With restriction of premium processing on Visa transfers, is it even worth spending time on applying for jobs, interview prep. etc? Do future employers wait for months? What are your strategies?

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My guess when you quit and tell them. My information is speculative so I would confirm with a legal expert. This has been my experience.


Mine is to wait till Feb before I appear for any interview. I don’t want to get an offer and later tell them that I can not resign on receipt. Looking to hear what others think? What are your workarounds?

The same thing was in effect around this time last year. I did resign on receipt and started working for my new employer. I didn’t face any issues at that time. However I feel like the climate has changed recently with a larger number of RFEs and denials. Doesn’t seem worth the risk.

Yea, that’s an interesting predicament. Have an offer and waiting for new employer to file transfer - hopefully they will file it by 9/10 for premium processing. Else will have to take the risk and join them on receipt since current employer won’t file GC

@Manager 2 - are you with KPMG? As far as I know KPMG is the only firm which makes it a pain to file GC.

Is the restriction on premium processing applicable to all H1 transfers? It is not clear from the uscis post

Intra company extensions aren't affected as I understand from the posting.

Only suspended when you’re transferring to a new job role within the same company of a new company with the same or different role.

@M1- so basically all H1 transfers for job change?

Yes and plus all new applications ie. lottery next year.

Feel stupid asking this, but can you transfer to a new company without your current company knowing?
If not, what’s preventing your current company from firing you as soon as they find out?
And if this happens... are you protected in any way during this 3-6mo period because the transfer is in progress?

Yes you can begin the process and they likely will not find out. I don’t think USCIS is obligated to inform the lawyer on you and I don’t even think they can provide this information if your employer asks.

Thanks M1. At what point in the process does the current employer find out? I would assume they would have to eventually...

D1, never, unless you tell them...

Hey, can someone clarify - if my 3rd h1 extension was changed to premium aug 29 that is being processed at Vermont, would it be processed premium or is it getting kicked to regular queue?

@EY1 - I am in the industry moving to consulting.

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For PwC - After clearing all the interview rounds and submiting all the documents asked by PwC HR in mail, HR told me that she is getting approval for offer letter.
My question: How long does it take in general to roll out offer? (It's been 1week since I submitted documents)

PS: On PwC workday, status of application shows - Offer phase


Hi Sharks
I am currently working with Amex, I love the work culture here but I feel that I am underpaid. I have a got a call from
Bank of America and they are okay with the hike that i asked. How is BOA when compared to Amex? Is there anyone worked for both?American Express Bank of America


I am currently in Canada on a closed work permit. I recently joined this job about a month back, and the work culture at this place is something I cannot bear for longer. I know switching jobs on a closed work permit requires a new work permit. Is it possible to convince employers and get a new work permit while I stay in Canada? As an alternative, I was also thinking of doing a Masters in Canada- is it possible to convert a closed work permit to a student visa?


What kind of questions can I ask while interviewing for a quant HF/prop trading firm? I have the technical bases covered, but very little information publicly available.


Anyone know which agency sponsors employment based green card? My currency company won’t sponsor until my h1b expires in 2-3 years, so i’m curious to see how other companies handle.

I got positive feedback from HR after interview rounds, and asked to send required documents for compensation discussion. It's been a week and no response after sharing the docs. How to handle this scenario. I am getting excited but have fear that I will ghosted

Should I wait for some more time?
Should I mail/call HR regarding the update?


Can I renew my F1 visa in May before it expires in June? Currently on OPT, transitioning to STRM OPT soon


Final interview with the ECD I’ll be working under if all goes well (fingers crossed) and I’m super pumped! What are some questions I should be asking/be ready to answer? This is for pharma btw. Thanks!


I have an interview with Infosys to do IT strategy. How are Infosys interviews?

Hello all - i am US fish looking to head your way professionally. Anyone working at a firm hiring in M&A / IT Strategy service offerings? Have a UK passport so no visa needed. Would love to chat or at least get a couple applications going. Thanks in advance


About to have my panel interview with 3 EA’s at Meta next week. Any tips? Anyone know what the next step is? I haven’t met with a hiring manager but in my Meta candidate account it says the next step after my upcoming round interviews is an offer. I’ve only had my screening with a recruiter, so I’m a little confused. I wish it were that easy!


I’m a junior product designer with 1.5 years of experience currently applying for new jobs. I’m entering the negotiation phase of the hiring process and wanted to get an idea of what a reasonable salary would be for a Associate/Intermediate product designer based in Vancouver?


Hi everyone, Deloitte immigration office paused all the Green card application, any thoughts on this? Is there possible we can file by own lawyer and only request Deloitte submit material? Overall, I’m 2nd year h1b, want to start the process ASAP.


Anyone attended interview for cognizant last Friday???

Hello does HCL announce the interview result or just ignore the candidates who have not cleared?

I gave my virtual interview on 3rd August and I asked the HR about the status. He said he'll update me but haven't heard anything from him even after follow up every week.

For those who interviewed with cap one recently or in the past, how long do they usually take to reply?
I interviewed with them on Wednesday for the FRP campus hire and still have not heard back yet.


