When are we going to receive revised salary letter for NBS Hyderabad ??

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You seem excited for disappointment


@N2 - I’m not the only one. I know quite a few people sailing in the same boat and also, it is not always about money. last year I decided to move on and got 3 offers too. I couldn’t not join due to personal challenges (medical emergency at home) and this continues until now.

Knowing I’m underpaid, I was hopeful about EPIC. So I decided to wait and see if something good happens.

During this time, I have also worked on up skilling myself. So, you never know what happens in next few months or so 😊

Ideally it is announced in second half of feb (once P&O gives go ahead).

Yes..but there is term and condition that &O needs to give go ahead..next week most probably I’m hoping you’ll get an update..

Does Novartis give hike once or twice in a year?


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Is there generally a salary premium for people in M&A Tax compared to Core Tax, and is it substantial (10-20%+) at the Senior level or not until you get to manager and above?


For Corporate Banking in NYC - what does comp progression look like at associate and vp levels , and what does a typical week look like hours wise?
Is it different at BB compared to smaller/regional banks?


I’m looking for a new job!! It has been impossible to build a good relationship with my manager, he isn’t transparent with me and never provides any constructive feedback so I have no idea how I’m performing. I recently asked for a raise since I completed all my assigned projects for this year plus a few that I took on due to resignations and was denied with no reason. I’m so checked out and looking for a new job and manager that I can learn from and will help me grow, any help is appreciated!


What will be my in-hand salary at TCS

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I got 10lpa excluding gratuity and pf. What will be my in hand salary?

Hi! Does anyone reference BLS site or occupational handbook for reference on market salary? I used it for general market research for school wondering if anyone finds it useful irl.


Does anyone know how bonus payouts work Edward Jones? Is it really 20% of base every 4 months or is it 20% of base divided by 3 and that is the amount you get every 4 months?


Seems like Strategy& is hiring aggressively for their LS practice. Worth it to jump from a LS-focuses firm (think ZS, IQVIA, Putnam etc.) assuming 20-30% increase in comp?


I joined Accenture on 8th December. Got laptop on 15th December. I am facing issues with the credentials and that's why unable to set up the laptop. Also the laptop i received isn't formatted. Someone's account is already there. Tried calling on Accenture support numbers but not a single number is valid. Tried calling relationship manager but she isn't answering the call. Dropped several mails but got no reply.
Is this normal in Accenture. Also will i get December salary? Can anyone help me here


Should I ask for a sign on bonus if none was offered?


Promotion from 93k with 4% bonus to 103k with 8% bonus as design manager. Thoughts?


Hi Fishes

How much salary should i expect for 8 years of experience in software asset management domain

Salaries for NYC Art Directors? Mid level (2-3 years exp). I know there’s an excel sheet but I just need some quick refs, having a comp review tomorrow.


What the average salary for a senior 2 and senior 3 in TD in NYC?!


I’ve worked for an agent for 4 years now I run almost all of the day to day tasks, sell and handle customer service while he takes at least a quarter if not half of the year off vacationing. I only make 52k am I drastically under paid? That includes sales and what he pays me for salary.


Any idea when our revised compensation letter will be available ? It didnt come on 15th

What’s an average salary for Account Director in NYC? Im seeing $140-$160 online but that seems really high. 6/7 years experience.

I need to provide my salary range as a follow up to an interview, I’m coming from out of state and unsure where to start. Thank you!


I have got an offer from S&P Global I want to know about following things

How much of Variable Pay is Paid ?? I got 15% of Base salary but how much will be paid like the usual norm i want to know

And what are the deductions from Base salary apart from PF ?
There are lot of allowances like internet reimbursement etc etc
Are they mandatorily credited or you need to claim ?

Please what is the salary expectation for An Assitant Manager, Deloitte London Uk?


I am interviewing for an in-house position. Does anyone have insight on the average in-house salary for a 6th year attorney?


