What's standard salary for Jr copywriter in Miami/Ft Lauderdale?

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Hello fishes,
Wanted to understand what is the minimum experience for being a c2 at cg?
I have close to 9 years (8.8 )years of experience so what should be the designation to demand or what can they provide? And how and what are the roles and responsibilities of c2 level! I saw here someone getting a manager designation at 7 year of experience at much less package hence asking.


Hi have a job offer at HCA ER, I have been a nurse for 8 years in peds, but I stopped working for 4 years. I dont have ER Experience, is 46/hour a good pay? Thanks


Hey fishes, I've two years of experience as a Salesforce Developer. Looking to switch for better pay, wlb, learning opportunities(atleast 2 of them). Can you please help me with details about which firm will be good for me and why? Thanks in advance!


I m earning 40lpa in India. I have an offer to go canada for my current company. I m yet to negotiate the compensation part.

How much salary should I expect in Canada ( to match my Indian salary) ?
Please advice...

1.Company sponsors me the closed work permit for this job.
2. I m married and have two kids. Planning to go with my family.
3. Right now my wife is not ready to go work. I'm the soley one who earns.

@canada @Ontario


What is the salary range for grade 26 in optum?

I am being offered 17 fix + 81 employer pf contribution + 2.55 variable.

Is this an good offer for grade 26??

Is I join Accenture this month, can I expect any hike in December cycle? Accenture

Hey folks, i am promoted through techleap .now my fixed pay is 5.25, what will be my total ctc and what will be variable pay now onwards.


Hi All,I just joined Impetus technologies inc (WFH for now) as Scrum Master ,with good hike and now got selected for TCS as well,for Indore location.
Offer letter expected next week,I have a toddler who is 3 yrs old, I have been told from TCS, might be working in ODC for indore location for some australian bank( Hybrid), what should I do as I need WLB , and have heard tcs is asking employees to return back, m confused, hr said he will offer 5%-10% hike in existing offer of impetus, any help ?


How much is the variable pay % in IBM 7A or 7B band level?

I asked the lady from Talent Acquisition but she said she doesn't have any clue how much the manager will give.

YOE - 6 yrs.
Tech Stack - Testing
Domain - BFSI


Do you feel like you have to trade between good culture and comp, or do they typically go together in your experience?


10k in Cognizant itself lol.
Ye management kon se nashe krr k hiring krta hai 🥲👀
Lol and suddenly pehale Accenture phir cognizant

Aise saste nashe me hi package increment nahi milta phir bolte attrition 20+ chal raha

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Hello everyone,
I have recently moved to Australia and so quite new to the job market here. I just wanted to understand what’s like an average pay which a SC is entitled to?
Please also mention your YOE, would help me with a more informed conclusion.


Hi Fishes . I have joined In the month on June and been a top performer/Rolemodel . How hike should I expect ?

Hi All,
I have 9 years of experience and have HR round shortly with
Walmart Global Tech. They are offering SDE3 position. But salary discussion is pending. Please let me know how much salary I can ask with HR. Don't know the pay range for SDE 3.


What is the comp potential in M&A tax at the partner/MD levels?


I've been working at a government agency for 6 months, helping to stand up a new team. The job involves interacting with real estate developers. One of the developers reached out to recruit me for a similar position that will pay more than $50k my current salary. I feel guilty, especially since I'd interact with my current team on the other side. It's a hard to turn down that salary, though I feel guilty since my team is thin, and it's only been 6 months!

Any tips on navigating this situation?


Hi All,
2.5 years back I was earning 11LPA with 9yoe. That time I was thinking tester’s salary will never cross 20LPA(I was so wrong).

Now my current salary is 37LPA. This still makes me wonder how far can an automation profile reach in terms of ctc..


Hello PwC Folks,

As joining bonus is given with the clause that if we leave before one year we have to return it back.

What about performance bonus ? Do we have to return it if we leave the firm within one year of getting performance bonus ? I have joined in December. Thanks


Some one help which company I can choose for work culture, Life balance , company shift timings

Tech Mahindra 12 LPA (50k) joining bonus


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I thought PBIS was supposed to be teacher-led and not micromanaged by the principal. What is a kind way to remind her to let the PBIS team lead it?!


Stimulus checks - I am told the checks US govt. sends out is based on the PYs tax return that you filed but what if someone who qualifies based in income but still employed, they shouldn’t get, No?


People who rode ‘08, when and how did you feel the bottom was the bottom?

