best luxury car brand (for a sedan) to buy for the long term? Looking for used maybe 4-5 years old so will probably be out of factory warranty. I loved my 2016 Audi A6 lease in the past and still love the car but have heard horrible things about German luxury in general for long term ownership in terms of cost of maintenance and repairs.


I want to know how much I can get if I shift from NCR to Bangalore for an Associate Product Manager Profile.

I have a 5 months internship plus 7 months experience for this role in the same company. I have an MCA Degree from a T3 College.

At present, my CTC 6.

Also, let me know -
1. what is the avg. salary per annum
2. what are some higher salaries people are getting
3. what other benefits can one get
4. what are other parameters which influence salaries

- for this role?


Hi Guys,

Can we onboard cognizant with "Mail Confirmation from current employer HR on LWD"? Because after 1 to 2 week they will release "Relieving Letter".


What KPIs do you give upper management to set hiring expectations for senior tech talent? What tools do you use to calculate/track applicants vs recruiters screens and submissions vs HM interviews which lead to offers?


How have you dealt with passport and airport situation in Sweden lately. Any tips and tricks

I have a technical round for Fiserv, Inc. What type of questions i can expect? is fiserv a Product company?

Tech Stack : .Net full stack.
Yoe : 7 yrs.


Any desi singles ( male) in Boston?


Anyone from HBS, Wharton or Ivey leagues.. Can I get latest case book you have?


Additional Posts in Goldman Sachs. GMD

Can someone refer me for role of devops and CI CD at Goldman?

I have an interview scheduled for controller funding (Balance Sheet Management) -Analyst-Bengaluru. Can someone provide some details about interview process.


How long does it usually take for Goldman Sachs to set up an interview from application date? I applied for a controllers role 3 weeks back [The opening was posted on 19 may, I applied on 20] but havent heard back.
Should I assume I wont be getting a call?

Pls let me know


I have heard that Goldman Sachs is rescinding offers of temporary contract workers. I have an offer letter from Goldman Sachs Bangalore for a full time permanent role and am already on notice period. There is still 2 months for the joining date. Is there a hiring freeze coming? If yes, will they rescind offers that have already been made? Goldman Sachs


Hi Fishbowl fam,

Need a help regarding a role at Goldman Sachs, kindly DM for details. This is regarding an urgent career move, any kind of help would be highly appreciated, I have adequate experience and qualifications I believe, need that extra push.

Hi all, I'm presently working in bank as credit manager (Both Retail and MSME)..Please let me know if there are any suitable profiles for my experience.. YOE-13yrs.


Hey fishes!

I'm a final year student pursuing Bachelor of Management Studies, in Hyderabad. Through campus placement, I landed a fresher Analyst job at
Goldman Sachs (Hyd) in the CWS division. I'll be joining the Spend Management team.

I've been offered
CTC 5.5L

I want to know how this compares to company standard, since I don't want to be underpaid, or lose the job by overplaying my land. Anyone aware of the budget here? Goldman Sachs


Can anyone please help me with expected salary under loan management current exp-3 years


Does Goldman Sachs impose a 6 month probation period for all new hires?


How's technical work in cws engineering division-Digital Workplace team in Goldman Sachs for java developer?


How's technical work in cws engineering team in Goldman Sachs for java developer? And how's work life balance in that team?


Hey people, I've been looking at some open positions in GM division at Goldman.

Would really appreciate if someone can put my referral for the same.


I recently interviewed for a role at Goldman Sachs and completed all the levels. After the final interview HR sent me a link to fill out the Compensation Questionnaire and requested for related documents. Next day, another HR called me for some clarification and told me that they are going to request for some approvals. Does this mean I can expect an offer letter? If yes, how long will that process take?

I am a 2018-20 MBA pass out from a good BSchool(have 40 months pre MBA workex) and joined Amazon last year July with PPO. But I love investing and trading in stock markets(equity). Please suggest me the roles I could get into Goldman Sachs and how to get into those.

I currently received an email from Engineering HR on slots to kick off the interview process. I provided them with that, but haven't heard back since then. It's been 2 weeks.

Should I expect a response incase my application is not being considered anymore?

Hi, Can you please help me with Goldman Sachs interview questions


Hi all I’m looking for referral in Goldman Sachs for business analyst role or product manager role could you please help me with a referral Goldman Sachs

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