Why is life like at D Fed? How many hours per week? Hours over standard required? Likelihood to end up as a sub (instead of the prime)? How flexible is scheduling? What is the best/worst about it?

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Came from PwC PS.

PwC PS seems more risk averse and rigid in comparison to Deloitte. Fewer opportunities given size of firm, and therefore PwC had a bit more resistance to diversity of project experience.

Depends on the week but 40-55, similar utilization required.

Hours over standard are not as firmly required as PwC (in terms of time quota), but firm contributions are expected and measured from an impact standpoint.

Can’t speak to likelihood to sub. Seems uncommon in my limited experience.

Very flexible provided you hit your utilization targets and are forthright about your schedule to the powers that be.

I enjoy it more for what it is worth. I think there are more opportunities here, a “flatter” organization culture in comparison to PwC— IE not weird that I reach out to a partner and they treat me as a colleague not a subordinate, the expense policies are better, my pay is better but I suspect that is a product of my hop rather than a representation of compensation as a whole.


Actually expenses are way easier at Deloitte- thank god for their integrated AmEx reporting. Holy shit that was a nightmare in my past role, I think I’m having ptsd.


Yes. From what I hear it’s less about Veritas specifically and more around 2 main points:

1. A move from an ownership/management structure run by partners who had largely grown up through the firm to a detached NYC private equity firm. Who knows what Veritas do, but in almost all cases this means a transition from a culture of long-term practitioner development to one of short term profit seeking (presumably to “flip” the company). What that could mean are cuts to training (the good ones that don’t translate into an LCAT requirement), benefits, and other investments/costs that are important to the practitioners’ well being, development and the company’s long term growth and sustainability.

2. The separation from the Big 4 brand to a new name that will be basically foreign to any employer outside (and in some cases inside) the federal domain. I know many Big 4 Federal colleagues who stick with the firm over more lucrative smaller company offers, because they think they believe the Big 4 brand (built largely on our commercial counterparts) will give them larger future earning potential. This value is handed off in this acquisition without any return back to the practitioners.


A little bit of A, a little bit of B. A "few" people have expressed their concerns that the promise of "Same or Better" benefits is not being kept. Where leadership may see their individual changes as minor, you have an entire workforce full of CPAs and CPA types who are doing the math as we go. So far (and as expected) the benefit changes are minor, but they add up quickly. There's also losing the brand name (which is being downplayed too much IMHO), not to mention the inevitable loss of meaningful networking relationships when people find themselves doing jobs that have nothing to do with their skill set as it often occurs after these transitions.

Personally, my immediate network has already made the move to either Big PwC or the other B4. Some found a place in smaller firms and are making way, way more than me with a similar background/experience. I doubt that I'm getting paid my worth, and the brand name on my resume is easily worth 10k or more a year in salary. I doubt that I'll suddenly get a 10k raise to make up for the opportunity lost by not having PwC on my resume.

There's also the issue of culture. There's no doubt that the culture will change, and there's a reason why people chose to apply at PwC Public Sector and not BAH, IBM, or Accenture. There's a reputation and culture that follows the B4, and some people just "fit in".

Lastly, the "trigger" for this question is hours upon hours of research that follows the acquisition of other Veritas properties. Nothing against the firm, I personally am very thankful for the job. However, everything that is occurring is literally following an already observed pattern. There have been zero positive deviations to date, and "past performance data" indicates more of the same to come.


Why would I do that when you’ve already done the work? Share with the crowd


Agree with Deloitte 1. Came from PwC PS. Deltek sucked.


Would this request have anything to do with the recent Veritas Vineyards acquisition ? #askingforafriend


Lol, this conversation now belongs on another bowl (where it has already been posted 😉)


Any examples for the “past performance data”

Look at their portfolio, then use a few "big data" skills to search the web for information regarding their acquisitions. You'll immediately see patterns and can build out a mini-map of events likely to occur. I won't give out the step-by-step for obvious reasons, but the data is available to anyone wanting to see it.

Fair enough

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