Which is best in terms of Jobs security > Wlb > Brand
Brillio - 17lpa
Nagarro - 15lpa
Tabsquare - 18lpa

Brillio intermediate hr is having Nagarro client and she is saying that people who joins Nagarro will leave company within few months .

How true is that.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Brillo hr bitched about Nagarro?


Intermediate Hr from some other company who referred me to Brillio

What role at Nagarro?

Same role reactjs dev

Senior engineer

Intermediate hr = some recruiter

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Is it different from Genpact?

Client: Morgan Stanley
Location: Bengaluru


ECD asked me to pitch my idea to client and it’s my first time. I feel like throwing up just thinking about it. 🤢


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Salary range around the US. I know that the range varies wildly.

Currently in NYC making mid 80s.


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Hi All,
I heard IBM has bad support projects mostly.
Can we choose our project/ account after joining.
Can we change if we dont have the required skills for that project.


Hi everyone, I'm comparing two offers from Accenture and Cognizant. Could you help me figure out some of these questions: 1. At 5 YOE, what kind of package can I expect? Current offers: Accenture (12LPA fixed, 2.5L variable), Cognizant (14.3LPA fixed, 45K variable) 2. Nature of work - What kind of work can I expect from these companies? 3. would I get the opp to use any authoring Tools? 4. Work life balance - which is better? 5. Increments - avg % hike? 6. Culture - which is better?


17 lpa at 7 YOE.

15.5 fixed, rest variable.

Am I underpaid?

Expecting a promotion next June with 25-30% hike. Bh that time I will have 8 YOE


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We encountered an issue with a car dealership client where they record a used car in their inventory based on their current valuation and a lower cost is paid for the purchased cars. They call the difference as "undernet" and this practice is common for the industry as per client. Based on IAS 2 an inventory should be recognised lower of cost or NRV. Anyone who encountered this issue with their client before? Can you share your experience and how did you resolve this issue?


Hey fishes,
Can anyone please tell
Siemens gurgaon office address?
HR said its in cyber hub but I cant find that on google. Can anyone please share is it in cyber hub?


What’s your bid on 75bpt hike ?


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How is tech mahindra is it safe to join techm at Bhubaneswar do they have enough project in Bhubaneswar for testing side? Currently they saying base location as Bhubaneswar will they call back to any other location in future?

Why do all the airports seem empty.


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Looking for immediate .Net developer with 3 4 years of experience in .net technology with MVC and web api.if anyone interested please let me know it's urgent


Just had an interview with Facebook this Friday - the recruiter asked “tell me about how you handle trade offs and compromises”. Felt like this was a poorly worded question, but focused on talking about understanding what really matters to both parties and focusing on reaching a solution that brings the maximum positive impact and solving for any negatives in an alternate way if possible. How would you answer?


As Q1 comes to an end professionally explaining to key stakeholders deadlines may not all be accomplished is fine done without fear. But before this the below occurs.

Post Photo

Could you suggest a few companies, preferably product companies, which have good DS teams and offer remote work options?


Im a RN and took on a new role working in Home Health. I chose this position because My husband & I recently moved to PA with our 2 kids (1&3), with no family available for his residency program with a hospital. If you know that life, I’m pretty much the main parent for our kids. I don’t want to work in the hospital/floor work anymore; nor do I believe the hrs are flexible enough. I need a job that’s flexible for the kids but pays >$44/hr. Maybe remote or hybrid? Please help w/ suggestions.


I FINALLY passed CPA!!!!! Never studying again!


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Hey guys, cleared all the rounds at Bosch.
Role: Commerce Technical Consultant.

Current Offer from Accenture- 15
Current role: Sr. Analyst
Yoe- 4+ years
How much I can expect in offer letter for this role? How much is the pay range for Technical Consultant role at Bosch?
Any info highly appreciated.

Anyone familiar with Analytical Wizards? Had a recruiter reach out for a role there.


We need a lot of help with babies and kids, especially when both parents are working. I know this because i have a 4 year old. But i am still healing from the struggles of trying my best to raise the kid and keeping everything afloat.

While we are planning second, i don't want to be struggling for air like the first time. And i know its going to be even crazier with two kids. I am anxious

So, where and how do you find help? Did you do it on your own, if yes, how on earth without going mad?


How many of you like me are thinking that Indian IT will see cut-throat job competition in near future (due to large youth population) so it's much safe to migrate to abroad and settle with a IT job there as early as possible? Thoughts pls ?
P.S: i have 5 yrs exp in IT


How long do you have to be on L1 to apply for a green card? Is there a time requirement or can you file for it right away?


being a freelance we need some regular inflow of income and mutual fund are one of best vehicle providing asset allocation and diversification of intrested connect me@9302340643


Additional Posts in Nagarro

If anyone worked on the project earlier here at nagarro and after that he/she is o n bench. Could anyone please tell me that it will affect in the appraisal or not?

What is the average percentage hike in Nagarro


How long does it normally take to know the technical interview result?


Any openings for RPA developer. Please let me know it will be mostly appreciated.



What is Allocation bonus ? And what is variable bonus?
Offer letter had only fixed component. I recieved variable bonus 🤪 obviously for my good work


Which kind of work we have in Nagarro's AMS BU. is it a monitoring support kind of business unit and any scope of learning in this unit for a DevOps engineers?

Any one from hyd nagarro?

There is a ethical issue with the Nagarro interview process. Why don't Nagarro make the job interviews aligned to the same level of client interviews. Client interviews in Nagarro is tougher than job interviews. This way Nagarro is increasing the bench strength but then putting extra pressure on the candidates in to find a project. Keep the same standard of the interview for both job and client. This way both will be in a good state of mind.


Anyone in Nagarro from TechMill?
Did you guys receive revised compensastion post Nagarro acquisition?


Hi All,
Please help me with -
Which one is better Nagarro or TCS for Tester 11 years experience on same package?


How to refer someone in Nagarro? I want to refer one of my friend, pls help.

Current CTC: 32.
Exp : 7 years
It has been almost 1 year into Nagarro , I am planning to switch.
Which companies can give a package of 45 lpa .
This will be 4th switch in 7 years


What do Nagarro mean by "Work from Anywhere"?
Do they mean you can work from home as well or u can work from any of their offices?

I asked for wfh to be mentioned in offer letter they said they dnt give wfh but wfa


Hello fishes,
How much salary should I expect from
Nagarro ?
Skills- React.js (Frontend developer).+
UI Developer


Has nagarro stopped hiring?
I don't see any openings for BA role