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Why are Trump supporters called the “silent” majority? If you subconsciously think this man is good for the country, why not come out and say it publicly?

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Honestly, because most hold some sort of resentment against “the libs” and won’t show it out in public because they’d fail at trying to debate their points of view with real substance as opposed to the fear mongering propaganda that Fox News blasts 24/7 (ie; BLM is a terrorist organization) Please note that this doesn’t apply to the hard Trump base which is a circus show in itself.


He took the phrase from Nixon.

The “silent majority” is in theory a group of working/middle class (mainly white) people who don’t speak out, protest, debate, or talk about politics much.

They act by voting rather than campaigning for their candidate.

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The silent majority are the ones you don’t hear from, by definition. There are plenty of crazy loud trumpers I don’t understand and don’t relate to. Just as there are crazy liberals I’m sure you’re embarrassed of.

But, there are millions of us who don’t want to say we support Trump out loud because it’s not worth the attacks and senseless debates that the left like to ignite. I hardly know any liberals who are open to an honest discussion without throwing out incendiary statements in the attempt to shame me. And I’m not talking about the crazies there. I’m talking about otherwise “normal” people. The left has lost its ability to engage in a dialogue.

So, we don’t bother engaging and instead find comfort knowing we get our say at the polls. Like we did in 2016.


I don’t know why this is so hard to understand - if you are against the right of a gay couple to marry it means you are legislatively supporting restricting the rights of people. Your Schtick of “its only libs that force their views on me” is completely inaccurate because you literally don’t want others to have the same rights you have. That is by definition homophobia and I don’t care if it’s because of your religion. If you don’t believe in it, then don’t condone it, fine. That doesn’t mean you have a right to keep them legally from enjoying basic rights and the just say “oh well that’s just my opinion man”. No, it’s not just your opinion. It’s directly affecting other people


Trump supporters are anything but silent


At no point have most voting Americans wanted Trump as their President.


There are many people (myself included) who are republicans and we don’t necessarily support everything trump says or does but we’d still take him over the current left-wing mob that demands defunding the police, abolishing ICE, reparations for all black Americans, etc. It isn’t worth attempting a public dialogue with left-wing individuals because you gain nothing yet could lose your friends and/or job for speaking out. Are they they majority? Maybe not, but I’d argue that certainly the majority of republicans are not 100% aligned with trump like the vocal people you see at rallies and on Facebook.

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SM1 you serious? Kim Fox? Even with her ties to Smollet and Chicago’s police chief has been calling for her to step down since 18 bc she “can’t do her job”. Not exactly the strong leadership that would excite Dem’s.

They are neither silent nor a majority.


99% of the people I know that are “Trump supporters” genuinely don’t like him, think he’s unpresidential, should stop tweeting. but many are also more opposed to the policies being put forward by the left and are making a seemingly rational and educated lesser of two evil decision. The demographics are suburban, ethnic white/ Hispanic, working in blue collar jobs, small business owners, cops, Etc.

Taxes, Reparations, defund the police, open borders are the issues which come up most often. Complaints about identity politics underpins all 4.

I don’t agree with a lot of this but I also don’t think they are awful humans. is this what you think is “deplorable, vile”?

Some are just crazy MAGA people and there is no saving them.


Thank you so much for your rational consideration and compassion for people who hold different views from you. It's a rare quality, and it is appreciated.


Because per your post itself democrats are adversarial whenever someone disagrees with them. They preach tolerance but are most intolerant. People vote for trump because it’s nonsense that a Democratic Party pushes 1) Socialism 2) Illegal immigration (actually caters to illegal immigrants) and 3) Sells handouts as policy when our government is literally going bankrupt from this behavior. They want to expand social security for example and give free college. That’s so unauthentic to even say it’s actionable. Democrats say republicans are all evil because they “attack womens bodies,” but that’s been a settled court issue for decades. All the while, they pitch gun confiscation and all sorts of heavy handed policy nonsense then when they are done call themselves ironically “anti facist.” Biden/Obama voter going Trump here. Core issue with the democrats is 1) They are just like republicans (Biden even has sexual assault charges totally ignored by them) but are immensely hypocritical by weaponizing mutual flaws then 2) Add in total unrealistic fairytale policy.


