What salary expectations can I have with a bachelor degree in NYC ?

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Bachelors degree on what Major?

100k these days right?

Depends on a lot of things, people on this app will say 125+ TC most likely but in reality with the shift in economy recently and more and more layoffs, 85k base salary would be the lower end of what I think is what you can expect coming out of college depending on industry

Will you be working in a job that uses your major?

Which industry are you targeting?

Communication and media

Anyone know a good recruiter they can recommend?

I’m targeting the marketing in tech area

An entry level job in NY with a bachelors’ degree should be able to fetch something around at least $50K.

I need more info. What is your major? What jobs are you looking at?

One associate in accounting, another one in Psychology and bachelor in communication and the media and also have experience. Something in the media, marketing…

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Hey Fishes !!

I am serving my NP in Amazon and have 4 offers in Hand tell me which one should be go to grab !!

Deloitte : 33 LPA
Microsoft : 30 LPA
Virtusa : 25 LPA
PWC : 27 LPA

which one is your go to company if you are in this situation .


Hi fishes,

I have got my Infosys offer letter. But i was expecting more hike depending on my current CTC.
Do you guys think that they would revise the offer?


Has Accenture strategy capability network done away with the rating system ...If yes then how do they layoff or decide on annual hikes ?


Got to know my hike and bonus just now... Tier 1 - Hike - 32% Bonus - 15%


What is the ZS salary range for DS Consultant? How much do they offer for overall 6yoe?


Current salary for a team with 4-5 years of experience in NYC? Good to top shops as those are the ones we're targeting and don't want to go overboard asking


Hello everyone!

Want to hire ~10 professionals with the below mentioned profiles on an immediate basis:
1. Java Developer
2. React JS developer
3. Angular JS developer
4. Java Full Stack developer

CTC: 8-10 LPA (negotiable)
Experience: ~2 years
Location: Noida (WFH available)

What in your opinion would be the right source of hiring for such profiles?

If the HR recruiter does not come back after 3 days since the first discussion about compensation during verbal offer (of course, was low balled therefore negotiated for more), safe to say don’t look back for he/she may have moved on with another candidate? Or wait since it may still be in progress? When would it be a good time to reach out to the HR recruiter??

Is intel INTC a contra buy opportunity. It has not gone anywhere in last 2 years and back to 2017 level. It can't be that other semiconductor companies have went 4x-5x and this industry leader is slogging for 10% gains. What are your thought. In couple of year do we see intc doubling.


1.What are different band levels in LTI?
2.Is senior specialist level above the manager level in terms of payscale/destination?
3.What does working in salesforce vertical looks like & onshore opp. for US visa holders?
4.Avg hike / variable pay per year?
5.What is the notice period in LTI?
6.Any hidden components included in salary that can be avoided or restructed before joining?
7.What can be avg hike for 9 yrs of Exp in senior specialist track?

Thanks in advance,it will cover most of the queries in the group!


Curious to know what Senior Product Designers in Austin are making? I’m hoping to soon be promoted or make a jump to a different company (already getting recruiters reaching out). Anyway, I would want to know what a good range is, my take is that 130-145k is the range?



I am a technical specialist looking to transition to tech recruiting. Can anyone help me find a remote position? I keep applying but I keep getting rejected. I am a recent grad with a communications degree, I have recruiting and tech background, I am also bilingual in Spanish and English. Can someone please help me. Looking for a salary $80k+


I am working as a Lead Software Engineer in mastercard.
Experience: 11 years
CTC 32 Lac

I am having offers from different companies. ( 1 Ireland 70K and 1 Netherland 65K Euro)

Should I think of change?


Offered a role to start in 2 weeks. I have a vacation planned out for a large family event last week of July. Do I tell them the first day I start or now? I don’t want the start date to push as it’s doubling my comp and the benefits are better


What’s a typical annual raise in FDD or valuation?


ACN CDP analysts: what was your first year all-in comp? (Base + sign on bonus + performance bonus + overtime pay)

Hi there, I got an offer for an early stage cyber security saas startup in Canada and they offered me 130k base and 10-15% commissions which they estimated at 160-240k additional a year. They only have 1 sales person at the moment and I would be 2nd and they are hiring for 3 more. I’ve always been on a 50:50 model and never done the % of revenue. Average deal size is 40k. I got 12 yoe in enterprise tech sales. No stock options upfront but potentially after the first 3 months. Good deal?


Hi all, I was offered 19 LPA by FIS for Lead Analyst project management in Mohali location. I have 9.5 years of experience and 3.5 years of scrum master experience. I have negotiated and asked for around 22 LPA as I’m holding another offer by accenture with 21 LPA (16.8 L fixed), Gurgaon locations . Just wanted to know how much should I expect with my experience and this role.
Does FIS consider renegotiation once offer letter is rolled out.

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will this bowl ever be active...?


Any recommendations on things to do when in the Philippines?


