Will I get this LTA component along with my salary? Also what would be my approx inhand ?
Exp 8 Years

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Yes you will get LTA in your monthly salary.


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Hi Accenture fishes,

Accenture CN has a huge variable component in their pay approx. 27 percent. How much percentage of it do you usually receive in case of decent performance (average or above average rating) ?


What is Grade 11 in NTT data? And what is the salary range?

Would you leave a full time position that you are not happy and take an on going contact role ( like permalance) for more salary, access to benefits (minimal cost), but no paid PTO?


Hi Friends,

I have 6.5 years exp in SAP BRIM. Pwc AC is offering me 20LPA fixed and 30% variable. Do you guys know how much of that 30% will be paid on average?


Hi friends,

Please help me to select in between two companies.

LTI vs Jio

LTI offered 1 LPA more as compare to Jio but I’m looking for better wlb and new learning and job security


Hi fishes 🐟

Wondering what’s the salary for senior risk consultant like in London? Thanks for your input! Deciding on my offer now.


What TC should I be targeting for a Product Manager position at a startup with around 10M in current funding? I’m thinking 150-160K base, 20K Sign On, they give stock options, but I am not sure how to negotiate for that. Any tips? I don’t want to negotiate to aggressively and be off putting to HR.


Being in the UK, in sales, and on fishbowl is pretty depressing because our pay is a fraction of what our colleagues in North America earn.


Hello Fishes, I have been hired as senior tech consultant. I have a few questions about the role, please do help answer them if you have any information.

1) what is the salary bracket for the senior tech consultant who has an experience of 6.5 years?

2) I wasn't offered with any signing bonus. Should I be enquiring about it? .

3) Is the work format hybrid or do we need to be in office every day?


Hi fishes,
I have few questions,
1. What is the requirement to get promoted to Specialist programmer L1 to L2 and how much time it takes to be promoted? Is there any specific timeline?
2. What is the % of hike is given post promotion?


Do you have to return a sign on bonus if you leave after a year? Never had one before, so I am not sure.


Fix -   1,156,500
Variable - 107,200
Total CTC - 1,340,006

Fix - 1,100,000
Var - 1,650,000
CTC - 1,345,000 + 50 K Joining bonus.

Which offer is good and which company should i join.


When does salary get credited every month? Isn’t it supposed to be 25th?

Female fishies in 🇸🇬 - I'm looking for a new basic skirt suit that will take me through formal work events. What are some brands I should consider? (Affordable for SA salary lol)


Senior producer salaries in Seattle?


Dear all,

How's it like working for PwC India as SAP Functional Senior Associate?
I have a 5.3y work ex with ACN, as a FSCM consultant (L10 currently, was assured of a L9 effective March, but declined due to growing poor culture within ACN).
Got an offer from PwC India
Current TC: 9.5 LPA.
PwC Offered TC: 19 LPA.
IBM Offered Fixed: 17 LPA
IBM would be a smooth drive, but skeptical to join PwC given the WLB issues, as a lot of folks say.

Any thoughts, comments would be really helpful!


Hello All,

It will be a great help if you could please tell what is the salary range for a Senior Analyst (CAM) in Deloitte with 6 years of experience?


Hey everyone!
I’m a Senior Business Analyst (sales). I work for a lead generation co. for consumer finance. Mostly personal loans. We match applicants with potential lenders across the country. My job is the manage the lender/client relationships, maintain steady numbers, analyze reports daily, execute new partnerships to diversify and grow my sector. I pull in about 2.5 million plus a year gross the company by myself. 25% is profit. I make about $160k including perks.


Airbus ( India) - 25lpa
Service based company in USA ( 80k dollars)

Ps) I have valid H1B visa


How much can I ask for Analyst - Risk Management II?
College - NIT
Company - ZS
Would really appreciate if someone helps out.. TIA

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Anyone live out in Seattle? Is the Seattle freeze reason enough to not move there? Considering making the move from Dallas to Seattle for the milder weather, proximity to nature, and bluer politics, but concerned about making friends out there.


How does EY’s blockchain team monetize their Baseline Protocol or associated services?


Best chinese and italian food restaurants in NYC??


Whoever said BEC is easy is a liar


Any one working in Emirates NBD in tech roles?


How many deals (M&A) is appropriate for a first year attorney? I'm wondering if I should be challenged more and worried I'm not excelling enough. I don't like having idle time, and feel like I grow more effectively with ongoing challenges. Not experiencing that now


I have too many meetings in my day so I can't get into a state of flow for doing my actual work. How bad is it to skip meetings where my input isn't really necessary?


Fishes... Appreciate your help.
Any day shift roles available in Accenture operations philippines? Manager level


Looking hot going into close lets goooo, ATVI breaking above 60, can UVXY break 21.5?


I am trying to create a formula based on data type geography. I want to ba able to write if(cell=NY,,) but I get #value.

