What is the severance package offered for laid off employees in Optum?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

I guess it would be standard 3 months.


Did they layoff in India??

Which SG grade?


Bro you are from which project

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What is the difficulty level?
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Hi Fishes,

Can someone please share the salary breakup for HCL ? Maybe a screenshot.

This would be a great help.

Actually, I want to review the salary structure and components before having a discussion with HR on this.


Hi Fishes!!!
How is Coforge(previously known as NIIT Technologies) is for the Scrum master role on the basis of :
1. Work life balance.
2. Work nature.
3. No. Of teams handled by one Scrum Master.
4. Being Agile forum.
5. No. of reports and meetings for the agile forums not just teams.
6. Layoffs.

Please help me by answering as many pointers as you can.

Location is Noida.

Thank you.


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Hi Fishies, i have experience working on Oracle Peoplesoft as well as Oracle Cloud.
Now i have been interviewed and selected for Ameriprise where I would learn on the job and work on workday finance.
No WD certification.
Will it be a good choice in the long run?
Also, how hard is it to learn workday without proper formal training/certification ?


Hello all!
I have an offer from
Quantiphi for full stack developer.
How's work life balance, working hours, people and annual salary hike there?

I have an interview for aws canada sde 2 L5 interview in August
Does any body know the interview process?
What dsa topics should I focus on?


How is Rapido as a company?
Work culture,
Work pressure,
Work life balance

Asking for a friend.


Hi all,
Kindly help me in salary negotiation with Swiggy and Freshworks. How much should i ask them !
Yoe : 5.6 years
Offer in hand : 33 LPA base + 3 LPA (performance bonus) + 3 lacs (one time joining bonus)

Any help is highly appreciated


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Hi fishes,

I have completed the PDM on 27th September and submitted my Back Ground Verification form on 5th October.
Since then there is no response from HR end regarding offer letter, try to connect her through mail and call multiple times.

1. How much time IBM take to release offer letter? It is almost a month after having PDM round

2. Is there any possibility of not sending offer letter even after initiation of BGV process ? Should i look outside as 25 days passed already.


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I have 10 years of experience in IT industry, working with Cognizant since beginning. Now, I feel I am stuck with repetitive clients and projects and would like to explore other company's culture and it's way of working. I would like to progress my career in technical side. What should be my approach towards job switch? What companies should I target?
Appreciate your guidance and support.


Hi Fishes,
Salesforce Developer with 6 YOE. I am planning to stay atleast for 3 yrs, please advice which will be the best for learning and Job security.
Tavant - Team Lead position, 32LPA Fixed
IDFC First bank - Senior Developer position, 30LPA fixed, 4.5L minimum variable.
Motorola - Senior Developer (L3), 32 Lpa fixed, 3LPA Bonus.
All with 1.5L joining bonus.
Accenture IBM Infosys Amazon


Anybody pursuing a side hustle while on the bench?


Additional Posts in Optum Global Solutions

Anyone recently joined Optum in India? Did you receive welcome gift?

What's better to look good as of professional future as of backend dev?

Optum 12L CTC + 1L JB - 10L Fixed. (Good Tech Stack)

ComViva 13L CTC + 1L JB - 11.7L Fixed (Core Tech Stack)

Ericsson 13L CTC - 12L Fixed (Core Tech Stack ) - No JB / 1L JB

And If you look at it, please drop your opinion.

Thanks in advance. :)


How much time hire right takes to complete background check
And did we get any mail when this is done



I joined 2 months back.
A new team was created soon with all new joiners.

It turned out that, no one underatands or knows anything about the tech stack for which they were hired(god knows how they cleared interview)!! Now i'm the only one doing all teams work !!

Wlb has gone to hell !!

What can i do?


Can anyone please guide me. What's the domain round in Optum about.

Got a interview call for domain discussion for pega , not quite sure what it means.


Hi, is it now allowed in optum to login into teams and outlook from mobile. ??
I'm getting error like your sign-in was successful but doesn't meet the criteria to access this resource

Anyone who have got relocation assitance in optum?


How is Onboarding process at Optum? Anyone here recently on boarded virtually at Optum please share your experience


Anyone who have recently joined optum?


Optum offer letter doesn't contain salary breakup. If yes when we will get that


Are there any perks & benefits in Optum @Optum global solutions other than insurance like free food, any reimbursements and do they charge for cab services if yes what is the minimum fare per month upto what distance? etc.


Looking for referral at Optum in Governance,Risk and compliance field...can anyone help?

Hey Folks, i joined yesterday - Optum Noida, how long will it take to get Sez and Id card? Till then what needs to be done?

How much time it takes for salary discussion in optum after previous salary and other documents submission?

Hi Fishes, As we know yesterday govt. Allowed 100% wfh till December 2023 for SEZs. Will that affect Optum's return to office. That's currently going on. Because, they said because of govt rules .. they are asking everyone to WFO. Optum UnitedHealth Group


If I am joining optum in april 2022, would i be eligibke for rrp in feb 2023 ??

Someone told me that you have to join before march in order to get rrp next year. Is this true???