Looking for insight on business immigration firms in LA. I worked as a judicial clerk/staff attorney at the immigration court and occasionally handles decisions involving employment-based immigration, non immigrant visas, and waivers. I’d like to get into business immigration and eventually advice and counsel for employers, so I’m wondering whether I should be looking into full service firms with L&E and immigration. Thanks!

Is there anyone that can email me the Chase brand guidelines?! I’m working on a small business collaboration with Chase, but no one’s been able to track down Chase’s design guidelines (including me!).


I'm interviewing tomorrow for an entry level credit investments role at PGIM. Any ideas on what types of technical questions I can expect?


Siemens Technology and Services Limited vs Hitachi Vantara
Which one is better??

Capgemini JPMorgan Chase Cognizant Microsoft
IBM Infosys Wipro Delloite

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Deloitte fish interested in switching in the next year. With 2 YOE post grad at Deloitte what can I expect salary to be at Accenture?

How was everyone’s day 🤗?


Should we do a holiday get together? 🥳


I’ve been a project manager (delivery focused) for 8 years now and have worked across multiple companies / teams as I am a contractor. Lately I’ve been feeling really bored in my roles and not challenged enough. I’ve previously loved what I do but now I feel indifferent towards my role. I’m worried if I look for more senior PM roles I will feel the same. What other options could I explore and has anyone else had a similar experience?


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What are good investment ideas for someone new to investing/wealth building?


What are ways a student graduating with an associate degree in IT / cyber security can find internship or job opportunities?? It seems like everywhere requires a bachelor’s degree... hoping for advice to pass along to my brother, please!


Anyone here ever do IV drip therapy? Just came across this. They come to you and shoot you up with vitamins. Curious of people’s experiences.


I’m a grad student at BU and will be done with my MSCIS in August. My background is in business and I’ve been a higher ed admin for the last 3 years. I have my first technical interview with Apple for a web ui engineer role in their IS&T department on Monday. I’m working with the cracking the coding interview book, but don’t feel confident when speaking about concepts. Any tips or advice for an inexperienced student transitioning to tech?


my client absolutely hates me. Not sure what caused it, but he abhors me even talking in meetings. Tries to cut me off and snipe at me every chance he gets. cont


What’s the best way to eat a watermelon?

Email etiquette Is it okay not to respond to messages if there is no further action needed? I don't but my boss & other co-workers do and it just feels... Unnecessary? What is the 'normal' response?

Can anyone recommend a lawyer my client refuses to pay me? I'm in Tucker GA.


Nyc - Corp dev job 2yoe

Offer is 120k + 10k signing. Fair?


Is anyone else having the struggle of family not respecting work from home and leaving your space be during working hours? I still live at home to save money bc I used to travel so much it almost made no sense to pay $2.5k in rent & never be home. Now that I dont travel I feel like I'm going insane and my younger siblings/ parents have the least respect for client calls (I'm just nervous they'll barge in during an important call and I'll get in trouble)

If you've experienced this any solutions?


Any advice for how to deal with in-laws that do not get along? It’s so frustrating having to invite them over separately. Both of our parents have been divorced and remarried. His parents get along fine but don’t like either of mine. My parents won’t be in the same room with each other and only my dad is fond of his parents and never takes the hint that they aren’t fond of him 🙈🥴


Asking this here as a feel many MBBers went to bschool.

But for anyone that had an in-semester internship, how did you go about finding one?

Are certifications like PMP/Prince 2/Scrum really that beneficial when it comes to promotion/job hopping in the Workday industry?


Just a reminder to go support restaurants serving Chinese food. They’re being hit hard and it’s literally absurd. A world without Chinese food is not a world I want to experience


What annotating strategies do you implement in your classroom? My school has enforced PRESTO for annotating school wide which is a great strategy!

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Sucks to be on h1 b for two cycles of recession. Second cycle is particularly hard as now we are with families.


Hi guys! Looking to switch my job. Any referrals would be appreciated! I have almost 3.5 years of analytics experience.

Coming back to good old jersey after 5 years outside US. Seems rentals prices have almost doubled.

Looking for suggestions for suburbs/apartment complexes with reliable access to NYC/Hoboken area.

All suggestions welcomed!


What is it with Global Management Firms arriving to desi countries and then completely losing their charm and everything and adopting the bad WLB and culture that desi countries have? Lower pay, worse management, worse HR policies and what not!


My priority date is Sept 2016. Are there chances of this date becoming current in the visa bulletins date of filing (DOF) chart? For folks whose dates were in oct 2020 DOF chart but not final action date (FAD), does it also give you a gc or only EAD?


Fam, we're moving to Long Island, NY (close to Hicksville) in a month and we're in search of a live-out nanny for our months old baby. I know it's a long shot but does anyone have leads or contacts or possible places to search?
Tried sulekha and few other sites. Care dot com is an option but that option appears to be very expensive so keeping it as a last resort.

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Why do desi parents still stay together when they hate each other? Just had a call with my mother, again the same shit and again an anxiety attack for me. Every call home is anxiety ridden. Every call from home gives me a panic attack. It’s torturing my sister as well. Even 1000s of miles away from home, idk how to live peacefully. Both my parents are in the wrong and my sister and I suffer. They want me to get married, but their marriage has scarred me for life. I don’t believe in love anymore


Difficult to get along with clients when you're a brown guy with broken English 🙄