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What kind of security clearance do attorney positions with domestic agencies require? I’ve been disincentivized from seeking positions with the federal government because I’m not confident about my ability to obtain a TS clearance (high short term and medium term debt, bad credit, messy bank statements, expunged misdemeanors). But I’m not trying to stay in big law if I could land federal government at half the salary. Is it worth pursuing before cleaning up my risk factors?


Hi folks, I am planning to join BDO rise and wanted to know the work culture there. Can anyone throw some light regarding the policies and do they give good hikes?
And is it a good move from a Big4 to BDO?

If the current organization matches your offer in hand plus some benefits.
Is it okay to stay here itself?

Offer 16.5 LPA

The project is more or less same in both organisation.
What do you guys suggest?


I need help. I work in performance analytics, but leading projects surrounding privacy, consent, auditing, and a lot of things legal related. I already feel underpaid, but now I also feel like I'm being placed in charge of things above my pay scale, but maybe I'm wrong 🤷🏽‍♀️. Ref 70k range, 5+ yrs experience, educated and working on sec+ certs. Is this average pay? I don't even know what job title I would fall under with all things privacy security related. Tips/advice as I'm clueless tbh. I


Hi Folks,

Need your opinion.
Deloitte offered 8LPA fixed and said 8 to 15% will be variable pay
Kpmg offered 10.6 fixed and upto 14% variable pay
Both are the consultant role
Can deloitte give me hike over kpmg offer letter?
If yes then how much should I asked for.

YOE- 4


I saw the question before but it has died so I’ll ask again, what is your job title & base salary. Years of experience and bonus structure would be nice to but not necessary.

I’ll go first, I have 5 YOE, currently am a technical consultant, 110k with a up to 5k bonus per quarter based on MBOs.

Hi All,
I am currently holding an offer from Mastercard of 13.5 Fixed + 7% Variable = (14 LPA) for SDE 2 position. My YOE is 2.9 years. I feel that this offered salary is in lower range for the position. Can anyone help in understanding what should be the ideal salary for this position and my YOE? Later I have got other offer in hand which I can leverage for renegotiation with Mastercard so needed the ideal range that I could ask for.

Please like post as I need likes to unlock DM feature.


Have the chance to negotiate my incentive/bonus at my work. I an a commercial loan originator. Stitching my own leads abs the only one in the group. Starting the commercial lending department. Does anyone get a quarterly bonus on book size, bps on origination, year end bonus. What should I be getting?


How many of you have negotiated an offer upwards of 50%? Share tips!


I don't see any posts on compensation.
What's the comp like for sus consulting at Big4/strategy firms/boutique firms? How is it vs industry?

I am a purchaser by profession. Nearly now about 3 years experience. I am earning 45K€/annum. I hold a Masters degree ( Focus : Supply chain management ).

Am i being underpaid ?? A insight by someone would be helpful. I need a serious evaluation.

Thank you for your time !


Looking at relocating to AMS. What are the salary ranges for account director, and account dir and group account dirs?



I have 1.9 YOE , currently 5.5 CTC
At max How much i can expect from infosys

Working on an esports startup and am struggling to build an MVP (quoted $50K start to finish for a front end and back end on idea). Is this too expensive for an MVP?


Anyone part or the PwC CMAAS team in Charlotte?

Trying to get an idea of manager salary range


How much an M1 (LoS: audit) makes in San Francisco?
And PTO, bonus?


ghanta ka increment mila hai. Saalon ko sharam bhi nahi aati itna kaam karwate hain aur increment saala itna kam


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If you or anyone you know needs an award-winning, strategic, conceptual, creative copywriter, my schedule is opening up. From TV to websites to social content, if a brand or business needs ideas and words, I’ve got a few.


Hi All,

Looking to understand which is a better option between Consultant at Accenture T&O v/s Consultant at Deloitte Human Capital for Netherlands. Looking to understand things like culture, work pressure, growth opportunities, etc.

PS: I m currently working as a Senior Consultant with EY India.

One thing I see is Consultant at Accenture us better than Consultant at Deloitte from a job level perspective.

Thanks in advance! 😁


I recently obtained my Master’s degree in my field. My boss and company knew I was going to school for it the whole time. How do I go about negotiating for the next title level and salary increase due to my newly obtained degree? I also have 10 years of experience in my field.


How do you deal with a close family member being a miser/ extremely stingy even though they are doing incredibly well professionally


I have a flipped classroom and my biggest challenge today is that my high school students don’t slow down long enough to read the directions/ instructions/ deliverables. Anyone see this happening?

MBA in DC is looking to hire two EAs if anyone is interested


I’m having my second anxiety attack since yesterday and can’t seem to get a grip. I’m so overwhelmed with work, and have been raising the alarm for months that our matter is understaffed and I can’t handle the workload. We should have at least two more associates to handle than we do. I’m on a team of 4, and the other 3 only spend a small percentage of their time on the matter. I don’t understand how even at world class firms the management is nonexistent.