How do I get formula to recognize the text of a geography data type?


Do forensic service lines at accounting firms give promotions as regularly as the audit and tax service lines?


Here we go again with EY with the latest headlines from @ FT: “EY’s US partners flouted conflict of interest rules, the regulator says”


Anyone actually choose chicken for an entree as a guest when presented with an option for meat (prime NY), a good fish like halibut or sea bass, and chicken? Leave the chicken off or any thoughts?


Can i get some idea on what are current market trends for candidates with 5 yrs of SOC experience applying for cybersecurity roles like security officer or GRC related as well as consultant roles?


Any member here who’s the part of Associate to Consultant program?

Does Citi compliance policy allow employees to invest in mutual funds, stock trading and hold crypto currencies?


ZS fish! In a bit of a conundrum. As a NYC-based employee, I got offered final round interviews at either the Princeton or Philly offices due to the NYC office having already staffed up. The other caveat is that it's for a general SIP role rather than Health Plan/Provider. Any thoughts on when the offices plan on ending remote work, and what types of industries I'll probably see if not healthcare? Thought about requesting to transfer offices after the year but heard it can be an long process.


Help 😨 I have the ultimate task: to write a brand manifesto for our agency. I would be extremely grateful for any tips and benchmarks.

I have Meat Grinder Manifesto from Sand agency. It’s brilliant.


Any England/Wales Residential Conveyancers here? I feel we need a support network at the moment especially!
(Picture stolen from @propertylawyerproblems Tiktok which has cheered me up many times)

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This would make my flight

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Additional Posts in Offer Negotiations

Hello Folks, I am a .net +angular developer. I am keen to learn Azure. Currently at 2.5 years of exp and 7.5LPA CTC, what kind of salary can I expect for these skills while switching.

TIA :)

Slightly Off-topic:
Why does it feel terrible to say no to joining companies, from which we got the offers, especially to a company who gave it first and also tried to revise.. is it just me?


Hi guys Im a fresher.

I started my training in CG in microsoft azure .

I want to ask any suggestion for me to get into better job offers and how to prepare for it.

I have 4lpa with 2 yrs bond (2022-2024). At present have been working on my DSA skills. Im from tier 3 college.


Hi Everyone,

Does any work at Tata Technologies?
I recently got an offer but am confused about whether to join it or not? As technical team informed that it will be ultimately DevOps into Oracle on-prem application. Currently, in my Organization, I am working as a lead developer in the cloud application but the salary difference is too low.
Not sure what to do


Hello fishes, please tell me what should be desired LPA for automation engineer with 4.5 YOE in selenium java and C#?


Got an offer from Infosys 9.1 LPA with 1L as joining bonus I have 4.7 YOP & my Current CTC is 6.3L .

Is this offer ok. Should grab it


Hi Sharks.

I am working in Devops role with 6.9 yoe.

Holding below offer.. Please suggest which company is best for devops role by considering all the factors.. Learning.. Career growth.. Technology.. Wlb... Job Security..

Standard chartered : 24 Fixed 2.5 variable pay
Cgi : 26 fixed.
Fractal : 25.5 fixed 2.5 committed pay + 1 lak joining bonus
Bosch : asked 28 still not released the offer

Thanks in advance.!!!


Hi Fishes,
I have the following offers: Role is for C++ development.
I have 5.4 years of experience in C++.
Bosch : 22(fixed) + 3(var) LPA, specialist
Axiscades: 26 +1 LPA all fixed, senior engineer
Persistent systems: 27 LPA all fixed , software engineer

Which is the best place to be in, in terms of wlb , company culture, benefits etc?


Hi team,

I have an offer of 22LPA fixed in my hand already. Also I have cleared interview with Brillio. Now how much I can expect CTC from them. Please help.

YOE - 4+
Tech stack - Salesforce, LWC


Is any one switched to TCS from Infosys
Recently ?

which company to select cohesity or dell? Keeping recession in mind.


Is it ok if I refuse to join a company few days before the Joining date? Because I have another offer?


Hi guys,

Help me to DM directly ,please give like


Hey fishes,
How is wlb and job life like in temenos?


Hello Fishes,

I have 3.6 YOE of experience in fronted and have got an offer of 17 LPA fixed. Is the offer above the market standards or over paid or less?

Hi folks,
I got selected for HR ROUND in Infosys , in my current company my notice period is 90 days .
My frnds are asking me to tell it as 30 days , and the n later request to add extra 60 days they say.

Advantages of doing this : HR will give first priority to the candidates who has less notice period, and later we can change
Another adv : joining bonus .

Is this good idea , or should I need to tell 90 days .



I have 7.8 years of experience in QA. My current CTC is 11.15 LPA and I have an offer of 17.31 LPA. I am also expecting an offer from HCL, can someone please suggest how much hike they can give on my counter offer?


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