What should be the salary of 8 yr old tech support and quality (ticket auditor)

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How’s WLB and comp in EVR’s PCA group?


What is the salary of this post KPMG GDC:
As an Audit Assistant,Canada Division with CPA.


At what point is it considered optimal to make the jump from Big4 to FAANG? I've been a Tech Consultant at EY for a little under a year and, while I like the company very much, I do very little actual technical work. Experienced hire, Senior, 130k base. I'm very tempted to jump over to Amazon (despite their reputation for frugality). Do I attempt to make the switch now or wait until I get promoted to Manager?


Hi fishes, I need a suggestion. I joined ey in October in BC. But they project or team I'm mapped is not aling with skill set. Also I'm doing lots of ppt, exel works and less technical work.
Got an offer from product company and thinking to resign. They are giving 35% hike.
Shall I opt for that??


Salary for a CA fresher in TIAA India as an internal control analyst

Anyone working in Insurance Tax (Premium/State/Excise/SUT/etc.)? I’m feeling undervalued and burned out. I have been in my role for 5 years and I’m making 80k. I’m a top performer and on top of my defined role I also train new hires, manage the interns, and serve on several committees. Is this what I should be making as a Specialist? I generally enjoy what I do and the people I work with. Do I need to jump ship?


I’ve been with my company for a year and a half. Started as a social media coordinator and after 6 months promoted to digital marketing advisor. I work in MarTech and received glowing accommodations of my work establishing baseline global web & social metrics, c-suite level reporting & strategy, data analysis, and increasing ROI of marketing for global campaigns. I am currently at 66k but have reached my salary band cap with no guarantee of an increase moving forward. Advice for negotiation?


Anyone know the salary range for client solutions advisor at Scotiabank @scotiabank bc Canada?


Hello all!

Any thoughts on interview process, compensation, culture etc. at ADQ in Abu Dhabi?

All feedback would be helpful!

Thanks :)


Colleague has put in his resignation. They are offering him whatever he wants to stay including 4days a week work from home. He’s not bluffing and plans to leave. However, at this same time I was asked to begin working as a supervisor for the engineering team and I would get a promotion at the beginning of the year. I have been supervising and managing our team of 6 for months with no extra pay or bonuses. I was told yesterday that raises will be light this year. Yet today they spare nothing.


Hi everyone,

Looking for an Executive Assistant for a CEO for a family run business roughly $30M+.
In person role in North York in the packaging equipment and solutions industry.

Someone who has strong proficiency with word, excel and PowerPoint.

Not looking for too my high level experience as they will mainly be taking notes in meetings l, scheduling and managing some banking etc.

Comp: $55,000-$65,000
Location: in-person North York

Anyone interested please comment here


IBM is offering me 12.8 lac + joining bonus
Grade : 7A Senior Advisory
YEO : 5 Year
Tech Stack : SAP BASIS
CCTC : 5.5 lac
As it is my switch in 5 years, is it good or package ?
I heard people are getting 3*yeo package.
So as per my first switch can expect same for me also and what can be maximum CTC for me having current CTC as 5.5 only.


Hi everyone

How to calculate in-hand Salary?
CTC : 19 LPA Fixed
80C : Home loan

How much in-hand Salary I will be getting per month?
And how to calculate that ?


How long NielsenIQ takes to release final offer letter after sharing salary breakup ?


So how is that 4% rule looking these days for those that FIREd???


Anyone interview at open door or Redfin for Corp strat? How is it and how’s the comp? 2 yoe


What is average salary for M1 at EY FAAS HCOL? And average bonus percentage?


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Why PWC only prefers 60% even if you have experience in IT..?
why are they rejecting people with less than 60%


i dated my ex for 5 years. Last year he told his parents about us (in our culture its frowned upon to have gf/bf so he told them when ready for marriage). His parents forbid him from marrying me

Anyone looking into the Vice ICO? I can’t find the website. It’s from the owners of Steem and you get paid to watch porn!


BCG fish. How is the hiring volume overall in Canada at the moment? I submitted my application through a refferal link a month ago. Followed up with the recruiter and got a response that they are still reviewing applications. Losing hope..


Does anyone know how stringent the 'in the office' requirements are for Meta Reality Labs? I'm interviewing for a role and they are saying the requirement is onsite which would require me to relocate and I don't want to, but I wonder if they could be flexible. It's a senior role so perhaps that's a factor?


I’m a sales engineer in the manufacturing industry working for a small company, who received a job offer from another small company in a different industry within the manufacturing space who really wants me.

My growth has been the following:
Base: 70k
FY20: 12k
FY21: 14k
FY22: 18k

The offer:
100k, with $7.5k sign on bonus. I’d be paid hourly with opportunity for OT for the first 3-6 months as inside sales while I learn the product and then transition into outside sales at 120k base


What are your favorite investing book?


