YoE : 5 years
Domain: Data science and machine learning
Job offer from: Cisco systems Bangalore
Current CTC : 16L fixed

How much Expected CTC i can ask to Cisco for my role?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

I think for 5 yr exp you can ask for 25 lpa


It's for Grade 8 role

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I have a total of 5.5years of experience in Java, Spring Boot. I'm serving on notice period, I still have 70+days, I have an offer in the pipeline in Ericsson with 15.1LPA(14.3LPA fixed + 71K VP) [role: Senior Solution Integrator]. I'd like to join Ericsson. What if I get an offer for 18LPA from other companies, can I negotiate with Ericsson for 20LPA(include variable). what max can I get? #Ericsson



Hello i got an offer from 
Brillio (joining in 2023) but as an intern i have experience of using go-lang as backend developer. So my question is should i join Brillo or look for some other companies. I don't know what type of clients Brillio have and tech they use.

Please help.


Average/range salary for a Senior Consultant at Deloitte in Projecy Delivery/Human Capital? 6YOE (but not in consulting)

Does anyone else in this role feel as if you work for the interest of your manager? My manager is the Dir of Operations and I feel as if I don't have any autonomy or authority, as if I was hired to do his bidding.


Hello Everyone,

Got offer form SDC banglore for SA2 position on tech advisory,can anyone share details on-
1) Work culture and environment
2) I am coming out of Small company and offered salary is same,is it good to
switch.My current company is growing with good pace
3) what is the salary band SDC PWC banglore offer for SA2 in tech advisory
4) Do they have any office politics culture
5) What kind of work they have.

TIA ,your input will help to take decision wisely.


Anyone know if Discover currently has a hiring freeze?


Hello Fishes,

Need your help in deciding which one to choose. Below are the offer.

1. Accenture - Level 8 - Associate Manager - JB 2.5L
2. EY - Level 32 - Manager 1 - JB 1L

Fixed is almost same however Accenture is giving more variable.

Profile - Tech Risk, GRC . YOE - 9.2.

Also help with the bracket salary if anyone knows of the levels.

Hi everyone, after 5 long months, I’ve made it to Team matching phase for TPM IC4 at Google. Few questions: 1. Which Org offers better comp, 2. Which Org offers better or good WLB, 3. How long does a team matching phase typically last?, 4. When should I share my TC expectations?


Looking for a Deloitte referral please!


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About to move in to Singapore in a few months. What’s a realistic budget for me if I want to stay near Clarke Quay? I’m not earning a lot but want a modest lifestyle.


Hi Fishes,

i have joined Capgemini on 13th May , can anyone please tell me if i am applicable for coming cycle appraisal or not.


Any fish looking for a roommate in NYC? Looking to move out by March given next client location and would prefer a young professional as a roommate

Interviewer asked what my current salary / bonus is and I told them.

I got the offer and it’s exactly the same base/bonus as my current role. (Though they’ll also give me so stock options in the private company).

Can you share what is reasonable % increase to get for salary / bonus when switching jobs? I know the team really likes me.


Barbados ideas? Resorts, hotels, activites?....with the wife!


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Hello everyone!

Im working in software currently but want to make a shift into cyber security, I am burnt out on the technical aspect of my current position and would like to make a switch into a cyber position where I play the role of an advisor for different teams, is this possible? what role should I be looking for and what path should I take?

I appreciate your input on this.

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Anyone who needs referral in Infosys can connect with me!


What if anti depressants and anti anxiolytics prevent love from developing ? Or are those feelings too deep to be overshadowed by a drug

I’ve worked to make the transition from tech sales to the marketing/ad space for a couple of months. Does anyone have any advice? I’ve talked to 25+ people in the industry & have minimal job leads.

"Now that was a worthwhile webinar!"


What are your thoughts on “do the job to get the job”?

I'm 26 and don't think about retirement. The only time I really ever do think about retirement is when someone comes on campus and brings it up.


Does anyone have motivating/good sales books to recommend?


Additional Posts in Data science

Hi, Sharks!
15 days are remaining :(
I resigned from my job because of a toxic environment and looking for a new job. If you could refer me for a position in your company, It will be a great help for me. Please DM me, comment in the chat box
I am a Data Scientist with 2 YOE and worked on fantastic projects that added value the business.
Tech Stack: DL, ML, CV, python, sql, CNN, YOLO, OCR, TensorFlow, Keras, MLflow, Airflow, Data Analytics, Statistics, Visualization, Dash Board Development.


Is there anyone who completed Data Science from Guvi?


Can someone jump from RPA developer to ML engineer or data scientist having 3.5 yoe


I am getting to do basic business analyst task in name of my data scientist position ( basic excel tasks, basic data pulling)
What should I do, is this the trend everywhere or should I look for a change



Currently I'm working as a ETL tester with experience of 3+ years. I want purse my career in data side( Say Data analyst). Anyone can recommend what I can do now( like course/tools are something). Suggestions expected.


Any Fujitsu data science folks here?
I want to know how’s the data science team at Fujitsu pune - projects, wlb, learning?


Hi Fishes,
Will you please tell me how is
Brillio in terms of data science and machine learning work?
Thanks in advance.


Hi everyone! I recently got two offers:

Zensar Technologies - Data Scientist - 26 LPA fixed + joining + retention
EY - 20 LPA fixed + joining + 10%bonus

I am confused as to which one should I go for. Would appreciate inputs.

P.S. : I have 3 years of experience.


If there are certain openings in data science, please comment.
Thanks in advance.

Hi guys. Have anybody appeared for any data engineering interview recently. I am currently 2.5 yrs experience and JD requires 3 yrs experience. I have passed my first round and next is coding round. What kind of coding questions I will be getting.
Note : my first interview as a data engineer. Quite nervous.

Analyst/DataScience/ML Engineering # Kindly help with interview tips and questions.


Can anyone refer me in any Data scientist/ Machine Learning /Senior Analyst position ?

I have 2 offers in hand - 11 Ipa fixed and 12.5 Ipa fixed.
I can join by Mid June.
Primary Skillsset - Statistics, Python, Machine Learning, Data Science, NLP, SQL.
YOE - 7 months. (14 months including Internship)


I am currently working as a delivery manager for a data science project where I manage both ML and DE teams. I am not sure what career path should I follow.

Should I move into either a core technical data science/data engineering role or move into a techno-managerial role like a program or project manager? What role would be best in terms of money, growth, and job security?


Hi Fishes,
I'm interested in data science and looking to make a career switch. I'm just starting out with learning. I have a lot of questions and no one to ask. If anyone is willing to be a mentor for me, that'd be great!

Hi fishes, Can anyone please give expected CTC for senior business analyst at Swiggy ? Also a breakup of different components will be useful. Yoe 3.5. thanks!

Hi Fishes,
I am looking for Data Science related jobs, Please comment if you have openings in your organization.


Hi All ,

Looking for referrals .Exp:10+ yrs,
Tech stack : ML/Python/AWS/Mlops.
Please let me know if anyone can help

Hello All,

MLOps Engineer, is it worth making whole career into this role?

Does data scientist need to work on MLOps side as well. Any thoughts?

Hi Fishes,

I have shorlisted below offers, Please suggest which one to join.

Capco - 24 Fix Plus 1.5 JB
Mercer - 25.3 ctc (23 fix)
Exl - 22.3 ctc (20 fix) plus 1.5 JB

Yoe - 7.3 years
tech stack - Data Scientist

Note - Mercer hr is saying first say no to exl in a mail then i will release offer letter.