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Why do we celebrate diversity and not just people? Celebrating diversity is offensive to 'diverse’ people as they don’t like to be treated as corporate trophies and is discriminatory against white men

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OP, several thoughts.

Your definition of diversity is not how the firm actually defines it. When we say diverse, we don’t mean we have people of color - it is a much broader definition that includes many aspects of diversity. Under that definition, I’m diverse as well even though I am white.

My guess is you are young and grew up with diversity around you. Consulting has made big strides in that area in the last 10 years. What is the norm to you wasn’t the norm just a few years ago and is still not the norm at many of our clients and all across the US.

In other words, turn what you are suggesting the other way. Say the firm is 95% white and you’re one of a few diverse people and there are no diversity initiatives, and we just celebrate people, who all happen to be white men. Would that feel right to you? Would that attract diverse candidates? Would that make you feel like you belong?

We celebrate diversity because we are fortunate to see it when just a few years ago it wasn’t the norm. We celebrate it because at higher levels we are still not diverse enough (how many disabled, veteran, LGBT, black, Latino, Asian, female partners do you see?) and we want to be and we want our people to know that they are accepted, because outside of our bubble (and sometimes in it), they still get discriminated against regularly.

Celebrating diversity is meant to celebrate all of our differences and how, when we come together, they make us better.


Director 2, I was using that as a simplified example focusing on skin color and gender only to demonstrate that OP may not realize it is an issue because he may have never experienced being in a group that homogenous before. They are not the only factors to diversity, so yes there will still be diversity in that room outside of race and gender (age, sexual orientation, disability, experiences, socio-economic stats, etc.).

OP, your scenario re: comparing two individuals where one is visibly diverse and the other isn’t and is a little better assumed the comparison on skills only. What if you were hiring for a company with significant operations in Latin America and your candidate happened to be a native speaker or had a lot of expense working there? Or simply just had more international experience? Of course, you could say you would put it into job requirements and evaluation criteria, but we work in consulting - our requirements change. The only constant is that they do change and we need to have a talented workforce that is made up of all kinds of people that also represents our clients. We simply cannot afford being homogenous. And this doesn’t mean white guys. If I walk into a room and don’t see white guys, that pains me just as much.

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Calling out exclusionary systems and no longer catering to just white men is not discriminatory. Advocating for diversity is not zero sum.

Sure, don't use me as a prop and don't pay us lip service, but it's important to me as a POC that my workplace acknowledges and values progress in representation and inclusion.


Speak for yourself. I think celebrating diversity is great because for so long it was not. And as a diverse person that does not see a lot of people who look like me at the top, when we are celebrated for an accomplishment it feels good to see that. Everyone needs to see positive examples of themselves so I appreciate it.


OP, your comment on it happening automatically, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

If it did, you wouldn’t have to worry about being thought of as a “diverse hire", as you put it; it would be irrelevant because people would accept you because you’re smart and capable. You are concerned about that because there are biases out there - conscious and unconscious, which means we need to continue to educate people that diversity is the norm and highlight that anyone capable and smart who works hard can be here.


I couldn’t agree with you more OP. I am a “diverse” person as well, and it bothers me to no end.


Well Hiring the best irrespective of gender or race is important. Yes if there is a bias toward hiring white male, then it’s fair to target that problem but I don’t think a workplace should optimize for diversity over and above merit. Diversity will happen automatically. All people should be celebrated. I would like my workplace to take pride in all the people there irrespective of gender or race. I don’t want others to think of me as a diversity hire. Also I am a POC too


The few "diverse" people commenting against diversity being celebrated (OP cough cough)... know that the reason you probably are sitting where you are and making such uniformed comments about celebrating diversity is because it was a group of diverse people who fought for you to have this opportunity because diversity was not happening "automatically".


I am a ‘diverse’ person FYI


dIvErSitY wILl HaPPeN aUtOmAtICaLLy

(But in all seriousness, no one is suggesting that candidate qualifications or recruiting rigor be watered down in the name of diversity. Believing that meritocracy will solve everything perpetuates other myths like, the idea that a qualified person like you was hired or promoted solely for diversity or that the lack of women and minorities in senior positions is a pipeline issue or they just don't want it enough. If you are struggling with backlash or perception, backing away from it and minimizing these efforts only helps defend and maintain the status quo.)


Inclusion is basic HR 101.. everyone in the company should feel respected and there should be a collaborative environment.


“Diversity will happen automatically”

Said no one ever except for you. Really READ what the partner said above and consume it


For those of you whom have responded, whether POC or otherwise, indicating that you see diversity as a luxury or non-essential choice, kudos to you. Congratulations for having somehow grown up in a time and/or space where this was merely an option for you, and it’s place, or lack thereof, in your educational and professional experience bore no impact on your ability to be seen, competitive and successful. As both a woman and a POC, I cannot boast of the same experience, and will always be exceedingly grateful for the little bit of recognition that diversity AND inclusion have in the workplace, as well as those many brothers and sisters who came before us and fought for generations to ensure that that concept would be recognized, let alone celebrated, for people like me


It definitely doesn’t happen naturally. It sounds like you forget there are biases, problematic cultural norms, feelings of exclusion, pipeline problems, etc that contribute to there being less POC (it sounds like that is the specific diversity group you are referring to) in consulting (and systematic privileges for non POCs at the expense of POCs). And if the firm understands the value of diverse background and perspectives among its ranks, then it’s in the firm’s interest to seek talent from a diverse pool of candidates, many of whom may have been unlikely to join for an array of systematic reasons.

It’s also problematic that you further this narrative that diversity comes at the expense of merit. That’s the language that continues to make diversity recruitment important.

Also, I hope you truly learn to understand this. It’s always disheartening to hear a fellow POC fail to gather the rudimentary understandings of these types of challenges. You’re not enlightened when you say things like this.


Don’t forget the inclusion part; there’s more to it than making trophies out of people


Diversity will happen automatically & diversity is discriminatory against white men. Have you paid any attention to this country and its history at ALL? Please educate yourself before making comments like this.

I swear we’re living in the Upside Down.


I lead our recruiting at a top 5 MBA program. Let’s dispel the notion that somehow the interview / recruiting process is a truly objective analysis of candidate capabilities where we are then putting a thumb on the scale for “diverse” hires. Outside of maybe highly technical hires (generally not MBA), the process of assessment is very subjective no matter what we do to try to standardize through cases etc. The way we assess “fit” and intangibles, even evaluating ways of thinking and talking, is colored by unconscious bias. We all tend to gravitate toward people who are like us and rate them more highly.

All that to say, addressing this issue is a LOT more complicated than “the legal issues are fixed, now just hire the candidate who is objectively ‘best’"


PwC2 well that’s the popular opinion. Diversity = diverse opinion and most people apply that blindly. A POC who went to a private school and then graduated from Harvard is probably not going to be as different from a rich white male. However, a white person graduating from a state school while working in a mine is going to have a lot more diverse opinion and perspective. Yet, I don’t see companies celebrating the hire of that white male. If that is not celebrated, then it won’t happen as much! Open to hearing opposing viewpoints


Yes, because white men are powerless in corporations today. What in the world... 😂😂😂😂


As someone as a POC that participated in recruiting events for the firm and have heard candidates say to my face “EY doesn’t have much in the way of diversity, that makes me uncomfortable” please don’t say diversity happens naturally and it shouldn’t be a focus area




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