What is the salary for developer analyst at Wipro 6 years of experience? For .net developer

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works at
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Normally it's 1.5x

I have received an offer of 11lpa. Is it ok?

What's your current CTC?

For 6 YOE, you should get Sr Analyst

Is Developer Analyst is junior to Senior Analyst?

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Anyone have insight on what it’s like to work in-house at coca-cola? I’m considering an employment counsel role specifically. Any insight on work/life balance or salary expectations would be much appreciated!


a very specific question to all Canadians.

Current situation , i need to refund signing bonus which was paid along with 3 days of work at the company, taxes are withheld obviously
When you refund a signing bonus do you
1- refund ALL of it even taxes Withheld ?
2- refund only the amount that was deposited in your account
3- mix between 1 and 2 refund more than was deposited but less than the whole amount ( taxes should be refunded to me next year)

My contract says 2 and they want to do 3 Help


Will pwc be calling back to ofc? I have ill parents at home... is there any way to get WFH?


Hi ,

Can someone please clarify this.

I have attended interview on EPAM anywhere last week and cleared technical interview but recruiter saying 'my profile is onhold'

Can anyone tell me onhold means what and did they call me back or not?


I have received an offer in TCS accepted it and submitted the documents for BGC . The CTC i mentioned is 13L in iBegin portal and uploaded the same recent hike letter. But my current company held my offer of 13L and salary/payslip is with old offer and i have submitted documents with new offer letter which is 13L.
I am little concerned it might impact negative on my BGC..

Does they verify hike letter too ?


Hey everyone I had a call with a manager I used to work with. He wants me back with the company. I had a successful interview with the team and they basically informed me that I have the position. HR reached out and asked for my expected salary and I turned it back on them. He responded back that they can't give out salary ranges and I should review the role and get back to him....

What should I do?



Hi All need your suggestions on EXL as I am getting c1 senior consultant role yoe 5.7 yrs however I have other offers as well like mindtree c3 grade role will be bigdata engineer .please can you help me in choosing between the two EXL is providing little more than mindtree?


Has anyone worked at Remitly? Curious about culture, remote work, future outlook, etc


Can someone clarify on the sick leave policy in ACN UK.

1. Is there an annual limit?
2. Can I charge one-two days leave on illness code?
3. Do they really put you in review for 5+ sick days in rolling 12 months?


Hey guys
Plz help me with interview questions.
Got this interview tomorrow with amex
@americanexpress AMEX GBT American Express

Role: Analyst risk and information management

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Tomorrow I have HR discussion with Marlabs Inc. Marlabs .
For React Js Developer position..It will be under client location under Marlabs Payroll. My Total Experience is about 2 years 6 Months.Curent CTC-5 Lakhs. But expecting offer from TCS at around 10 Lakhs. So how much should i ask..And what is the avg salary for same experienced candidates people (ignore my previous salary here)


What is the job role of Service Process Specialist and can anyone guide me what is FJ10?

I have offer from EY consulting. I'm into data warehousing and business analytics field. Does anyone have idea about the work load and culture in this respect.?


Anyone here made the jump from tech consulting to McKinsey, Bain, or BCG pre-MBA?


I have received an offer from EY GDS. I have total 8 years of experience in Analytics. I was given a consultant, 42 rank
Is the role and rank justifying my experience?
How is it working wd EY?


What are my in-house options in NYC? I have 3 years of substantive labor & employment litigation experience, including trial experience. Looking for better hours & a pay raise.


Can anybody provide any insights about citibank project in @Synechron. How is the work life balance here?


Currently in TCS basic is low around 20-25% of your salary.

As per the proposed new wage rules, basic should be 50% of package. So this will eventually increase Gratuity of long timer TCS.

In a case, if my Gratuity stands at 1 Lakh say, with new wage rules it will be 2.5 Lakhs.. Is my understanding correct? Will the company pay from their pocket for this?


I was “terminated” from one of the shitty IT conglomerates from India today. for no reason at the same time I’m furious because I have documented all the discrimination , sexism, harassment, labor laws broken, intimidation tactics , harassment of various kinds including sexual, so I am demanding a larger severance package the. What they offered which was nothing. I have documented all proof of this. They have consistently set me up in situations designed for me to fail.


