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2017 Salary & Compensation Survey

Fishbowl hosted a survey that was conducted by a professional in the Management Consulting Industry to give an accurate peek into compensation levels across leading Management Consulting firms.

The results below are the first aggregated findings to be released from this comprehensive survey. Subsequent results will provide more detailed cuts on the data, such as geographical, gender, education, and competency analyses (management v. IT. v. strategy).

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The Fishbowl app provides professionals with a more meaningful professional community, where they can form connections, share stories about work that are entertaining and relevant, and swap advice. The Fishbowl Team would like to thank the users who completed the survey, as well as the professional who initiated it.

Survey Key Facts

  • The survey went up Thursday, February 16, 2017 around 6:00pm ET and was closed on Sunday, February 19, 2017, at 8:00pm ET. 
  • The survey received over 925 responses.
  • The data you will see has been cleaned up for formatting and nomenclature, but has in no way, shape or form, been compromised/changed. 
  • Intentional measures were taken to protect the identifiable information of everyone, especially in cases of low sample size.
  • The data is what it is. There was no ability to prevent people from taking the survey multiple times, or entering false information. Only a small handful of entries were removed for inconsistencies.
  • As mentioned above, the inputs of the respondents cannot be controlled. Take the results with a grain of salt. Enjoy!

Note from Survey Author: "Let me thank each and every one of you who contributed to this."

Part 1: Compensation by Company & Role

The following data reflects the information submitted, by company.

If a company has missing titles/roles: a) No data was submitted with this title or b) Less than 5 individuals submitted data and results were withheld to protect identifiable information.

A number of individuals in the entry level roles did not have bonus information available due to fact that they were recently hired.  These were zeroed out.  Bonus information is averaged based on number of users that submitted an actual number greater than zero


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