When will market correction happens in Optum ? Like I am employed at X LPA base salary and after 3 months it offers X + 3 base salary to my college juniors What should I do ?

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Same case.
Realistically thinking with layoffs going & how they haven't corrected when market was at it's peak, I doubt anything is gonna change now..


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Can TCS give joining bonus for delaying onboarding upto 1 month if asked?


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Hi Sharks

Any one working as QA in AT&T project in
Tech Mahindra ??

I just wanted to know about project, client and work culture.Any one currently working or already worked in same account please throw some light here..

I'm very interested in EY SaT strategy associate position, but recently joined pwc MC with 1 yoe. I saw that min experience required is 2 yrs. Should I wait until next year to apply? Any tips on application process? TIA!


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Hi fishes can you help with perks and benefits of joining maersk at Pune office.
Are there any reimbursement or work from home option available.

I've been working as a building engineer for this company for 3 years. Within these 3 years I have gotten a HBA C education been paid for by the company.They've had me at a very low number for the whole time that I've been working for them, And without a certification in HVAC I completely understood. But now that I have my certifications I am asking for a pay increase of 25%. Do you guys think I am being fair? On top of my certifications I have been doing the work of 2 engineers for the last 2yr


Hi Friends,

Wipro vs CTS?

Career growth,


Havas Health, what’s the best thing about working there? And the worst?

Workday experts, how is work culture in Deloitte/IBM? Which one would b better IBM or D, considering wlb and onsite


Curious what everyone's salary, OTE, and total comp is based on experience.

Assuming my review is good, should I ask for more base, higher OTE for a larger bonus, or more immediately vested equity?

Base: $130k
OTE: $190k
Health & dental: 100% covered
Fully remote
Equity after one year 25%, then accrued monthly for 3 years until 100% vested
YoE in SaaS: 3 years (worked in a different industry for 12 years)


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Canadian with 1 year audit and 1 year FDD (both big 4) experience looking to transfer to FDD stateside. Experience primarily in energy / O&G. Heavy focus on using data and analytics (python, sql, tableau, Alteryx). Prefer to stay with big 4. Any leads?


Hi all,
Is employer PF included in Gross Salary in PwC?


What are the benefits of getting the president's club award?


TFW you pretend to be on a call so your Uber driver shuts up and let's you decompress in peace.


Components of Total Cost to Company

Rs. (Per Annum)

Basic (@40% of Total Fixed Pay)


HRA (@70% of Basic Pay)


Bonus/Statutory Bonus


Employer's contribution to Provident Fund (@12% of Basic Pay)


Flexible Components of TFP ^


Total Fixed Pay (Per Annum)


Total Variable Pay (TVP) (Per Annum) (*)

Hello fishes. I have completed 2 rounds of interview in Rockwell automation, inc. I had first round last Monday and second round on this Monday. After the second round, HR told me to wait till Thursday for feedback. First round was taken by project manager and second round by her team members. They told me that manager will tell me about next process in the interview itself. But not understanding why HR is asking me to wait so long. Any idea?


Again it's khooni Monday after long weekend.


What are the different tax reduction options for someone new to the US?


Hi! Is anyone selling 2 Sunday Acl weekend 1 tickets?


Thought my employer would cut my 401k contribution to exactly meet the $19.5k limit, but looking at my paycheck now, and the portion over $19.5K went to ‘after tax 401k’. Is contributing after tax to the 401k a good idea in general? We already max out two 401ks, two back door roths, an HSA, and contribute to after tax brokerage. TIA!


Hi everyone,

Looking for an Executive Assistant for a CEO for a family run business roughly $30M+.
In person role in North York in the packaging equipment and solutions industry.

Someone who has strong proficiency with word, excel and PowerPoint.

Not looking for too my high level experience as they will mainly be taking notes in meetings l, scheduling and managing some banking etc.

Comp: $55,000-$65,000
Location: in-person North York

Anyone interested please comment here


Most embarrassing zoom call you’ve had or witnessed while WFH?


Walked in to a big pile of dust where my old phone used to be. RIP ☎️


Additional Posts in Optum Global Solutions

Does Optum provide any reimbursement of internet allowance?

Hello, what is keep warm session in Optum , I have an upcoming session, will they ask me to solve production bug live?😁Just kidding, kindly please let me know.


Is it still virtual onboarding for new hires or do we need to visit the office?


Hello Team,how does the RRP get paid at Optum ? They provided a huge number (20%) of fixed as variable. In general how do they pay on this ? Would they pay all 100% for top performers ?
HR said it will go up to 150% as well. How realistic is that ? Please help. Optum


Is Optum a Services company ? Or Product Based? What about Optum Labs ? Is it Service / Products Division? @Optum


In optum Variable pay and appraisal will be
Effective from march itself every year or later ?


Hi fishes. Does Optum HR use illegitimate methods to know a potential candidate's decision to join? For example calling the candidate disguised as TCS/Wipro HR asking details about current offers and active notice period.


Hello Everyone,

I have received offer letter from Optum Global Solutions India recently and I am seriously considering joining it(I also have offers from Deloitte USI and Verizon).
My breakup annexure mentions 4 components apart from RRP and PF. Basic, HRA, Flexi, Special Allowance. Either the Special Allowance or the Flexi is not included in the CTC mentioned in offer letter. So I want to understand how the Flexi and Special Allowance are paid monthly. Can someone please help?


My DOJ at Optum is March 28th, I have received Only Annexure till now. How long Optum takes to release offer letter.


Hi Fishes,
What Is the maximum salary in Uhg of salary grade pay 26

What should expect salary YEO 6.10

What is the payscale like at UHG for a Product Manager?
I’m a BA with 3 yrs exp and 12.75LPA


Hi All

1.Can you please recommend any hotels/place to stay while going to Optum Noida office to collect the laptop?

2. What are the areas where people stay? If you can guide where one can look for flats/preoccupied flats/good pg that would be really helpful?


Hi guys,

I switched 20 days back to Optum. I have 7 years of experience working as a full stack Engineer, who is passionate working on both front end and back end on latest technologies. But my project is working only on back end with 10 years old tech stack. There is no front end work at all. What should I do?
I don't like working here at all, but I am not sure whether moving out again in a month will give bad Impression on my resume. Hence please give me advice on this situation


How is the variable payout in Optum on an average? HR said around 80% of employees get in range of 80-110%.


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