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Hello Guys...
How is PWC for data Science Profile ?
Base Project Location - Kolkatta
Year of Exp - 8+
Relevent to Data Science - 3

How is WLB and Growth and Job security there

I will be having HR discussion on coming Monday or Tuesday..
How much salary I should ask ?
my Current CTC - 22 LPA
holding an offer of 23 LPA with 1 lakh joining bonus in happiest Mind and VOIS


Hi Fishes,
How much can a Data Engineer with 3 YOE expect as CTC despite of current CTC?

My expectation 15 LPA

I have many options to consider but two options below are what I’m thinking of right now.

I want to see your thoughts on which one I should pick.

Job A: Project Engineer. 135K/yr base. 10% signing bonus.

Job B: Senior Project Manager. Contract. $60/hr standard. $90/hr overtime.

Additional Information added / pinned in the comments.

I got selected for Lilly bangalore. Things I should know???

What’s the pay like working at Nordstrom? They have a career fair coming up but I don’t want to bother if it’s not high enough. I have customer service experience (10 years).


Interviewing with an EY partner for an audit internship today, any advice?EY


What would be a good expected CTC to ask as a SAP functional consultant at the first offer with accenture? (No counters in hand?
YOE 4.1
CCTC 7.6

Any kpmg 🐠 willing to connect? Looking for some insight on the practice.

Anyone having idea how much TCS pays for Mexico onsite for C3A grade ?


Bank of America or BNP Paribas.

Having similar offer, which one to choose ?


Tips for 6-month eval? Originally hired at 35K as assistant and was told if I performed well, I could expect to make 50K after a year. After one week, the operations manager resigned and I took over as a trial. Officially am operations manager, but no title (only verbal) and no raise. Owner likes benefits over big pay raises. Thinking about asking for 46K, new cellphone and official title change. I'm expecting some negotiating, which I've never done. 24F, AA Bus Admin, and overall good employee


I recently had an in-house interview for a large company where the screening interviewer communicated the salary range and told me that I had to let him know on the spot if the range was not high enough. The amount was lower than I initially expected based on my research into the role and company so I was a little surprised. What is the best response to this question bearing in mind that I would like to make it to the next round while negotiating a higher salary?


How can we export the revised compensation letter.


Recruiter asked for proof of my last bonus to determine sign-on… I’m not being dishonest with my request (only asking to be made whole for the bonus money I’ll be leaving on the table at my current employer) and this sounds kinda illegal based on NY’s salary history ban- is it?


180k base + 40k RSU yearly FAANG offer VS. 220k base MBB offer: which one is considered better purely from a monetary perspective? FAANG has refresher but MBB has higher bonus right?


Got an offer from Amazon but didn't get selected on H1-B. Currently on L1-B with another company. What can I do now? I can't really go to another country because my wife is employed here.
1. Is there a way for me to retain the offer until the next H1-B lottery?

2. My offer from Amazon was 50% higher than what I make now. Can I ask my current employer to match it?


Hi guys,
I wanted to know how much time Siemens takes in job application when it's in in process with recruiter as it's been a while since its status changed to in process(recruiter)??

How much does University Hospitals pay for remote scheduling coordinator positions?


I’m a huge Star Wars fan! Any others at BCG? I posted this in the Consulting bowl 😄 major firms as Star Wars characters!

McKinsey - Emperor Palpatine
BCG - Obi Wan Kenobi
Bain - Darth Maul
Oliver Wyman - baby Yoda
Kearney - admiral Tarkin
Alix Partners - Watto
Accenture - R2-D2
Deloitte - Boba Fett
PwC - C-3P0
EY - Mos Eisley cantina band 🤣
KPMG - Jar Jar Binks


Has anyone been successful in negotiating more severance? I’ve been offered a month, but I don’t think I can survive just on it. Only have 2 months saved up.


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Anyone anxious about promotions 🤦🏻‍♀️🙃


Engineers, have you ever regretted accepting a promotion to management? What should I consider before saying yes?


I have got an upcoming joining at HSBC Hyderabad as senior consultant. Any tips of what can I expect there compared to Accenture
Also I live in Delhi, would it be possible to continue to work from here

Has anyone made the switch from manufacture sales to tech sales? If so, what steps did you take? I have been in sales for about 12 years now. Would love any advice.


