Whats the highest salary could be offered in IBM 7B band?
Can we expect something around 29/30 Lpa in 7B band?

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That’s a difficult salary for 7B. If that’s what you should get based on your existing salary, then IBM will hire you at grade 8. For 7B the max you can get is 25 LPA.


It's all based your CCTC

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Hi Fishes, In accenture

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Hi Team,

I heard that Cisco is very stringent when it comes to pay-wise. Do we have any different sub levels that are there in the Grade G8? Almost 7 lakhs difference is there between Cisco offer and State street offer. Don't know what to pick? Do we have any other perks and benefits in Cisco?


Anyone from BCN here?
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Hi Fishes,
I have 4+ years of total experience, started my career in TCS. I have got 700% hike when compared to my salary as a fresher in 2 switches. However I have got only 3/5 rating in all of the 4 appraisal cycles.Sometimes I feel bad about for not getting my work recognised even after putting lot of efforts or due to office politics.But I know there is always a chance to switch company and my goal is to have my own business instead. Should I work for my learning or work more to get rating ?


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Can we restart this bowl? Feels like there’s enough people on here to make it happen.


Hi everyone.

I need valuable suggestions from you all !

I want to migrate to Canada and settle there after getting a PR.

I am an associate looking for masters degree in analytics or management field. Budget is limited but can extend it till 35L INR.

I am only considering courses with duration of atleast 16 months so that I get PGWP (Work Permit) of 3 years which would improve my chances of PR.

1. Is this a approach correct ?

Any suggestions about course or university ?


Can I take a break? Feeling burnout and overwhelmed in taking responsibility so fast 😪

Went straight into ad agency work after college, 2 years into it and might be promoted soon. Though it’s a privilege, I’m really unmotivated and don’t look forward to work or finding a new job.
Thinking if I don’t pause now, I won’t be able to take it when I’m older and have more responsibilities.
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Hello everyone!
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I don't have any clear idea about what I would like to do after (sometimes I think about a phd but others I prefer consulting...)
Thank you so much for your help

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I want to know more about Accenture YoY hikes.

Anybody have strategies for combating narcissistic bully principals when the teacher is already mentally broken and completely vulnerable to their tactics?


Any suggestions for a luxury spa in the Charlotte area?

Will be a gift for my mom/sister.


Hey Industrial Engineers, do you know of a free simulation program I can use to simulate the material flow where I can input cycle times and OE% data to calculate supermarkets or inventory between processes?


So glad Mondays over - We need the weekend already!

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What is the value in professional certifications? ACCA, CFA, CIPD, etc.


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Hi all, what is the return to office situation for IBM in India? Any plans? Are employees already working from office now? I stay in Kolkata but my location is Pune where my previous company is. I was wondering if I have to go back to Pune immediately on joining at Dec end.


Hello friends

Joined in IBM 10 months ago and I would like to get certified in SAP . What is the procedure to be followed. How I can do

Seeking your valuable advice.


Hello friends, after quitting IBM , how long I need to wait for fnf settlement. And to whom I should contact for for further processing? TIA.


I am an Oracle apps technical guy(9+ yrs exp)
Got 3 offers which one i should choose please suggest.
Current CTC in IBM - 11Lpa
New offers as below
Cognizant - 18.7LPA (18Fixed +0. 7 variable)
TCS + 19.5LPA (including fixed , variable and retention bonus)

Wipro - 20LPa ( including fixed and variable)


Is there any WFH allowance in IBM?


Any news regarding new IBM centers in Mohali/Chandigarh?

Hi Sharks,
I am waiting for IBM offer from 3 months, HR says he is still waiting for approvals and may get it post this quarter. Shall I wait or it’s already lost opportunity?


Do IBM GBS conduct new joined orientations on Saturday as well?IBM

I joined ibm at may 2021; I still didn't get any info on salary hike. When Will we get hike this year.


Is IBM laying off it's employees after one month on bench? IBM

Hi, I cleared 1st techincal round in IBM, PDM round will take place in next week, i am from Pune location, initially when HR called she informed the opening is for Bengaluru location, now in PDM round can I ask for Pune location, as i will not be able to join in Bengaluru office, will it impact on offer release??


What would be the in-hand of 14lpa in ibm gbs? Does ibm match the offer of 19lpa fixed?


**Extremely Urgent ****

Please suggest -

1 day left to join -

IBM 7B- 21 fixed, 1.5 JB
Capgemini C2- 22.5 (including VP), 20.5 fixed.
Yoe - 10
Tech - Oracle apps / fusion technical.

I heard that Capgemini has a good number of projects for Oracle apps and clouds.
But in IBM, there are projects crunch currently. (As my colleagues have been on bench for 2 months after joining IBM). Tata Consultancy IBM Capgemini


Does ibm give any Diwali gifts?

What type of questions might be asked in Managerial Round?


Hi folks!!

Does anyone has any idea about salary range of band 8?

How is shell account in IBM? For data engineer position?


Hi All,
I heard IBM has bad support projects mostly.
Can we choose our project/ account after joining.
Can we change if we dont have the required skills for that project.


Hi Guys ,

My last working day in IBM was on 6th dec-2022.
When I will be getting FFS and experience and relieving letter from IBM side ???


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