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Atleast 22 LPA

Atleast 35

You can get 35. But you need to get a counter offer since your cctc is a little lower. AD role ranges as high as 40.

any update on ubs offer??

Did you receive offers from UBS?

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Any of the Big 4 doing sign-on bonuses for new tax hires?


Does anyone knows if JPMorgan Chase requires Covid vaccination for employment or to go into the office? JPMorgan Chase KPMG EY PwC Deloitte Morgan Stanley


@PwC 🐠 what's the salary range of QA Manager in HCOL area with 7 plus YOE in Software Engineering group? Any leads would be highly appreciated.


I have 7.5 years of experience on QA manual and automation testing. Now preparing to get cloud solution architect associate Certificate.
As per market standard how much salary I can expect if I switch the company.


Anyone whose role is a Contract Analyst, how would you describe your experience learning the ins and outs of contract work? I come a litigation background and have an interview for a Contracts Analyst position that I’m interested in, but unsure of what to really expect from the role…I draft boilerplate pleadings regularly so I assume it’s similar? Any insight would be helpful! TIA!


Hello Folks
With the experience of 8 years (5+) in Product management offered Senior Pm role with the CTC of 40 lacs.
This 40 includes basic+yearly bonus + RSUs.
Is that a salary range for this profile or there is a possibility for negotiation?


Hi All, currently in notice period in TCS. already served 2 months one month to go....I am already holding one offer in my hometown which is 30% more than tcs ctc. Now they are providing onsite from another project, already clered the client evaluation....they are telling with in 2 months it will work out like that ....but i need to revoke thpaper for onboarding process...What to do friends....pls help me....


Hey Fishes,

I have been selected as Associate 2 for Management consulting DDV team at PwC AC bangalore office. They are currently offering 14LPA fixed with 12.5% variable.

They have asked me to submit my documents and then they will start the negotiations. Can anyone let me know if this CTC is okay? I feel it is low as per the Management Consulting team. Please advice

YOE 1.1
Currently CTC 6.78


Hello All,

I have joined
Publicis Sapient recently as Senior Associate Infrastructure L1 (DevOps). I want to understand essentially how much time does it actually takes for the project allocation process?

Thank you!!


Hi Friends. I have my HR discussion today in Accenture. I already have an offer for 18 LPA with 1.5 LPA as variable pay. How much should I ask Accenture. Do they have any salary slab. 6YOE


I have had a 60%+ increase in volume from this time last year, but we have not had a new hire in my role to assist with the influx. Additionally, others in my department are overworked and they're delegating down to me.

So not only do I gave more work than ever, I'm doing tasks outside my original role

My supervisor cant get headcount approvals. We are suffering as a department. I don't want to overrule him, but should I go to HR?I'm breaking down at this point and see evidence others are too

MBB or FAANG strategy role - which would you pick and why? This would be at the post-MBA level.


Moving from Key Account Management to Commercial leader of a global consulting/saas firm. Seeking advice on what compensation I should push for. Current on 120k. Will be leading the go to market strategy for saas proposition. Reigniting sales process for Nb and existing business. Any advice for salary and compensation?


Failed McKinsey final round last month - structure was good, Personal Experience was strong but I failed a quant portion of the case.

I have a BCG final round this Friday. Can MBB fishes point out any differences between the two and what to expect. The structure is two cases with some behavioral stuff before/after.


I haven’t negotiated job offer before and trying to help my spouse with an offer in healthcare and would love your advice: she told them upfront her range was 75-80k and they said that was fine, and she was offered 72k. Even on Glassdoor, the average salary for her position at this company is 75k. Additionally, she has to pay her old company 5k to leave. How should she make the case for both a salary raise to 75-80k and a $5k sign on?


I am looking to lateral to a new firm. Is anyone familiar with the following firms:

Wilson Elser
Thiebaud Remington Thornton Bailey LLP
Mayer, LLP
Sheehy Ware Pappas & Grubbs

I'd really appreciate the advice. I have interviews with these firms this upcoming week.

Thanks in advance.


I work with quite a few oldheads in my department, I’d like to know how to convince the higher-ups that we need to evolve our strategies to bring us in line with best current practices. However, I don’t want to act out of line or be disrespectful since this is my first role and I have less than a year here.


Please comment in post for referral in Cognizant .