Just caught myself using my work laptop as a cup holder, emailing recruiters


Can any please let me know if there was any joining bonus ?

I am expecting a grade 10 position..

How INSEAD is regarded in Tech ? Would u suggest INSEAD MBA?


Hi All,
Im currently employed with a major telecom based MNC and have 7+ years experience in Python,Big data,ML.My current CTC is 16.5 Fixed+1.2 (var).I have received an offer from a Banking major for 24 LPA in the investment banking space. I have been working with my current employer for over a year now.Having largely worked in the banking space,I feel it would be better to pivot to banking as it's more stable on a longer run.I would like to hear your thoughts if the switch is worth despite the lag of new tech


I'm an engineer and I love building things but based on what I've seen about Gen Z, I think I'm going to raise my kids in a less modern style. No TV, no internet, at least until a certain age.


Does anyone have any McKinsey practice cases? I have my final round in a few weeks and I’ve done the ones on the website 100x already and even paid for victor Cheng’s 8 cases but I need more practice. Or Would anyone be interested in practicing with me?


Any NJ family law attorneys looking to make a move?


Working from home in customer support provides so much flexibility as a stay at home mom. I can take care of the home, my babies and work without feeling guilty ….talk about mutli-tasking!



Recently I completed my MBA in IB and IT, and got placed in a ed.tech company through college placement and working as a sales manager. But I am looking for a switch to business analyst role is there anyone who can help in getting a suitable role.

Thank you


Whats appropriate base comp for M&A Snr consultant role; coming from 3+ years of ERP consulting. Firm seems motivated to make hires quickly. Thinking I start a bit high and leave room to negotiate.


Can anybody help me with the salary bracket for process developer band 5B

Additional Posts in Salary slab IT industry(India)

Capgemini India folks is anyone has opted for Car lease program and does it benefit in tax ?

Got an offer from Beoing, how is it as a company.
What are the other perks and annual cycle.


I am .net developer CCTC-7.5 with 3 YOE. Am i underpaid?


Hi All
My friend got an offer of 25LPA with remote work for a US company(Selerant) by consultant in india. His current CTC is 16LPA. And having 22 LPA offer in hand.
Does anyone have any opinions about the company and offer they are providing. Please suggest


Hi, I am 7 yrs exp and servicing notice period. I have an offer with EY for 19 fixed rank 42.
One of my friend already in EY with lesser rank and getting 18.5 fixed

Whether joining with higher rank for almost same package is good or can I negotiate for more? If so how much I can go for?

Or should I go for other offers to counter them?

Domain: RPA

P.S: LTI is ready match the total offer as fixed (19+10%vp). Can I consider that when I have an offer with EY


I am earning 50LPA in India as Tech Project Manager with 12 years of exp on cloud and data engineering, What should be my expected salary for same role in JAPAN (Tokyo or Osaka).

Please dont suggest as per PPP, that is not realistic when we negotiate.


Do Cisco negotiate salary 15 days after accepting their offer.


What is the salary range for TR5 and TR4 band in Thomson Reuters?


Any one recently joined wells Fargo as a QA?
How is the work?


Hello fishers,

Can anyone let me know what will be in-hand salary for 25 lakh package with 15% variable in Infosys


Hi all,
I am Flutter and Android developer with 3+ YOE much of which is freelancing experience. Previous CTC was 4.3 LPA.

What should be the expected CTC for me for a Flutter Developer role?

I am being offer 5.8 LPA.


Hi, I got an offer from oracle as software engineer. Offered package was 17.91LPA including pf (17 fixed )

My YOE: 3.6.

CCTC: 10.5

Tech Stack: Java, Spring Boot, Microservices.

Is this good or do I need to renegotiate. Will they consider for negotiating I have another offer with 19.1LPA(16.7 fixed and 2.4 variable). I was not having any offer when i first interviewed with oracle but by the time they released offer letter i got another offer with above (19.1LPA). @Oracle


How much salary can we expect as a cloud security architect with 9 years of experience.

What will be my take home salary

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Hi all,

I have 2 offers.. yoe-7 relevant -5

Pwc AC- senior analyst guidewire- 22l fixed
S&P global market intelligence- senior product manager- 23-24 l fixed

What is a better opportunity wrt growth, brand, role etc?

Please help !


Which are the good Software Development companies in Mumbai which can match the pay scale of the likes of MAANG.I stay in Mumbai but it seems hardly any companies have great budget.


Hi All,

How much I should expect for 4.8 YOE in Functional testing, 1 yr experience as a lead (majorly manual, few months exp in sql testing)?

Hi Fishes,
I Joined LTI in September 2021. This is my 4th company. But i am not liking the work and work environment. I have 10 years of experience. I want roles as Tech Lead and above but here i am working as developer only under a person who is far less experienced than me. I want to know that is it ok to switch within an year.
Tech Stack,: SharePoint, JavaScript, jQuery, Rest Api, HTML, CSS


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