When and how much of a raise should I ask for? Ive been working as a Software Engineer and Data Scientist for 7 months and I am making $70/hr. I got hired to work with python and I work with python, as well as C++, SQL, and NPSS. I have surpassed my boss's expectations time and time again and he constantly refers to me as the only source of good news in the engineering team. He just requested that my contract be extended until April 2024 and I would like for my value to increase.

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Python question for you, what's happening when you can't set your environment?

For your boss, just tell him you have another offer on the table, see what he does.

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Do summer analysts at Accenture get salary increases after they accept a full time offer or is the salary the same as when they were summer analyst?


Guys what could be my in hand salary.

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Have offers from both Wells Fargo and Citibank. Need your views on deciding between the two. Here are the numbers
Citi: fixed-33 lpa variable-3 Lpa.
Wells Fargo: fixed 30 Ipa variable: 3
Ipa + 1 |pa joining bonus.
Yoe-6.2 years
How are these companies in terms of future growth, wlb, brand value.


Was wondering if anyone has insight into the average base salary for a Manager in IT Audit and Technology Consulting in the Northeast region.


Looking for lead network infrastructure and operations openings.
Yoe- 11
Cctc - 12.4lpa


Do EY GDS people get any bonus in diwali?

Can someone please tell how much is the in-hand salary.
Thank you!

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Hi All,

I have offer with:

Jio (Deputy Manager)
Capgemini (Senior Consultant/C1)

CTC/inhand/benefits are almost similar

Tech: CyberSecurity.

Help me with your suggest, Any feedback will be appreciated.


Anyone here from Helmerich&Payne India?
In Dev role?
How's the company in terms of WLB, Compensation, Tech Stack? Are there ample growth opportunities?


Anyone received promotion letter in Jul 2022 in TCS?


Hello! BA2 looking to maximize compensation before exiting consulting at M (and pay off 200k in student loans. I have a Masters Deloitte doesn’t compensate me for, not an MBA. Career path changed late). What’s the best strategy?


What corporate/commercial banking position can a financial advisor transition to while still preserving VP title and compensation??


I’m getting sick of the unpredictable hours resulting in missed personal engagements, ruined vacations and overall negative impact to my wellbeing. Any other place than banking/consulting/pe where I can earn 200k 4 years out of college?


MedStar Health surgical tech salary?


I accepted my role about a year ago. They didn’t offer me my asking number but met me in the middle. I was told by the director that we could reassess my salary after my first year. Performance reviews happen in March so when I had mine , I wasn’t even at a year mark. I didn’t bring up pay then because it seemed too soon, but now im kicking myself for not at least pointing to a future conversation about it. With inflation, I need more than my previous number , when’s the best time to ask?


Hi fishes I got couple of offers. Please help to choose best out of them. My preference is wlb, latest tech and job security.
yoe:- 6.5, CCTC:- 15

1. ACS 25
2. AT&T 28.8
3. RSA Security LLC 28.8
4. Hitachi Vantara 30.5
5. UST 29.6
6.Elli Lilly 28.9
7. NTT DATA (pipeline)
8. CitiusTech (pipeline)
9. Sapiens (pipeline)


Hi Fishes,
I have got an offer letter from cognizant which is having the compensation of 10.2LPA. Now I have got another offer from LTI and the compensation is 11LPA. But I need to join COGNIZANT. Is there any chance for changing the compensation again in cognizant? Will they be able to change the compensation again? Is it so then how to approach them. Kindly provide your valuable information.

Thanks in advance.

LWD: 3rd of November.


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I am trying to battle my students on the Prodigy math game while they are learning from home. When I tried earlier, they couldn’t easily find me. Does anyone have any tips to make this easier?


Anyone know a place to play racquetball besides the Bellevue? Would love to get back into the sport a bit.

If person doesn't have Regular UG why he/she is not liable to join big companies even after clearing your all 5-6 rounds. Are you considering him/her on degree or knowledge?
Anyone know this please let me know.

Has anyone switched from security to police work? Or should I go for law?

24, final year of university rn. Feeling burnt out from writing papers and want to make money but I dont know if going to law school or into a career would be more productive.

Advice pls. I feel somewhat stuck


What companies are hiring entry level recruiting coordinators ? I’m interested in Bigtech or educational technology.


Which law firms have the best banking and finance practice groups? Looking for opportunities in New York and D.C.


The fact that almost every (non-BIPOC) strategy director has decided that the police murdering innocent men and women of color in the streets is a really good opportunity to expand their remit at work, tells you everything you need to know about these people. Quite disgusting, really.


