{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "Where were the anti war people when US invaded Iraq (No Weapons were found) and Afghanistan (eventually left Afghanistan in a limbo)\n\nAzerbaijan and Armenia fought. Pakistan attacked India etc etc ..list of wars go on. US list of war mistakes are #1. Note: I am not supporting this war\n\nPS: I am anti war and I don't support Russia. I am against Putin and want Peace \n\nDoes a white country attack get more visibility? Or this was a boredom of Covid lockdowns ? What is the role of UN etc?", "post_id": "621d00b3f81cc9002eb4018a", "reply_count": 247, "vote_count": 84, "bowl_id": "552d1d24dc1c586b09d2d051", "bowl_name": "Consulting", "feed_type": "crowd" }

Where were the anti war people when US invaded Iraq (No Weapons were found) and Afghanistan (eventually left Afghanistan in a limbo)

Azerbaijan and Armenia fought. Pakistan attacked India etc etc ..list of wars go on. US list of war mistakes are #1. Note: I am not supporting this war

PS: I am anti war and I don't support Russia. I am against Putin and want Peace

Does a white country attack get more visibility? Or this was a boredom of Covid lockdowns ? What is the role of UN etc?

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There are a lot of reasons why this war is getting more attention/traction than previous ones. Some may be the 'white Christian European' examples that make it look somewhat hypocritical. There may be others that are more understandable-like a generation of Americans learning from the mistakes made in Iraq/Afghanistan being horrified but not advocating for the US to send troops to Ukraine, most of of Europe seeing this happen to neighboring countries so it feels very close to home (or for the uS, close to territory we have promised to defend)/more people have ties, a lack of a clear reason for Russia to invade a foreign country and try to destroy it like he's back in the 1800s, the power of the internet and social media making it easier and easier to get a lot of real-time and personal experiences to the rest of the world, and Ukraine having a master communicator as a leader.


There is so much more to war (or rather the decision that goes into going to war) than meets the eye.

Won’t comment on each and don’t know the minute details of each either, but I would look specifically into Iraq in the 90s.

We are not the leader when it comes to aggression or war crimes. I don’t support war either but at the same time not blind to the fact that conflicts are inevitable. Boils down to resources.

American media has its own interests, like the rest of the world. Ratings matter but that isn’t to say lives do not. The UN has laws that most signatory nations abide by. However, it has no enforcement arm and is left up to the member states to uphold the laws.

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We didn’t leave Afghanistan in a limbo. We handed it over to the Taliban gently with billions in military tech and supplies. And some stranded Americans.

It would be nice if I could get some PVS-14s and an M-4. That’s all I’m asking.


Sweden neutral. LOL, from a Swede.

The silliness of these "I don't support Russia, but, what about x,y, and z" is dumbfounding.

OP, war is terrible regardless of the circumstances, but some circumstances make it necessary or more justified. Russia's invasion of Ukraine is an attack on liberal democracy and hence the outrage. Ukraine is being attacked because Ukrainians engaged in the democratic process and chose closer ties with the west. An authoritarian regime is trying to wipe out a democratic nation for precisely that fact that it is a democratic nation.

So yes, principles of liberal democracy are worth fighting for, even going to war for.


C5, yes it is, and I am.


Western media/populace is without a doubt influenced by who the victims look like. What’s happening in Ukraine is awful and the sympathy is deserved, but it would be naive to think that a country in Africa or Asia would get a similar response.

We’re seeing this even in real-time with the refugees that are being accepted and how these ones are “civilized” unlike those from Middle East crises. It’s all so gross.


D18 …US was out of afghanistan in 10 years. russia will be out by then too. just relax. this will take its course and end.

On March 20, 2003, I was in the Boston Commons holding an "Out of Iraq NOW" sign and getting maced by a cop.

Where were you, OP?


Me too C3! My senior year of college.


This post makes me, a 37 y/o, feel very very very old. There were tons of protests. As a college student, I participated in one of them (specifically against the war in Iraq and the overreaches of the PATRIOT act). A lot of you were just too young to remember it, and it occurred before social media had really taken off, so there weren’t as many protest selfies to enshrine it.

