What will be in hand salary guys?

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YOE and Tech?

9 yrs. Sap hana

In hand will be how much?

It will be around 75k after all deductions taking into account you use all tax exemptions.

Ok thank you


Total monthly mentioned as 97k only

Bro ,RFB is part of fixed. You will get complete in hand fixed 18. Divide by 15 you have your in hand.


But tgey already mentioned monthly as 97k so i am confused

Ok so as soon as i join i need to declare tax savings so that my in hand salary will become around 1.1 rt? Or i wil get less than 1 correct?

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Whts the in hand salary in Capgemini for 25lpa fixed?


What do you guys think Michael Scott’s salary/total comp was at Dunder Mifflin?


Current M2 in GT audit. Mostly on decent size public clients. After reading about the bonuses you guys are getting in FDD I'm interested in making the switch. Do you think if I do an internal transfer at GT I will get a significant raise? If I switch to another firm will I have any shot at coming in as a manager and what would the comp increase be, if any?


I am applying to more positions through staffing agencies as one way to get a writing job. When they tell me the hourly rate and I suggest a few dollars higher per hour, they'll say, "Just so you know, the competition is priced lower than you."

Is this to scare me into submission to charge less so that they can profit more? Or is an employer really not going to pick me because I am priced 1-$2 more per hour than someone else? Wdyt?


I joined on June 2021 to Accenture as transition project now when can i expect transition rewards or hike ? Do i want to wait till Dec 2022 or is there any chance to get hike earlier ?


What’s the average salary range for a GAS?


Hi Guyz , Need a suggestion,
What is average salary for principal consultant having skill set python cloud sql in Canada ?


Curious to know what people are making now . Specifically if you’re in Los Angeles- on their 10 year industry anniversary. … also was that pay a jump due to inflation or gradual raise. Ive been feeling stuck on my pay scale for the last 3-4 years … trying to understand what’s really going on out there with pay right now


Hi Folks,

Hope you all are doing well.

I have multiple offers in hand from the below-mentioned companies.

Need your inputs and suggestion regarding which company would be better to join in terms of career growth and opportunities in Data Engineer role.

ITC Infotech
Teklink International
Factspan analytics

All companies are giving offers around 18-20(Fixed +Variable).

YOE - 3.4 years

Tech Stack - SQL Server,SSIS,Azure ,ADF,ADB,Pyspark,Azure Synapse, SparlSQL


Salary of Associate Director- Procurement & SCM in OLA Mobility ?



How much is the bonus. Offer letter it is 5 percentage. I'm working as Senior in Talent.


Hi Folks,

Reg a offer negotiation at
EY GDS India,
Designation Senior-1 in Cyber Security -Tech Consulting


What is the starting salary and max budget ?
How much I can ask for?
Any joining bonus will be given?
Please help 🙏

Deloitte KPMG PwC Tata Consultancy Accenture Wipro HCL Technologies Cognizant


I want to ask for a 20%raise, knowing that the company is planning the year budget around now should I give my manager a heads up as to what I’m expecting before my salary review? I got a 0.6% raise at the start of 2020 and a 4% in April this year. The raise this year came with the title of “Lead” and more work responsibilities, talking with a co-worker we now make about the same amount. I started working here right out of college (10 years).


I have joined BNP Paribas CIB on 4th July 2022, when will I get the bonus and yearly increment?

Got a decent offer from shell SBO..however my current company is trying to retain me by offering me a promotion and larger role..but I wanted to explore shell..seems to be nice place to work(Reviews) and monetarily also they are offering me more..hope it turn out be a fruitful decision .


What’s a fair salary range for a senior consultant in transaction advisory?


Hi Team,

Below is my salary structure can you please tell what will my in hand salary monthly ?

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Does marriott run promotions or is this 75k bonus the best it gets? Thinking of signing up for the premier plus card for the 6x points but wondering if there’s any reason to wait for a better deal


Can anyone tell me what is my in-hand salary for this breakdown and is everything correct in this breakdown? Do I get medical and travel allowance and bonus in my every month salary?

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What's the inhand salary calculation for below 2 offers(after tax)

1. 34 LPA fixed pay ( both employer and employee PF included) 12% of Basic. Total 3.2 LPA in PF deduction.

2. 36.5 LPA fixed pay ( employee pf 12% of basic and employer PF is 1800 )

My Deductions are
1. 1.5 lakhs 80c
2. 50k 80ccd
3. HRA - 22k p.m.


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Pwc US Tax , Guyz How was your hike and bonus please comment , Deloitte is being like don't go hike is very bad but they are also not giving what we are getting , Please throw some lights.

Got some course in LinkedIn learning from PwC India do we need to complete them before joining or it is optional.


How is the new Partner promotion list looking like for PwC India ? Heard that their overall compensation has been slightly reduced. Is this true ?


Hi Fishes, I have accepted PWC India offer

1. Is there any joining kit
2. What are the perks
3. Till when we can do wfh?

Please help


I will be Joining PwC on 7 November and I will be eligible for next cycle. Will my increment be pro rated? How much hike i can expect?


Just recieve the offer of pwc Mumbai as senior associate on Technical consultant.

Offer of CTC fixed:- 20 lpa

My yoe is 7.5 years

Is senior associate equivalent to senior consultant?
Also , I have hdfc bank offer of senior manager with 17 lpa fixed.

Which one is better?


Hi Fishes,

How is pwc india for SAP consultant? The kind of projects & wlb

Hey all,
I have 2 offer
1 from a bank as senior manager( top pvt bank)
Another 1 from pwc as principal consultant

Which 1 I should consider?


I have cleared my 1st technical round which was with an AD. My next round is with ED. What type of question I can expect? The HR has already asked me about the other details like notice, expectation, designation etc. What is approximate salary range in GRID infrastructure practice for YOE 5. Can I ask for relocation, joining bonus? Pls help


Hi Fishes! Any idea how much tax analyst salary PWC INDIA provides? With 2 YoE

Hey guys, any news on the market correction? What percentage hikes can we expect?