How to apply for on-site opportunities


How do you manage food timing and workout schedules with the crazyness that is advertising working hours?

Does anyone happen to know the PwC discount codes for Hilton and Marriott hotels...asking for a friend

Age 25 and just got a windfall of $40k. I’d like to invest it all (likely index funds). Should I invest it all at once or spread it out over time (dollar cost averaging)?


Can Somebody refer me for SAP SD position in GSK? I have applied twice in portal and it is sitting at recruiters review

Good day all!

I am interviewing for a FP&A Manager position in Proserv UK. Could you please disclose the initial salary that I could ask for?

Thank you in advance!


Hiyaa guys, About to get an offer from Amadeus Labs for a QA role. I can see mixed reviews everywhere on the internet. Please pour in your suggestions #AmadeusLabs Amadeus IT Group


Dudes really be laying OF subscription just so they talk to girls - bizarre


Johnson controls is good company to work for? In terms of employees friendly


Hello Sharks,

I have 4 years of experience in product support and my current ctc is 10 LPA. How is growth in support? Because I think I am underpaid.


I’d appreciate if anyone can link me up with a recruiter.

Ex-Deloitte, 7yoe managing & leading projects, PMP, MBA.



I just received a mail from the GBT, they have given me only one accommodation that is in Powai, almost an hour away from Malad. Is anyone aware if they will provide me any alternative options to stay near the place of work?


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Just found out I can make more in Virginia doing the same job that I'm doing in the Bay Area...So might be looking into a transfer within AWS.


I’m currently a supervisor performing in a project manager role with a cable company working on a fairly large plant rebuild and upgrade. There has been talk of a manager spot opening and I was asked if I was interested. What type of salary would that bring? I have 24 years with the company and currently make just under $100k.


What would be a healthy salary negotiation to ask for for a Technical Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce? I think starting its 140k


Hey I just moved to the US from Israel, and the OTE term is new to me. Can you expand more about it? Is it worth it? Because I applied for a job and the salary is $55K, but the OTE is $150K, is it worth it? How do you see it on your payslip? Is it something tricky? Is all the 401K that the employer match coming off the whole payslip or only from the base salary part? What do I need to know?

#OTE #sales #saas #help


Project Managers-What is your salary and what do you do at work?


Any account managers/executives from the Netherlands? Let's talk numbers and get the best value this new fiscal year :)

Account executive in tech, 2-3 YOE, €56.5k gross


Is 4% a good match for 401k? Can I negotiate an increase? Thanks


How much should an L2 engineer with over 4 years of experience working for an MSP be making in NY metropolitan area? I am jack of all trades working on ESXi, Windows Servers, firewall, switches. I do have a couple of CompTIA certs. I am making somewhere around 90k and I feel I am underpaid. In the last four years I haven’t really went out to interview and get offers as I kind of like my current job. However, I feel as I am leaving money on the table, which I shouldn’t be.


Does anyone here have any guidance as to how I should answer the salary expectations questions? Recruiter asked me my total comp package for a senior contributor role. Recruiters you can DM me and I’ll share the job code? This is all very new to me.


I am not sure which company to join. Coforge or BORN Group (Acquired by Tech Mahindra). Both are offering similar CTC. Born has 1 Lakh as yearly bonus and 1 lakh if you get the cerficate in one year. On the other hand Coforge has mixed reviews.


What you earn at TEKsystems as a software engineer consultant in zurich?


It’s been 5 months since I joined as a data analyst for $90k base salary + 5% bonus. I have 2 YOE as a software developer and wanted to shift to data analytics domain. I was looking for something around $120k base salary. I’m new to this role and I’m still learning, are my expectations too much for my experience?


I work in germany as a Software Architekt but my colleagues in usa makes 3 times more money. Why so much difference ? If I register as a freelance , can any usa company hire me as a remote freelance worker ?


I’ve been offered a new role for 48k with a signing bonus but I’ve checked on Glassdoor and can see the budget for the role is 50-73k. I’d it worth me trying to negotiate for higher? I don’t have any previous experience in the field but it is something I’m trying to pivot into so this would be a good starting point. The job title is for a Product Marketing Executive


How do you know if/when it's time to switch careers?
My current job has a solid progression to make more money, but it takes years to get there. I make about $70k right now. As a data engineer/analyst. Primarily work on the engineering side, but I went to school for analytics. I never saw myself doing the engineering role, but when I first took it, it was a great start to my career.

I was offered a new position mainly in management in a completely different industry for $100k and bonuses.