who decides appraisals in Barclays? LM or Director?

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Do we have Night shift allowance in Accenture for BPO employees Level 9 Accenture


Hello Fishes,
Need your
suggestion.Is it right to leave @oracle in just 3 months for @Ericsson global india offer.YOE 10 years
@Oracle 32 lpa
@Ericsson 39 lpa


Anyone have experience in enterprise sales at Alteryx? I’m interviewing there and would love any info as to what your experience was like. @Alteryx


Has anyone applied to BlackRock here at the junior level (Analyst or Associate)? How long did the process take you (after submitting the application)?


Hi folks. I have an offer with Persistent. Can somebody help me with the in hand salary and whether the salary offered is in line with 10 YOE

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Any idea when is compensation info going to be released for EY?


W2O friends, what's the office like (metaphorically)? Is it a good place to work at the mid-management level?


Currently interviewing for BCG NYC as a partner. Any fish out there who can help me with some pointers? Anyone Coming from Accenture would be even better

I have an offer from Atos and Hcl and Lti . Highest package is LTI with 19 lpa , YOE 10 years sap basis . I am trying to negotiate with atos for 22 lpa but it seems they are reluctant to agree and they said max they can offer is 19 lpa. What do you guys think, will atos provide 22 lpa. ? @Atos HCL Technologies Larsen & Toubro Infotech

What should be the expected CTC in PWC India for an Associate position?
YOE: 2+, Domain: Serviceanow

Hello, Need your thoughts, which organization should be considered. I am holding offer from.
Accenture India - Offered X + 2.4 varible.......
Wipro Technologies - X +3.2 + 1.2 variable......... Amdocs - X + 4.4 + 10% variable........................... Deloitte India - X + 2.8 + 10% variable.,................. Accion Labs Inc - X + 6.2 + 10 % variable...

Not gone for counter with Accenture India

Please suggest on the basis of WLB, and policies



Hi all, what are the process or steps of onboarding after successfully uploading all the required documents on tydy ?


I'm considering moving from biglaw to a tax manager role at PwC. What's the typical salary for this role? I'm a third year.


Does BCG hire external hire project leaders without an MBA?

Hi fishes,

Stack: Java, Spring, Springboot
Yoe: 7.3
CCTC: 9.5

Offers: IBM & CTS - 18 LPA
Pipeline: BNP HR pending - how much can be asked?
Notice: 60 days left

What is the current market standard ctc for the yoe and stack?

Many thanks in advance!


Hi Sharks,

Please help me decide which is best considering below conditions-
YOE - 7+
Band - U4
Current Designation - IT Analyst

I am working for a US client as L1/L2 Technical Engineer (basically Technical Support Specialist in line with IT helpdesk and + small project roles) - 10.7LPA

I have an offer in hand from TCS to work as an O365 Admin + VMWare + SCCM (patching)- 16LPA

TechM wants to retain me as Client is not ready to let me go because of dependencies and new acquisition coming up


What's the expected salary at checkpoint Bangalore for the TSE profile?
YOE 5 years in service delivery and assurance segment.


Equifax What is the salary bracket for 6 years experience candidate at Equifax in Atlanta and also St Louis?


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I got an offer from IBM for Senior Consultant (ETL) role for Pune location. How is the WLB at IBM and what is usually expected from a Senior Consultant. And does anyone have an idea how many days do we have to come to office in a week once the hybrid model starts?


How would you go about finding a remote AE role with a 100k base?

I have about 7-8 years of sales experience and have consistently out performed my OTE. I absolutely love my current role but I feel like I have out grown the company as there isn't a ton of opportunity to make more than I am currently making.

I opened up my LinkedIn to recruiters but all the offers are 60-70k base and 120-140k OTE. I am shooting for MINIMUM 80k base but ideally 100k or more.

What would you do?


Which is the best way to find a job in London ?
Any apps or recruiting agencies ?


Hi folks, have anyone got job offer from Canada by applying from India? If so can anyone guide how to crack interview while applying from India?

When is the best time to start looking for an apartment for a July 1 lease? Is it still too early?

If someone tells me to make my headlines punchier, after three rounds with no additional insight, that gives me permission to punch them, right?