Virtually every war the US has participated in has had a robust anti-war effort attempting (unsuccessfully) to act as a countervailing force. This is all well documented if you dig around a little.


Since you used India, I will point an interesting example (Indian here)-

Pakistan funded extremist groups has been carrying a lot of terrorist attacks in Bombay (now Mumbai) over years..but the attack that got the most response was 26/11 when most affluent neighborhoods of Mumbai were targeted. There is noise when the elite gets hits..nobody cares of the average Joe.


Kpmg9 do you know Pakistan hosts UN designated terrorist? Last time i checked bin laden was found in Pakistan.

This war is a creation of west as much as of Russia. In geostrategic terms, Russia would have never allowed NATO at its border given the history, same as what US did during Cuba crisis. US kept pushing Ukraine towards some la la land to needle Russia. I dont support any war, but media narrative right now is racist, hypocritical and pukeworthy. Remember NYT peddled the WMD narrative during Irag war!


It would have taken SC1 all of 15 seconds of googling to learn that 5 NATO countries already share a border with Russia…

Imagine how much better off the discourse in America would be if we tried to make sure we had a solid foundation of facts before forming an opinion on something so important…


Hot take: We did Iraq a favor by toppling Saddam Hussein.


Coming from the person crediting Saddam for a "prosperous" Iraq...

While I am unable to sleep seeing the news. I am also looking at Syria, Iraq and so many countries destroyed by war and no one spoke


What is worse…a 30 year old man beating up a 12 year old kid, or 2 8 year old kids fighting each other? Russia is the 30 year old, Ukraine the 12 year old, and the other conflicts are between 8 year olds. Both are bad, but a grown man beating up a kid is obviously worse. (The ages are in terms of military power, nothing else).


Iraq had a record of invading nearby neighbors, Iran and Kuwait comes to mind. Afghanistan was ran not unlike North Korea but has a fundamental religious element infused. Even if the US was in the wrong here to invade both countries, those are not the type of regimes you want around if you are peace advocate. Sometimes it takes war to begotten peace


The first time, there was a lot of global consensus and the coalition was much broader than just America and friends. Not sure what being in the right for the first gulf War has anything to do with it.

We care about our allies more than our non allies and our allies typically our democracies or countries of strategic importance. If Russia was attacking Belarus, we wouldn't care as much


So syria palestine is not an ally? You care about politics not humans? No comment reslly..

A lot of us were in high school or middle school...


Glad you said it. Lol. I remember being scared during the Reagan years.

Lol @ Pakistan attacking India. Conveniently left out the thousands killed in Pakistan because of American's so called 'war on terror'.


Pakistan was in fact harboring terrorists.


Proximity definitely plays a role.

How many corporations and countries now crying out for Ukraine did the same as China destroyed one freedom after another in Hong Kong, also amounting to invasion by an authoritarian state of a democratic one?

🇺🇦 🇭🇰


Not a good comparison. More people died in the first minute in Ukraine than all of Hong Kong in three months. No one was killed by artillery shell or air strike and Hong Kong is already part of China. Russian invasion of Ukraine is pure naked aggression between states.


I’m sure a major contributor to the visibility of this particular war over others is due to the US own interests.

We are much more interested in our global rivals’ (China and Russia) dealings that those of other countries who we do not consider ourselves to be in competition with.


This. And proximity in addition. Invading Ukraine which is close by so many of our allies - both in defense and trade - is a threat. A lot of these other countries aren’t really of interest to us because we either don’t trade with them or have very little and they aren’t in a location that threatens other interests of the US.


As an Eastern European:

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I personally was out protesting the Iraq war and I organized an event called Assembling Peace where we hosted 300 people for a night with activists bands, local politicians and organizations for folks to sign up to get involved and make a difference.
I have noticed that a lot of people are (justifiably) angry at Putin and the Russian government and forget that the US has been quite involved in many many wars with similar motivations. We probably can’t do much to affect Russia, but we can do more to affect our own country and government.


We can affect both Russia and our own government.


OP is a 🤡


The best part is the Biden administration cares more about Ukraine’s border than our southern border.


Exactly. What an ass for being concerned about the potential security of Europe and an autocratic leader's aggressive moves when he could be focusing on those brown people's caravan invasion.


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