Sick of football, baseball, and ice hockey. Have to unnecessarily like these games and show I give a shit (oh Nick Foles really kicked Brady’s ass!). First Super bowl, then this crap NCAA, now basebal


What’s the starting compensation package for a senior PDM? Base, bonus?


I’m planning to buy a house in East Bangalore but prices are damn high right now. Does it make sense to wait for 4-5 months and then start the search? I’m wondering if the slowdown in the market may bring the prices down. Even a bit helps.


How is Xoriant pune for automation testers? Also how is job security in Xoriant as one of my knower is on bench since 3 months since joining. She is very worried. Guys Please suggest. It would be a great help if you comment


Anyone work at Tubi? What is the company like size wise and what is the current culture like?


I moved to the US from Canada last August. Recently got my work permit and now looking for work. Can anyone look at my resume and give me some advise or leads on what kind of jobs I'm best suited for? I live in a remote in PA. Not many jobs around here at all. I wouldn't mind working remotely.

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Is Worth to buy shares in ESPP in accenture.

How much siemens offer to a c++ developer with 4 years of experience?

Anyone make the move from Chicago to Dallas?


Is an MS/MBA program worth it, if you want to get into technical entrepreneurship (compared to a regular MBA)? Are there any pros? Also consider that I’m an engineer with industry experience.


I don’t know if this is just me, but I have SUCH a hard time putting my phone away. At work or at home I feel like I’m always checking it.

It’s definitely negatively affecting my sleep and can sometimes cut into my productivity at work.

Any tips for cutting down usage? I know the “don’t sleep with your phone by your bed” rule but I’m not there yet


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Hi fishes...I had quoted my expected CTC as 22 lpa to Citi , I am still awaiting their offer. However now I have another offer in hand with 21.2 lpa fixed with variable of 7lpa. How much more can I ask from Citi . YOE 6.9 yrs CTC 16

I've an experience of 7+ years and I am currently working with Wipro as power bi developer/MIS lead. My salary is 6.5 lpa. Am I getting underpaid ?Wipro


I have an offer for 20lpa(fp+vp) immediate joiner 6 yoe. Can I ask cgi for 25 lpa .will they provide the same?


Hi fishes,
Tech stack-AEM

Looking for good wlb and job security. Please help me choose from below offers.

Infosys-JL6A Designation:Senior Technical Architect CTC-38LPA incl 20% VP JB-1.25l
2. Capgemini-D1 Designation: Senior Manager CTC-39lpa incl 15% VP
Infosys Capgemini Tata Consultancy HCL Technologies Accenture IBM


What is the maximum hike TCS is offering to an employee having working experience of more than 4 years ?


What is the starting salary for risk managers in international bank branches in India .

What should be the average Salary for Accounts Manager in CBRE with 13 years of experience in RTR


Hello Techies,

I have an offer from AutoDesk with 16 LPA and syngenta with 19.5 LPA.
Which one to join in terms of work life balance and stability? I have 4 experience of years.

Thanks in Advance!!!


What is the salary range for a Security Architect in KPMG? YoE - 12


Hii Sharks,
I'm a year old in this corporate world and I'm working in a non tech field.
I heard the rumours that growth is not a function of time in this field. You wont be paid much as compared to the techies.

Should i switch to tech and start learning coding?

Please help...

Hi fishes!!!!!....I am working as QA Engineer (manual testing) having Yoe-5 yrs also getting trained in automation. Looking for switch so how much i can expect/ask during the discussion. Currently comp is 4.5lpa


Kotak Life Can anyone help me, to know.... Does KLI has any salary band at L 8, level I. e. Vice President level


Hi Folks. I have the below offers.

@Harman: 23.4 LPA fixed + 1.88 LPA variable (total ctc 27 LPA). Client side Mercedes Benz. WFO.

@Accolite: 26.5 LPA fixed no variable + 50k JB. (Total ctc 28.34 LPA) Fidelity client.

@Nihilent: 24.56 LPA fixed + 2 lacs variable + 1 lac JB. Work location is pune & I need to shift from bangalore to pune.

YOE: 9y9m Role: Scrum master

Kindly advise and provide your opinions as to which would be a better deal in terms of company benefits job security & WLB

Hello fishes,
My current CTC is 13.5 LPA.
I have two offers
NTT data 18 LPA,
Mindtree 21 LPA.
Both fixed, please advise which organisation to join, I have around 7 YOE...


I work as an officer in HAL, 12 CTC.
I see growth is low i.e increment of 3 % every year.
Planning to switch into MNCs, is it a right decision to leave a public sector unit?

What salary would be ok to leave my current job?


What is the salary range for band 6 role in Ba Continuum(Bank of America), having 9 years of experience into Analytics. Any suggestion/idea please? Also how is the yearly increment/ bonus and other benefits while working with Bank of America (BOA)?


What's the Salary range for Managers at KPMG India for a resource in Model development team (Credit risk modelling)?KPMG India


What is salary range of T2.3 level in SAP ? SAP peeps some insights please