The Supreme Court struck down a Republican policy on women’s control of their bodies last month...so....maybe you should pay more attention.


Why silent because we are attacked and threatened - if you support Biden that’s fine if you support Trump you could lose your friends , your job etc - it was the same with W - the left demonizes anyone who disagrees with them but excuses anyone on their side when they say the most awful things - I.e almost anything from the Quad or The recent support of Louis Farrakhan- that’s the difference - yeah that’s a few angry people above - but look at the streets of big cities - we want honest debates but the left cannot have these - everyone who disagrees is a traitor, racist etc - as a wise Liberal Senator once said you are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts (incidentally John Patrick Moynihan also famously raised the alarm bells about the rate of black Americans born out of wedlock when the figure it 25 percent ) Even in the 1960 he was labeled a racist for speaking the truth - and how much better would life be for tens of millions of Americans if the legitimacy rate in the inner city was a mere 25 percent instead of 70 percent as it is now - it seems like the biggest way to solve many of these problems is to increase marriage across the US (just to stop calls of racism a similar study in lilly white Sweden several years ago concluded the same thing that kids in single homes were many times more likely to be poor and face all of the negative issues - how about pro marriage solution


Stephen Miller /thread


The only people that say that are trump supporters


Trump supports are the most vile people - wow that’s constructive- many us don’t support him as much as we are anti AOC and don’t want to see the country go the way of Venezuela - I think these Socialists want equality so much they don’t care if everyone is starving as long as its equal

We are frustrated Trump could have done so many constructive things like make government more efficient and accountable and reduce the size of government when unemployment was 3 percent


Those are both true statements. Trivia question: which US President in the last 100 years has exhibited behavior more akin to dictators like Stalin, Chavez and Jong Un?

Name calling does not win fans - be careful the basket of deplorables can still vote - and Biden has to open him mouth a few times between now and November


I think Hillary Clinton is deplorable.

Trump is also deplorable.

Obama seems alright.

Romney would have been best.

Their voices will be loud on November 3rd

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I love this because it totally proves the point of why we generally don’t voice our opinions. The left doesn’t tolerate views besides their own


I have said this many times. When your views are that some human beings are wirth leas and deserve less rights, damn right we don't tolerate them.


I initially posted coz I hear the polls are incorrect especially here on Fb coz the silent majority doesn’t wanna share their support for trump. Why not. If I believed in something that would help the greater good I would be socializing and marketing it all over the place.

You’re ashamed coz you know he’s not a good person or a leader but you just don’t want the democrats/Libs or whatever you call them to win.

The question here today is very simple. If trump was an independent and not affiliated to any party, would your opinion of him change?

Something to think about.


Because you didn't pay attention. They were also about much lesser things than, y'know, 130k dead Americans.

Even now, Lou Dobbs called for Obama to be arrested for saying he had more Twitter followers than Trump. What is more petty to be outraged over?



I think there are many Trump supporters who really don’t like the guy, but they hate the democrats and their identity politics much more. It really comes down to who you hate the least.


The “Silent Majority” are the closet racist who don’t want to openly admit that they prefer the suppression of diversity in this country.


94 crime bill - y’all are quick to forget
13th, 14th and 15th amendment had republican support and lacked democrat support. yet the republicans are the resists. hahahahahah YA RIGHT

It describes folks who hate his unconventional style, but like his policies. At least like his policies more than the other option. They are largely embarrassed by him, and don’t want to have it be known that they support him.


I guess they’re not silent anymore

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So loud the majority of Americans support police reform....

Over here.


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