What is the hiring process in Coforge. 2nd round done on 22nd Feb for Santander project. Consultancy told mail for documentation will be share by HR, but no mail received yet. Any idea how much time it take?

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Check by logging into their careers portal. They don't take documents over mail, they will ask you to upload them on the careers portal.


After calling to He only, uploading documents link is visible. Uploaded today, when I can expect an offer from them now?

How's coforge btw? Is it a genuine company?

Ha ha ha. They are not releasing offer letters. Same happened with me too. Don’t run behind them. Search for a better company. Seriously Coforge sucks. Check reviews in glass door. They are trying to manipulate the reviews also

Any idea how much time will take for offer release once documents submitted through candidate portal

did u get offer ? how long they took

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Accenture hiring for cybersecurity skills. Pls share your resume at helpacenreferral@gmail.com if interested.
Experience 2.2 yrs to 12 yrs. Location: PAN India.
P.s- ignore if already applied, referred or interviewed in last 12 months.

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Anyone here work as a territory account manager for PathGroup? Hoping you can tell me salary but also about benefits, job satisfaction, etc.

S&O question:

What/ who is that in the bowl logo? Is that our official logo? Is he praying or about to kick someone's butt? If I grow a beard like that...client acceptable?


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Sr. Product Manager salary in NYC?


Just started a firm job and get 592926648 emails per day. How tf does anyone take vacation? I won’t do well with coming back to that many emails


For any Alvarez and Marsal fish, how has your work life balance been? Very interested in hearing from those in their healthcare industry group, but anyone is welcome to respond.


My work office is in philly but i wfh in delaware. Why im i paying for both state taxes as well as philly tax. Is that right or do i need to make some adjustments. Im at PwC currently.


I've put down my papers in TCS few days ago, and I received a mail from RMG to fill some online-form survey.
Can anyone shed a light on what would be asked on that survey?


Hello, has anyone filled in the Forte Fellows Kira video questions?

Are they any different from usual Kira interview questions?


Attending a company holiday party where they're doing a white elephant gift exchange. I barely know anyone except through emails and IMs given that most of us WFH. Fun but office appropriate gift ideas $30 or under?


Cherry Bekaert tax folks, how do you like the firm? How do you feel about the comp, clients, work/life balance? If you don’t mind, please indicate your level and state/region when responding. Thanks!


Additional Posts in Coforge

I am tagged to resources pool in Coforge from last 2 months i.e. I am in bench.
Any idea what's the notice period on bench?

How is the onsite opportunities in the coforge..?

HR called me and said this position is for onsite once the border gates are open...? Can i believe HR words..?
I am interested in Onsite opportunities.


How long does coforge take in order to release the offer?

A quick check. How many of you got the project after joining in coforge? If you got the project is it same client which was promised while interview process? Please respond.

How many rounds of interview in coforge before salary discussion with HR


Do any one how much a relocation bonus is given in Benefit Plan : Plan Q as it was addressed by HR team that I'll get and also wanted to know ,more about this Plan Q what comes under this


Hi Fishes, generally after how many days of L2 interview , will Coforge get back? Also are the profiles to coforge sourced via only@ inceptica?

What is bench policy of coforge ?

Hi All,

Does anyone faced issue with
After Clearing 2 Rounds of interview they have put profile on hold


Hey fishes, how is the project allotment done in coforge..
It's been a month since I have joined still no tasks allocated not even induction is it a common in coforge?

Got offer from coforge.
Test Specialist role.
Is the test Specialist role equivalent to manager and
Is they provide work from home?


Hi All, I joined Coforge 2 weeks ago and was directly assigned Santander project, but yet to get work. I connected with one of RDG member and they told me to wait. Any ideas on how much time it takes to get work here?. I am bored now 😑.Coforge Coforge ltd

After submission of all documents in portal, how long it takes for release of offer letter? Pls suggest

Hi Fishers,

I have a very good referral | Interview guarented.

Role: Oracle PL/SQL Support Enginner. (JD attached)
Exp:2-7 yrs
Job Location: Greater Noida/Gurgaon/Banglore.
Offer will be much good from current market.
Company: Coforge (NIIT)

If anyone is interested, kindly comment or DM me for more details.

(Early joiners to 45 days) will be given priority.

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Do Coforge release offers for chennai ? Is it wfh?

Having 2 offers in hand one is Capgemini’s(Hsbc) and Coforge(Hsbc). Both companies offered same package. Any suggestions for job security and onsite which one is good. Having 7 years of experience..