which company should I go for?

Exusia 16 lpa, wfh

GEP 14 lpa(maybe), wfo, only hr round pending
GEP Worldwide Exusia

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Can you mention Role and YOE

Associate Data Engineer, 1.5 yrs

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When will we have hike letters issued for EY GDS and what can we expect this year?


What's the Inhand salary? Details below

Total = 12.43 LPA

Basic + Allowance = Rs. 11.65 LPA
Employer PF(12% of basic) = Rs. 56700
Gratuity : Rs. 22727


Implementation Consultant at McKinsey: Anyone willing to shed light on what the role is and what they would Implement? Is it like Oracle, SAP stuff? Thank you 😊


I feel guilty looking for a new job because I love the work that I do for my current (1st job) I’ve been there for 5 years but I’m currently underpaid and making under 60k. I know I’m a huge asset...


Raise in 6 months? I joined in january and ive since been doing 3 jobs bc few people outside of my team left. Mgr decribed a plan to update my role. How to bring up $ and how much % can I ask for?

How long does UBS take to send offer letter after the candidate accepts the salary breakup ?


American Express vs TD Which is better to work at internally at corporate? Opinions appreciated!

I'm a SWE from Italy. Love my country but salary and taxes here are outrageous. Got 2yrs experience in fullstack and data science, 2masters, a peer reviewed paper and outperform all my peers for 24k€ a year.
I'm thinkin about landing a remote SWE job (leetcoding and building a portfolio this summer).
Have you got some advice? Is it possible to work for US remotely without visa? What other countries pay well? Is it possible to land a 100k$+ with this kind of experience and working from Italy?


Hi all,
Any idea what is the salary range in USA for an Sap EWM consultant with 5 years experience in India. I am planning for a masters and trying to get an idea about salaries afters masters.


Hello all! I am an ophthalmic technician in Orlando FL with 10 years of experience across many specialties including refractive surgery, retina and glaucoma. I was a scrub tech for 2 years and I have set up an entire practice from the ground up (entire OR and all diagnostic equipment, hiring and training staff, etc.) I am currently making $25/hour but I feel like with my experience I should be making more. Can anyone share their experience with ophthalmic technician pay rates/ranges? Thank you!


Any kpmg 🐠 willing to connect? Looking for some insight on the practice.


What’s a suitable salary range for a account director in Toronto?


Does EY allows wfh. If experienced candidate joined ey, would they allow wfh?


Hi all, I completed three rounds including hireview test in jpmc and HR has asked for last payslips but post that i haven't heard from them,. Could anyone let me know should I wait for them or they will come back anytime soon

I need your advice. I got an offer to join Morgan Stanley in Canada and want to know what my salary range is there. I have 10 years of experience in investment banking and will be a 5 member family living there. Can i get 200k per year, please advise. Appreciate the help in advance.


How many days Infosys takes to release the offer letter after HR discussion for salary and role And what is background checks process in Infosys Infosys

Anyone care to share Midwest shop salaries?(Please mention if it’s mid/small shop vs the big big name CHI/MPLS agencies for accurate comparisons.)

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Senior Art Director looking for new projects in the new year! I specialize in event, exhibit and trade show design, as well as branding and retail marketing. Remote or Chicago.

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Hi Guys , Please share you SAP journey .
How you started ?
Module ?
How you prepared ?
Where were you and where are you now ?
Start and Current CTC ?


Recently joined Genpact and enjoying my time here so far, but would like to know thoughts on Genpact’s reputation in the life sciences arena?

𝐒𝐀𝐏 𝐒𝐮𝐜𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐅𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐬 : Basic Configuration in Object Definition

Happy Monday! Keep Learning!!

#SAP #SuccessFactors #MDF #MetadataFramework #ObjectDefinition

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A recruiter reached out to me for Workday Consultant role in Accenture Platform Advisory practice. Can anyone provide insights on the Platform Advisory practice? What's the line of work I would be required to do?


Can someone refer me to commscope? Ruckus


How do firms see candidates seeking to lateral across practice groups? I’m a senior lit associate doing v well at my current firm but seeking a global relocation which might entail switching to a transactional practice. Thinking capital markets since I have a lot of experience in advising our clients of litigation risk when issuing debt etc. Would I even be considered (obvi I expect some cut in seniority)? Is this common?


Looking to relocate to Canada / In my late 30’s and my pr application is in at 430 - probably the max i could go without an offer- Any consulting hiring from US - 15 yrs in US insurance.


Interviewing for a finance lead position at Gemini. Anyone have insight as to work culture and what a good offer looks like?Gemini

How is it to work with Data & Analytics at VOIS? & Also, VOIS as a whole?