NYU applicants: in the extra curricular section did you follow their suggested (org - dates - positions) format? It seems weird thats all they descriptions? Or should I include them anyway?


Thoughts on those watch subscription boxes like Watch Gang that send you a new watch every month? Anyone here ever sign up?


New to NFTs - anyone come across a good read that’ll explain what and how to get started? I like to know the details of what I am getting into :)


HBS or GSB for nonprofit/philanthropy?


Greetings everyone. Praise God for another day! Hosting a virtual bible study on Tues. 09/29 at 8pm EST. Great time for fellowship and studying the word. Please send me a message if you would like to join! It is open for all and it’s a great community especially in this time of quarantine. Hope you’re able to make it!


I am on the job hunt (for the first time since graduating college) and would love any recommendations or openings that you all may have or know of. I have 6 years of experience within many aspects of HR and would love to stay in the HRBP/Manager realm if possible. Remote is ideal. Thank you all!


Inflation is good for us property owners, yes?


Looking for agencies in Amsterdam that would be willing to take in a juniorCW from the states.

I'll give everything I've got if you'll give me the chance.


What do you think are the new things to learn in data engineering in Azure platform

😄🤗 my face when I found this bowl! Salaams to my people 😊!


Learning how to ski!!! Who wants to join me next time 😽

Post Photo

Has anyone had their Tax LLM paid for by the federal government? Or any thoughts on how to reduce the sticker price of a Tax LLM from NYU or Georgetown?


Hello everyone!

I hope everyone here has had a great week! I am new to the healthcare field and fishbowl. I recently started a position for a large hospital in my area that is struggling to recruit Music/Art Therapists.

I am hoping to educate myself and gain information and valuable resources to better aid me in my career. Are there any Music/Art Therapists in this fishbowl or anyone that can give me insight as to the requirements for this specialization?

Kind regards,

Additional Posts in Offer discussion

Hi Fishes,
My official NP is 90days and LTI given me an offer letter for 60days NP. They're not ok with 90days. In worst case scenario Is there any chance at last LTI will extend doj by 30 days?


Hi all,
My lwd is 14 oct.
I am confused between EY GDS and Neudesic, for same role - Azure Data Engineer.
I have 2 yoe and EY is offering 13.5 fixed + 5% variable and Neudesic - 14 lpa.
Any inputs are appreciated.
Thank you.


Hello fishes,
What is the current market salary can be expected for cloud and devops engineer for 5 years of experience?


Special component in Persistent


I have offers from Western Union and HSBC. Which one to prefer? Suggestions? @HSBC @Western Union


Hi, do sopra currently offering 8lpa said before joining they will make it as 9 to 9.5 yoe:2.5. Do they really make it? What about allowance in sopra steria, do they have any afternoon or night shift allowance?


I have 3.9 years of experience and getting offer of 10.69 on switch while tcs trying to retain me at 9. What would be better option keeping recession in mind?


Infovision inc. - 29.5 Fixed + 1 JB
T systems - 26 Fixed + 2 JB

Which one to choose ?

Please suggest


Hi folks,

Please help me to decide

Coforge 19 including 1L variable
Luxoft 19 fixed
Capgemini 23 with 2L variable
TCS is giving UK onsite 44k pounds anual to retain me..its confirmed.

Coforge is ready to match highest offer.
Pending offer from NTT Data for 23L with 21 fixed...but trying to get it as 23 fixed.

Please advice


Hi Sharks,
Need some inputs. Have 3.9 years of Experience as an SAP ABAP Certified Consultant. Looking for change.
How much package should i ask to recruiters? How much will i get in current market?
CCTC : 6.7


Hi guys!

I have an offer from wipro for B3 band.

Below is the salary breakage. Could anyone tell me what is going to be my in-hand salary per month.

Basic       :1020000

HRA        :510000

BONUS       :56800




GRATUITY      :54162


VARIABLE PAY    :191760




Could someone help with what are the skills and technology needed for Google technical account manager? What is the interview process?


What is the probation period Amadeus Amadeus IT Group ?

How much max should one expect for a System reliability engineer 2 at nutanix with 4.5 YOE


Can someone tell me the Shift allowance and weekend allowance in Netcracker Technology?

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