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Any advice on getting a sales job in tech industry without having to take a pay cut? I’m currently working for a service company upselling/cross selling an account list as well as searching for net-new clients. I manage a book that generates around $2m annually. I’m a top performer where I’m at currently but everything I’ve seen that has ever even considered me was a pay cut or maybe the same. Is there anyway I can transition into a tech company that wouldn’t mean taking a cut? 70k base 140k OTE


My manager asked me to attend a company presentation after work hours. She basically told me, since you're the most social, you should get other people into it, which i dont mind, but no one wants to go to this event. She herself isn't even attending it and i feel like as a manager she's setting a bad example and not being a good leader.


Any tips on meeting new clients? Any events that possibly work or strategies?


For those out there who left a PI or med mal firm for a different practice, where did you go and why?


PwC only provides high deductible w/ HSA plans. Even the “low deductible plan” has a deductible in the thousands. What if you’re a new joiner that is in the middle of expensive medical care?


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Has anyone here working in EY topped up medical coverage ?
I am looking for doniciliary coverage (non hospitalised) expenses.
@please suggest


Is tax supervisor same as tax manager at RSM???


What schools have the easiest application?


Anyone have a referral for a forensic accountant roll for an Audit senior at another B4 looking for a change?


Is 10.2 LPA offer for 4.5 years experience in SAP ABAP good or can I ask for more.?


Paytm vs Adobe vs Harman Connected Services vs EY. Which one to choose irrespective of package for 4 year Experience?
Adobe Harman Connected Services EY

Hello Everyone,

I'm currently a civil design engineer, and trying to switch to real estate as a Program Manager. I have an interview in a week where they tell me I will have to work on ( for about 3-4 hours ) on an operational case study.

The job is located in Paris and the job is in French .

Does anyone here have any case studies in Real estate that they can share ? and if they're from France, that would be even better.

Thank you in advance !


Anyone from IB Senior Associate level and above willing to chat? Just trying to gauge what kind of skill set is required to be an SA in IB. In a pretty decent spot right now but was just wondering

Does anyone know of any fellowships or part time opportunities to help with transitioning into VC or getting exposure into VC? Preferably for early in career folks/recent graduates but open to any and all opportunities. Thanks!

Moving to NY for work in February 2022! Looking for a roommate(s) primarily looking in Manhattan anyone interested?

Can anyone refer me for scrum master role please.


Was talking a friend abt emerging tech trends and he asked me “what do you think about voice as the new search?” I found that somewhat dubious and asked him where he came across that idea. His reply: “Have you ever heard of Gary Vaynerchuck?”


Additional Posts in UBS

What are the next steps in UBS post salary discussion with HR? How long usually they take to relase the offer?


Does UBS pay relocation bonus?


Is UBS taking more than 1 month time to release the offer? For QA 7.5 years of experience, how much we can expect? UBS Also which one is good option TIAA or UBS ?
Thanks in advance!


Any business risk specialist at UBS? Need to check few things about the role

What is the expectation of bonus and increment this year. Share your views and thoughts

Hello Fishes.. I had applied for a position and had completed the cultural assessment. Received an automated mail that said “we will be in touch soon”. It’s been more than 20 days and haven’t received any communication. Should I expect any reply now? What’s the usual procedure like?

Whats the average increment ubs provides as appraisals?

Can anyone provide referral for UBS ?

Hi all..I got offer from JP Morgan Bangalore and UBS Pune with same CTC. Can someone help me which should I join ?

I would be grateful if anyone can refer me for ta particular job opening which is currently active in your organization, UBS India.

Please DM.

Thanks in advance!

BNY Mellon technology specific questions -

#0 How much max salary for grade K ?

#1 How long does it take to promote in bny from grade K to L ?

#2 Any specific criteria for promotion? Expr , certification etc...?

#3 How much % hike to expect post promotion ?

Skills- Java, microservices,react, cloud

HSBC India JPMorgan Chase BNY Mellon | Pershing Citi BNY Mellon UBS Citi Allstate BNY Mellon | Pershing BNY Mellon Corporation HSBC India


Hi Fishes,
Can anyone please refer me
UBS for analyst position. The job id is 255789BR

I have cleared the Director round, any clue when will the offer letter release!!!

Hello fellow fishes, I am contemplating an offer from UBS. I am not too excited by the compensation so wondering if i should join for the hike and bonuses. Any experienced fish can talk about the general hike trends and bonus payout at UBS India


When are you planning to resign from @UBS? :)


How long does UBS take to send offer letter after the candidate accepts the salary breakup ?


Hi All,
I'm around 8 yr experienced in RPA(Technical). What designation they will give me and what salary should I expect? Is there fixed + variable pay system too? If yes, what's the split?
Total exp - 7.9 yrs

Hi Fishes,

Can someone Please guide me to clear
UBS interview for Automation test Analyst? YOE-2.5 UBS