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Moving to Chicago from Boston at the end of the month! Signed a lease in River North at WPE. Any tips for getting acclimated, dos and don’ts? This is my first move and although I’m excited, I’m a little nervous to be in a brand new city. For context 29 F.


Hey guys

I have a experience in front end developer Reactjs 5 years and 1.5 Angular total 6.5.I wanted to apply at IBM and I got reference from one of the friend but here her manager referred me the position which is senior full stack developer but I only have experience in Front End tech...so I am confused now if I apply then will they add and assign me full stack work as the job ID has roles and responsibilities ad Node's database and everything.

Plz suggest me someone what can I do here?

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Accenture Senior Manager thinking about a move to ServiceNow. Any one make this move recently and have any advice?


Who got Pokemon Sword/Shield?


Was sending photos of my cat in his Halloween costume to my friend group and accidentally dropped them into the client group chat. Old-school CPG client lead was not amused. Turns out he hates cats


Is now the right time to switch to the MedTech / Pharma industry?


Anyone in newport open to a sublet? I need an apartment now-end of Feb/March for my myself/wife/baby while we wait on our new house to finish being built.

Which is better, business consulting or tech consulting in terms of learning, broad opportunities, growth and money?


Interviewing at DocuSign, pretty excited but should I be concerned about where SaaS is headed with recent talks of recession and how it’s affecting tech?

I got an offer for a job but their insurance plans are very expensive. What is the general consensus on the below? Is it that high? The premium is $40/month. I have a chronic condition and will hit my deductible and OOP max.

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How to get from 18 LPA to 50LPA, presently have architecture exposure along with DevOps and Operations for microservices with automation
I can guess few replies , still checking :D


Anyone ever been in a single person video interview with the NYS teachers retirement system by chance? Have a friend applying but wanted to try to anticipate some qs. Never done a one sided interview before.


It's your last shift for the week. You can get a restrained patient on a drip for the third day in a row or take admits and discharges all day.


Source: LinkedIn

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Hey folks! Interviewing for the Senior Risk Data Analyst position in the Trust and Safety department of Google.

Going to have the GCA, Googlyness& Leadership rounds on the same day later this week. Any advice on tips and tricks for the same? Google


Does anyone here use TikTok for recruitment marketing/employer brand content and have any tips or ideas?


Does anyone here have experience working for Axiom? I'm wondering what people's experience has been like in terms of engagements and workload. The reviews avail on glassdoor are very polarized.


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Any referal for big data,hive spark sqoop tech.

Hi Sharks, Any idea in how many hrs we will be able to login with credentials after joining wipro?Wipro


Please can anyone tell what is cateria in Wipro & for anyone who comes from outside, the years of experience required to get Senior Analyst (SA) particularly in Finance domain.

Hi, I'll be joining Wipro 28th September. Any idea when I'll get hike? 2023 or 2024?


Can someone please refer in Wipro for this job ID: 2748524

Thanks much!

Looking for refrel for Delivery Manager post.

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to check what is the difference between Associate Consultant and Senior Project Engineer in Wipro. B2 band


what does sr role developer L3 means?

Can anyone suggest the salary range in Dubai for 14 yrs experience person as IT solution Architect


Which band or designation can I expect from Wipro with 5 Years of experience in SAP domain and what is the salary range for that band?


Hi In my offer letter I was hired for the consulting stream but in the Wipro internal portal in the staffing page my career stream is updated as " Project stream" my band is B2. How can I get it changed to Consulting?Wipro

Hello All,

Can anyone refer me for a job opening at wipro?

Thanks in advance. 😊

Hi Folks,

I have received an offer from Wipro and there is a component WBP (Wipro Benifit Plan) which is of 2.5 L.

Will this be divided and paid monthly or will there be any deductions?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Wiproite,
What should be the good offer from Wipro as compensation and band for a 14 yr IT experience with niche skillset?

Hi guys,

Does anyone have an idea on how a general referral works in wipro.
I want to refer my friend, is there any criteria for me to refer him? Pls help


Can wipro give early release to an employee who is serving notice period and if he is released from a project