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a Business Analyst
Got offered a job for 90K. Do companies usually expect a counter? Is 100K too high of a counter?
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a Partner
Always counter. Ask for $100K and you might get $95K. Practice it out loud a few times. The worst that can happen is they say that’s their ceiling.
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a Managing Director
Pretending you agree with your manager in a meeting.
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a Senior Art Director
Getting round 12 of banner feedback from the client
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Be as comfortable posting the big questions as you would the small ones with different privacy options.
avatar Sarah Su
avatar works at Acme Corporation
avatar a Strategy Manager
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Be as comfortable posting the big questions as you would the small ones with different privacy options.
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a Manager

What's the best way to approach
confrontation at work


Cindy Gallop, CEO

Just always be calm,
straightforward, honest, and
say what you think. How the
other party responds is up
to them.

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a Copywriter

How do I know if I’m man-splaining?

Cindy Gallop

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