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Consultant, PwC
Wow, sounds like PwC is really doubling down on crypto…
PwC Develops Disaster Analysis for Cryptocurrencies
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Have a manager that is passive aggressive to me. I feel like I want to quit…
I’m sorry to hear. First chat with your manager, let them know you want clarity on what they mean, and ask if there’s anything you can do to improve. If your manager continues, I would escalate this to someone more senior.

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Strategy Director
I’m a Strategy Director and a new Mom. Any shops out there great for both?
I’m a parent and I’ve found SR_ to be the most flexible in terms of where and when you work. As long as you get the work done no one cares if you are physically there from 9-5.
VP at SapientRazorfish

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Partner, Booz Allen
The one question you should always ask yourself when starting a project:

How does my project create value for the client? The engagement is successful if...
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Sarah Su
Acme Corporation
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Strategy & Operations
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