Which is better Nagarro or IBM for senior mgmt roles?

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IBM certainly

Ok hearing lot of good reviews about Nagarro so not sure...

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Anyone here from EY consulting? Moved recently from NYC and there is no PwC office here apart from Hallandale beach. Considering moving to EY.


How’s WLB at FTI? I’ve been interviewing and had heard ppl telling me expect to work very hard. Too scared to ask that questions in person but what exactly does that entail?


Do we know much about Rothschild Tech group in NY?


Any reviews on Travelers client's project in LTI, like how is the work life balance and team ?
What should we expect for learning ?

This is my first appraisal year in Novartis India.
How much appraisal I can expect this year ??

I am having 1st round of interview with KPMG into Forensics,
Can any1 tell me questions on what all topics can I expect?


I did my research on glassdoor and pay scale. Out of curiosity what is the salary range for Channel Customer Success Manager at Qlik?


Need a suggestion:

I have offer from Cognizant, HSBC and Standard Chartered.

Salary is

Standard Chartered-x+6

Which one would be a better option to join based on WLB, work culture etc?


Any insight on pwc cloud and Intel automation practice?

Do oracle revise offer post acceptance ? Manager mentioned that he will try. Any chances of keeping the offer on hold ?


Hi All,

Can someone advise on how Incedo Inc. Is as company? Is that a startup? How is the job security? Payscale and WLB?

Has anyone interviewed for Deloitte Digital? Is there anything specific / unique to their cases?


Any PwC Digital Risk Solutions 🐠 here?
I’m trying to understand more about the job responsibilities and the nature of the work in general, what skills are utilized/required - any info is helpful.


Whats going on with AWS recruiters? Is this normal to get unsolicited emails from AWS recruiters (two emails in one day) 🤣

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Anyone work for Quadreal property group in Vancouver? A recruiter reached out to me with a $95k salary in finance, plus bonus. Wondering if the culture is good or if they are paying for people to stay.
Thanks for insights


How are the mulesoft projects in LTI?

Senior strategy associate at capital one base comp?


Applied for a counsel position at McKinsey and have been invited to complete a 30 minute written exercise with two hypos. I wondered if anyone had ever seen these from McKinsey specifically and could give any insight to what it's about -- substantive, more blue sky like their consulting interviews, other?


Are there any opportunities at Deloitte in the Charlotte area? (Senior Associate or Manager)

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Work event in the bahamas need recommendation on warm weather pants that will be comfortable and island casual but look sharp enough to still be professional.

Hi Fishes,

I got email from LTI "Thank you for applying to LTIMindtree and going through our complete selection process" on 27 Sept but after 1 week I follow up on offer letter she said my approval got rejected due high expectation (35% hike ). We re-negotiate at 6 Sept (30% hike). Now they will release offer letter or not ?

Thinking about getting an heirloom piece that I’ll wear regularly but eventually pass down. Budget around 12k. Ideas for models to look into? I’m tentatively thinking a jlc or VC

What happened to "unprecedented times"? No one is hoping I'm safe anymore. And thing are worse than before not better


I smell chocolate pancakes everywhere I go in the last day. Is it me? 🤔


Current CTC : 7.7, Based on my appraisal rating my CTC in Next Financial Year : 8.9, got an onsite offer Where my final CTC will be 16.8 by beginning of Next Quarter. So can I ask for a hike on top of 16.8 as I have a notice period of 3 months.

If you have an opening suitable for me dm me for resume or tech stack.


Recommendations for must do in Prague, Vienna, Budapest please. Traveling solo and relying on public transports, any tips highly welcome.


Anyone who joined ADP recently. How many days a week we need to go to office in hyderabad locatio.

SNAP gang - just opened some july expiry puts, have about $700 in each pf the following now

June 12, $18 (looking to sell on the first dip to 17.5 or under)

June 26, $17 (Likely hold to expiry or to 16)

July 10, $18 (might sell if we go to 17.5 soon to not lose premium, but will play by ear)


I have a interview scheduled for Data Scientist job can any one suggest me. I am looking for a career transition to Data Science domain.

Is it just me or is it annoying to get non-urgent pings after hours? I understand working at your own time when it is convenient for you… but can’t you put it in an email? I notice people who report to me do this more than leadership.