My SO adds very little to our relationship. She has a dead end job. I cook. I work. I oversee finances. I plan trips. She doesn’t have a voice in the relationship. I’ve asked her to give her perspective but she always defaults to mine bc she thinks I’m smarter/worldly. She feels intimated by me and my social circle. Lately, I’ve found myself thinking for her. Anticipating her wants and needs and then adjusting my behavior to meet them. Which she appreciates but it’s frustrating 29M 27F


DM me if you need a referral at JPMC


What is Accenture Operations? I have an offer where they mentioned domain name is analytics and insights level 10 ? I have 3+ years of experience in machine learning. What's kind of project i can expect over there?is it related to data science? Anyone from Accenture operations pls help..Accenture


Hi Guys,

The offer letter from cognizant has been accepted, and my joining date is January 2023. Can I leave Cognizant after accepting their offer letter? because I am receiving a greater CTC from another firm than Cognizant.


Anyone working in Pune?@Stefanini


Something to brighten up your day 🤗

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When is the right time to introduce your new bf/gf to your kid(s)?

Additional Posts in Offer discussion

Hello Fishes,

I cleared TR and MR in 3 companies but not getting any further update for more than 15 days.

What might be the reasons ?

Do I need to wait for update or start searching for other companies ?


Hi All,

I got two offers,
1st is from Palo Alto Networks
CTC: 27,50,000
RSU: 80,000 USD( vested over 4 years)

2nd is from Akamai Technologies
RSU:35000 USD (Vested over 4 years)

Can you guys please help me decide which one to choose.



How much can I ask Optum for data scientist level : 26??

Hi Fishes,
I have 2 offers in hand with almost same PKG from LTI and vois .
Which one I should join. Please suggest.


Hi Fishes,

How many weeks will the BGV take at Allstate. Since i was an immediate joiner, BGV started after joining.



Hi I have two offers please help to choose one

YOE 4.2 Years
Amadeus 16 LPA
Omnicell 19LPA


Can someone tell me the Shift allowance and weekend allowance in Netcracker Technology?

Hi Sharks,

Can you please suggest which would be better in terms of WLB, flexibility, growth, job security.

YOE: 4.4 years
Tech stack: Azure data factory, data lake, Azure databricks, Logic App, SQL, Pyspark (basic)


KPMG India: 16 fixed + 10 to 20% variable

Optum - 16 Fixed + 15% variable + pf (offer letter is not received yet)

LTIMindtree: 11 LPA Fixed only(can revise the offer based on the latest offer)


Hi Fishes,
Capgemini 19 fixed+2 variable
Synechron 22 fixed+1 variable.
Which company is better for career growth, WLB, and stability?
yoe- 6


I interviewed at Walmart for in4 position, I cleared 3 technical rounds on Friday, and my managerial round happened on Monday, my interview was average for the managerial round. From that day onwards I am trying to get my feedback for the managerial round but the HR keeps telling me that they have not received it yet from the manager. It has been more than 5 working days. Should, I assume that I got rejected??

I’m joining a new company next month, & my wife is pregnant and due 4 months from now. So after joining new company I will be needing paternity leave(3-4 weeks)after 3 months, Should I inform/ask my manager earlier before joining, or should I just wait until I join it. I have first 6 month probation period.
11+ yoe, developer, joining as tech lead.


Hello Fishes,
Got offer from below companies. Please suggest me to choose between them in terms of work life balance
1. Renault nissan(RNTBCI) -9.5LPA ( 5% variable )
2. Tata elxsi - 9.6 LPA fixed
3. Johnson Electric - 10 LPA fixed

Tech stack - Automotive software development
YOE - 4.2

Thanks in advance


Hi everyone Need your advice

Optum vs any Product based company?

Both of them are offering similar slightly change in variable.

Optum ready to negotiate for accepting the offer.

YOE : 3.9


Java, Spring Boot, Microservices, AWS, Docker and Kubernetes.


Hi Sharks,
Need some inputs. Have 3.9 years of Experience as an SAP ABAP Certified Consultant. Looking for change.
How much package should i ask to recruiters? How much will i get in current market?
CCTC : 6.7


Hi folks,

Please help me to decide

Coforge 19 including 1L variable
Luxoft 19 fixed
Capgemini 23 with 2L variable
TCS is giving UK onsite 44k pounds anual to retain me..its confirmed.

Coforge is ready to match highest offer.
Pending offer from NTT Data for 23L with 21 fixed...but trying to get it as 23 fixed.

Please advice


Guys my CTC is 26LPA. How much shall I ask for a manger role in Cognizant. YOE: 10, Tech stack: Java Springboot Microservices, Location: Kolkata.