When and how did you know the inflection point?

Very interested in some “war stories”.


I want to make the jump to client-side, but I need help writing my resume. Any recommendations on how to learn to write a resume or companies/people who could help? I know what I want to convey and am willing to pay for some help


For a lateral app, does a writing sample need to be a certain length? Is 6 pages long enough?


Hi Fishes,

I have job reference Id in
Capgemini , can someone please refer me

Job role: Azure AD
Ref code : 1360805


DTAS NY looking for a few creatives


Hello Friends,

My Wife is having offer from BIrlaSoft and Barclays. And thinking to join on next week.
Can you please suggest how is the WLB and Work Mode in Birlasoft?

Technology - .Net
YOE - 5 Years
Current salary - 9 lpa
Offer in Hand - 15 lpa

Appreciate for the feedback.

Thank You

Regardless of where you work, what are your top 3 consulting firms?


Just started on a 12 week engagement. It's too early but I am really struggling to get along with my manager and to like this project. There is a possible extension after this 12 weeks..cont.


Wednesday mood ❤️

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Any good car sharing apps/schemes (not private carpooling) in London? Don’t want to buy but being able to do a big Costco/ikea round once in a while would be nice


If tomorrow is a federal holiday, does that mean there’s no stonks tomorrow?


How many of your relationships have fallen apart because you work too much? Just picked up my third. Does this make anyone else reevaluate things?


Hi ,
Can anyone please refer me for frontend role.
Skills: html,css, javascript, React js, jQuery
Overall experience: 3
Immediate joiner

,,,,i left infosys and got one offer from startup now they are saying they can't take me as they are in loss,any referral would be highly appreciated


Hi All, does anyone have information on Markel client in Synechron. How is WLB in the project.

Anyone at Microsoft? My dream is to work for Xbox. Would love for some guidance. 🖤


I had gone through the iqvia interview for web development analyst. After 2 rounds of interviews, I was asked to submit documents related to education and previous employment. HR said that they will call in a couple of days for HR discussion after the documents are submitted. It has been more than a week now. Is it usual for them to take this long?


Currently in the limbo between having a new offer signed and waiting for the background check to clear...been losing my mind but so excited!! What can I do to kill time?


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How much a Director or Head of Data/Insights working in a Creative agency makes?

I’m in a process for this position in an agency but it’s the first time an negotiating a salary in the US. I moved here a year ago, I’ve been working remotely for a Latin American company… and of course my salary is not enough and I’m trying to make the ends meet at the end of the month with a 4K salary. I don’t want to look to pretentious and obviously not too way cheap too.

Any advice? How much would be ok?


What’s the going rate for CD in NYC?


Assistant Producer salaries in NYC? What if you’ve got a few years of somewhat transferable experience in a different dept? Room to ask for more?

Asking for a raise this afternoon since I'm severely underpaid. Nervous AF. Positive vibes appreciated!


30/6 years experience/90k/NYC

Anyone here at Amazon Studios? Any info on salary ranges for a CD over there?


Is 125k a fair salary for an Agency Program Director on a multimillion account in the Miami market?, got that offer to relocate from Boston but feel I’m being low balled a bit


What do you consider a comfortable salary?


How often do you ask for a raise (not promotion)? Is it yearly? Is there a standard?


What does a new band 4 bonus range look like at Bank of America?


What’s a solid salary for mid level AD in la?

Looking for guidance on what to expect moving into an AD title in social based in Chicago. 5 years experience and managing people. Thanks for your help!


Hey you all!! Do you guys know what the pay would be for a Senior Analytics Manager in our field?

Currently, I am an analytics manager, and I have 6 years of data science/analytics experience and a masters in business analytics.
Thanks in advance!


Assuming my review goes well, what’s the highest raise I can reasonably ask for? Currently at $82k

Looking to get an idea of salary ranges for Senior Visual Designers and Senior UI Designers with 7+ YOE.

I know they’re not necessarily interchangeable but indulge me. TIA!


Does anyone have experience negotiating an offer from Shopify? Got a verbal offer, but the salary is 20–25% less than what friends of mine are making in comparable roles at other big tech companies in my city.


Interviewing with an agency in NYC, but I’ve never worked in that market, so I’d love some guidance.

Nearly 5 years experience. Working at an accomplished place right now. Have several awards.

What should be the LOWEST number I accept in a negotiation? This isn’t a big holding company shop, so I’m trying to prepare what realistically could be the lowest I go.