I’ve been on high stress projects for over 6 months. I’m so sick of my team and I am just very burnt out. What to do?


Just stopping by to say that after trying a handful of different things, I successfully cut my dosage down a bit (while maintaining similar focus at work) by taking a week-long vacation and not taking any Adderall. My body was starting to build up a tolerance to my meds, but the “detox” timed with a vacation has been working so far!


I’m a SME, you’re a SME

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anyone themselves / workplace apart of the legends club at TD? I am trying to go as a guest at the frozen four


Looking for some training I can do to become a better sourcer! Any suggestions on books, training, conferences, etc is welcome! Thank you!!


What is your favorite firm to ACAT assets from? I received a call today from a guy ready to ACAT 600k from EDJ, which happens to be my personal favorite place to ACAT new client.


Looking for an apartment in Astoria or LIC. Studio or 1bed.


I didn't hire you because you were dishonest about your skillset. Don't lie. Say you did xx, but you didn't go as far as yy. That's it. I would have given you the job even if you only knew xx.


Hello Fishes,

Can anyone please refer me in Amazon.



Additional Posts in Offer Negotiations

I have a offer from Cognizant in operation, can some suggest should I join or not, currently I am working with Genpact.


I have offer from Fujitsu and Intuitive.Cloud...which one is better to join ?


Recently I got an offer with good package, but the joining date is over.

So, By editing the joining date in that offer letter and I'm planning to showing it my current employer (MNC) for salary hike.

Please advice.


Hi all, I am getting rehired in HCL in 2 months as the team there was very good and I expressed an interest.

Though I was there at 11 lpa, I was drawing out 16 lpa from TCS in last 2 months.

The director in HCL had called and confirmed that I am getting rehired.

So, what salary will they offering?
Can I negotiate on the salary being offered?
If yes, how?

Hcl was trying to retain me by giving 14 lpa.

Please help.


Feels like a decade

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How is NTT data company? Which is better NTT data, Accenture or IBM?


Hello Fishes, i am expecting offer from Bank of America. They provide me expected role and location. But HR trying to low-ball me with below average offer of 18 LPA which is not even 30% of my current package.

I asked for 26 LPA and said I am expecting a other two offers. But HR keep on stressing with 18 is the max they can offer.

I mostly see good reviews of BOA company for job security and growth rate from online.

What should I do now? Can i take the offer?


What is ideal salary for Order Management Solution Architect in Telecom domain with 12 years of experience. I am also Google cloud certified cloud architect. Need some suggestions before fixing my expected CTC. Market is crazy for telecom jobs now...


Hi Guys Currently I have an offer from a product based company of 14.5, I have cleared all rounds of interview at Deloitte, Going to have an HR discussion for the role of consultant
How much can I ask for ?

Tech stack - Informatica
Yoe- 4
Thanks in advance

EY GDS or Virtusa

EY GDS offering 28 fixed and 10% bonus
Virtusa 28 fixed with no bonus.

Looking for work life balance, career growth and planning to stay for longer time.

Business Analyst

Please give your suggestions


Just to help you guys
1. Started career with 3.4LPA, I worked there for 2 years
2. Joined another company with 9.1LPA I worked there for 2 years
3. Joined 3 company 19 LPA, I worked there for 1 years,
4. Joined another company with 40LPA,
I have total 5.1 years of experience with Java and Kafka


Hi fishes,
Need some help. I have received an offer 18000 PLN gross from Szczecin, Poland. Is it worth accepting?
I already have other offer of 21LPA from Bangalore.
Can someone please provide some inputs regarding salaries in Poland? Is this offer worth?


Capgemini vs Mindtree
Can you please suggest me to choose the better company among both for salesforce?
I want to choose a company that offers better worklife balance and good policies


How much salary range for full stack developer?

Yoe - 9 Yrs
React Js , node js, express .

My current CTC - 18 L


Hi everyone, what is the salary range for a software senior engineer at Dell Technologies?
YOE : 5 years
technology: java, spring boot


Hi Friends, Kindly help me to take a wise decision Holding these offers currently 1. Deloitte 17.5LPA + 2L joining bonus 2. Microfocus 20.5LPA 3. Calsoft 20LPA Which would be better in terms of growth, career opportunities and hikes?Deloitte Micro Focus International Plc. Calsoft inc