Hi everyone,
I gave interview in McAfee and cleared my managerial round. I want to know what salary i can expect from them or what I can demand to the HR.
YOE: 4.5
Tech: .net core, angular
Role: .Net developer as Senior software engineer

I am thinking of asking for 22-23 LPA. Please suggest what I can ask for. And if it's a good company to join right now


Can someone suggest a 529 plan for Washington state? Since there are no state taxes, there is no state tax benefit. Which plan should I go for? I have vanguard and fidelity accounts.


I am sap bw consultant with 8 Yoe and am thinking of changing my domain. Data science and data engineer looks somewhat related as am aware of Etl and reporting. May be am wrong.

Can you guys please guide me how to learn this skill and whether it's good to move or not. Any other options to explore. Thanks in advance.


Spoke with the founder of a major investment bank today. Both he and wife are working, obviously very senior positions, despite having close to 500M NW and 20M Manhattan home. I’d have stopped long before that. Rich people puzzle me.


Globant or Amdocs which one to prefer?
Offer is almost the same.


Exit Interview with HR (advise needed)- My boss was a bit rude to me when I told him im leaving and he knew he couldn’t match the new offer. He cut me off all access saying I have too much access. Should I talk about it during my exit interview with the HR or just chill and not burn any bridge?


Of all extant gods, saints, avatars, loas, etc, who is the god of marketers? No fair saying the almighty dollar, everyone prays to that guy.


Hi Guys,

How's the work culture and job security in citi. I got an offer as a Salesforce developer.

Are there any employers in Vermont or Maine that will pay relocation costs for new employees? I’m in healthcare credentialing & compliance and my little family and I are looking to make the move.


What are your favorite resources to master programmatic buying? I work more in social but I’m looking to expand my skillset. Just unsure where to start.


So frustrated with my job . Used my office laptop to give video interview today at another firm 😬🤷🏻‍♀️.


Do I seriously need to comp my work into smartphone screens to appear digital/social to recruiters? Please tell me no.


Women in construction PMP® Certified Professional with 13 Years of Work Experience
in UAE & Mumbai India in High-Rise Residential, Mixed Use Buildings, Ballistic Works / Military Projects , Firing Range & Warehouses, Precast Concrete, Asphalt Road Works & Infrastructure Works

B.E. (Civil Engineering) , PMP® Certified, LEAD -QMS ISO- 9001-2015, ACI Cert

Strong at Technical knowledge Project management, Coordination .

Looking for a job , open to explore new Field. Please consider.


Additional Posts in Barclays India

what are functions in Barclays ?

Hi, can anyone please share the first day at Barclays pdf. Im not able to download it from the portal… Also anyone please tell what formalities have been done on the first day (physical joining)

Hello Fishes,

How is IPMDM developer in Barclays?
I have 3+ years development experience in Java spring boot microservices

I updated account twice in my portal . The number was same though. Is there a chance I might not get salary today. I’m a new joiner.


Can anybody help me with Barclays leave policy in India....no of leaves...

Does Barclays try to retain their employee during notice period and negotiate to match with salary they have got outside?

Or they just say jao jeelo apni zindagi! 😀


I have applied for BA-4 position in Analytics in Barclays Pune. All rounds are cleared, only HR negotiation is left. In the application form I hav filled 24 LPA as preferred salary. My Current CTC is 12 LPA and in this market scenario asking for 100% hike is a norm.

Still, I was wondering
a. if 24 LPA is it too much to ask?
b. Will they get back to me for re- negotiation or just never bother?
c. Minimum CTC, I make the switch?
d. CTC range BA 4 generally have?

I have 4 years of work ex.


Is there any mandatory leaves in December?


Has anyone ever heard/experienced about probation getting extended in @Barclays or firing during the probation period?


Any one new in Barclays Pune branch who came office today?


Who all are in barclays still working from home?


I am looking for new opportunities in fraud and Risk management. Let me know if there are opportunities matching to my profile.


I’m a graduate from a reputed college in south India..having around 1.8 years of experience in the industry and Barclays is offering me BA2, saying I don’t have 2 years of experience..how do I negotiate with them? I have gotten a promotion in my current job due to performance too and campus placements from my college get hired as graduate analysts, BA3 Barclays Barclays global service center


Hi everyone,

Looking for a job change, working as a Sr. Representative , have an experience of 4.5 years
Banking domain, any help will be greatful

How long does barclays takes to revise the offer?


What are the different designations for BA4 in India?


Barclay's providing Free Food ??

I heard from my friend they are providing in Noida.

Is it applicable for chennai !!!


Anybody working as a Data Analyst at Barclays? What is the interview procedure? How many rounds?


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