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🙋🏼‍♀️ 🐟, can you please post the salary range for band 7 in @standard chartered and the tech stock like Tableau , Microstrategy and powerBI


Hi all
Just wanted to know if Deloitte touche tohmatsu India LLP is same as Deloitte India or Deloitte usi??
What is the difference if someone can help .. thanks in advance


Can anyone suggest to me any good sites to find remote jobs in the US which pays around $60k to $120k annually.

YOE - 3.2
Tech stack- git jenkins docker Kubernetes AWS ansible.


has anyone left their employer for another company and then come back ? how did your workplace take this ? and how did you negotiate terms to come back ?


“Pleaded” or “pled,” and why?


What is the best way to land in equity research with 1.5 years of Product control analyst exp at a top bank, Masters in finance degree, CFA level 3 candidate, multiple ER related course work? Appreciate any help


When are the layoffs going to start? Anybody care to wager a bet?

12 hour transit in Toronto this December. Any recommendations?

Can you have a second job? Not necessarily doing taxes, but maybe tutoring, or managing a small food shop, etc? I’m in advisory and need some extra cash so I’m looking for a second job


Anyone use litigation financing to cover client costs? Or how is everyone covering client costs? Our caseload is increasing and now considering lines of credit from these litigation finance companies they say they have better rates compared to banks but I’d like to get some feedback from fellow fishes


Looking for salary data from those in the paid media, paid search, performance marketing world with 7+ years of experience.

(My employer asked me to provide this for a raise)


Hi folks, Any idea on wlb at @KPMG for Data Engineer role.


Does anyone feels the same anxiety as I'm going through, I have recently made a switch and all the time I'm thinking that they'll fire me and I don't know anything and how will I deliver and what I'll do.


Didn’t get the job I was interviewing for at W+K London. Should I ask for feedback?


I have a rollover Roth IRA that converted from my 401k with previous employer. I also have Roth IRA.
1. Does it mean i am only able to contribute 6k with these two Roth OR i can contribute 6k each Roth ?
2. Can i open a backdoor Roth as well beside two Roth listed above ? Thank you!!


23M Bangalore. Do ping if interested.

4 years in Consulting with focus on project management, comms, and cx. Looking to move to product management. Heard it’s hard to break into. Any recommendations?


Additional Posts in Novartis

6 YOE, Second cycle consultant at ZS.
Tech Stack: SQL, Tableau, Python, AWS
Delivered multiple field and HQ report .
Any suggestion for the role or team that I can apply in Novartis.
I have heard there is a hiring freeze, but will do once its gone.


What is position structure in Novartis India for consulting side?


Hi Fishes,
Any updates on the Novartis hiring restart ?

How is Novartis Management Consulting Domain? I have got an offer for 20.5L

YOE - 3.5yrs


What is the salary range for Senior Clinical Data Manager in Novartis India?


How is Novartis on boarding new joinees. So they get their system delivered to their housee??


I am holding two offers one is IBM 16.7 lacs fixed and Zensar 18.3 lacs fixed. Which company is best to join?
I have total 5 YOE as full stack developer.
Can anyone suggest please.


Interview process for Senior Analyst ?

Does the recruitment team check the applications from the careers portal or they only take the refferals? Applied for various positions in the IT division but not getting calls. Any suggestions?


How much does Novartis India offer to people with 2 years experience at ZS India?


What is the average CTC for a consultant at Novartis?

Hi People,
Please let me know if teams in Novartis are helpful to newbies! Does Novartis have an agile or a standalone working environment.

Do people get help in code if they get stuck anywhere in any project?

Await replies🙂

May be a very naive question - Do Novartis provide comapny cell phone based on the designation?


How's the reorganization going for you people? Budget cuts?


Guys I had my salary discussion with Novartis HR for SA role on Friday
How many days does Novartis HR take to call back?
Please share your experience


Can anyone suggest me some good PGs nearby office??
Planning to relocate in 2 weeks