Any time period to switch between projects


Yesterday my younger brother called me looking for good hidden swimming spots in the mountains. He was up there with a bunch of friends and their original plans had fallen apart hard. And I go much more often than he does.

I told him I had map pins that are EXACTLY what you need for these hard to find places. I can send them in 10 mins when I get home.

Reply? Forget it, I'm all set.

Yep, 10 mins is too long. Here I was expecting "Wow! That's fantastic!" How silly of me.


What has been the best lesson you’ve ever taught?

Been at my current company for 4 years, it's pretty small so we do more of a potluck style dinner & drinks thing rather than a big holiday party. As a latina the best thing about it is easily watching my white coworkers try my food 🤣. Bless their hearts they try so hard but this year my boss actually asked me to make sure I take it easy on the spices! Considering just using salt and pepper to season my meat since that's how they like it apparently. What should I make?


Someone wasn't too happy about posing with Santa Paws but she was a trooper and got her list in.

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Anyone working for Grant Thornton account

How do you add metrics and quantify your resume when you are a software engineer who don’t really get such numbers or percentages that someone higher up like a project manager would get?


Extraordinary customer support rescues any startup. I said what I said 😫


Those “front porch photo shoots” people have been posting on social media bug me. Maybe I’m just bitter but I find the whole “look at these gorgeous photos of our adorable little family!” to be grating at this particular moment in time.


Hi i have been selected by HCL for graduate engineer trainee role last week. But still i am waiting for my offer letter. How much time will they take to release the offer letter? @Hcl


Guys CTS or HCL which one to join for? Considering i have 8+ exp and looking for job security and wlb, kindly help


Hi everyone

I am looking for the Java Developer job positions. Skilled in building Web and Microservices using technologies like Java, Spring Boot, Microservices, AWS, Docker and Kubernetes.

Could you refer me


Has anyone tried acupuncture? Found it useful and if so, for what?


Free my boy!

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Non-corporate/M&A associates, what do your hours look like so far this year?


Anyone looking to make the move to a new firm? NW Houston area. Hybrid schedule, & good hours. Looking for managers, Seniors, & associates


Interested to see some perspectives - currently working at a Payroll & Benefits Specialist at a fast growing company and recently passed my PHR! I just started this role only a few months ago but am already feeling like I can take on more, but not as much as a HR manager. I’m struggling to understand where exactly it is I can go from here. I’m 25, have 3 years of experience, and get paid $59k/year.

Where does one go from here? Thanks in advance for any and all answers!


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Anyone have good daily updated podcast recommendations? Looking for stuff that loads early in the morning and gives an overview of three key areas:
1. Domestic policy
2. Foreign policy
3. Financial markets

Any recs? I have domestic policy pretty well covered, but would love recommendations on foreign affairs and equity markets. My current stack is below in the comments ⬇️


Looking for some pay transparency here! Not sure if I’m being paid fairly. If you are comfortable I would love to know what your offers after graduating looked like. Please include job title and location for clarification. TIA


Hey guys,

Recently got 2 offers I’m having trouble making a final decision on. KPMG Associate Advisory - Cybersecurity and EY Technology Risk Consultant. If anyone has any insight into these positions to help make a decision, I would love any info!


What are some entry level positions in the tech industry I can apply for with a BS in marketing and MS in operations (and a cert. In project management) I’m keeping this broad intentionally because I’m wanting to explore all options. Thanks!!!


Can people like this so I can start DMing? TIA


Does anybody know anyone who can write a really good resume? I’m seeing people on here with resumes better than mine and even they still can’t seem to land anything?? Please help.


Any tips on how to make my linkedin more professional and adding the right people to my network? I’m trying to build more connections in the tech field, or if anyone is working or was working as a brand marketing manager. I would love to chat! Thank you!


How are you supposed to find people to live with when starting a new job if the job won’t tell you who you’ll be working with until the first day?


Looking for remote entry level business analyst positions! If you or anyone you know is hiring, please let me know.

Hello! I am currently a sophomore in college and am an elementary education major. As time has passed I realize that may not be the field I want to pursue. I have been looking into accounting and finance and was wondering what would be the best route to take? Just a bachelor’s degree or should I get more certifications to stand out? Any help would be appreciated, I really want to work my way up and never have to be worried about money. Thanks so much in advance!


I’m pursuing my Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. I’m still not sure which area I want to focus on. I don’t want to focus too much on numbers or spend my days till 9pm in the office. Would really appreciate some advice considering the volatile US job market.


Does anyone have a Production Assistant jobs available until the month of September? (Only available weekends)


Just had my first interview with Accenture and feel pretty good about it. Anyone else going through the process for the CDP and how long did it take them to get back to you about the second round ?


What’s better to pursue a bachelors in Business Analytics and Information Technology with a GPA of 3.5 and a concentration in finance or a bachelors in Leadership and Management with a 4.0 GPA a concentration in Business Analytics and outside learnings/certificates in Python, Java, R, sql, agile methodologies, data structure, analytics, etc.? Looking to go into the tech industry but am struggling to see what pathway would be better.