Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to check what is the difference between Associate Consultant and Senior Project Engineer in Wipro. B2 band


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What’s a reasonable base salary for a VP of Sales role at a series C fintech company valued at $400M+


Hello, I've been offered Data engineer /Software Engineer at PayPal, india.

How's the company doing, is it profitable? Bit skeptical about the recent layoffs at PayPal.

Any data engineers at PayPal around? Whats your thoughts, how's the team doing and how would be the growth?

YOE - 5 TC offered : 19 Base +10k RSU (3 years)

TC seems to be a lowball, but that's their budget, no scope of negotiation.

Is it worth joining paypal


Thinking of applying to a role at Verizon.

Yea / nay? Does anyone know what it's like?

And who to reach out to for creative roles?




I currently have experience in TA and Business Partnering role with 3 years of experience.

How do I start my journey to the HR Transformation side?.
I also have a good experience with implementing SuccessFactors and DarwinBox in the companies I have been in.
Any tips😄?


Hi everyone!

What is the salary range offered for Engineer III, band 30, Gurgaon location.

YOE- around 2 years

tech stack - java


Did anyone receive an automated call from Infosys to confirm availability for interview ?
In last 2 weeks?


What is a good base salary for a Senior Business Analyst with 5+ years of experience!?
Location : Atlanta or Colorado


IBM CIO or LTI.. Which is better for Business Analyst role.

IBM CIO : 20 LPA Data tribe work for Banglore
LTI : 18 LPA P&C Insurance domain for Pune.

First time, pay rate for CMA


Does salary negotiation happens during internal transfer? If someone has experienced it can you tell a little about it. What is the hike that can be expected?


What's standard salary for Jr copywriter in Miami/Ft Lauderdale?

Hello 🐠fam! Making a career transition where excellent communication via writing can be of paramount importance. Think of it as writing for large audiences.

Would like to invest in my writing skills as much as possible. Any suggestions on classes / tutors / books / workshops / techniques / or anything else that may help?

That’s be highly appreciated.


I love it when I’m at a PPM and the client decides to basically change the entire concept. Coolio. No biggie.


Where do tax seniors go as exit opp?


Anyone familiar with PE associate level comp in London? In the process of moving to the UK from the US, already have MM PE experience


Any idea about the range on annual salary for a 1, 5 year as Digital Product Manager and 10 years working with digital marketing management, 36 y/o?


Hi all
I have an interview scheduled with Deloitte USI for Analyst SCNO Digital Transformations. What kind of questions can I expect in the interview(s)? What salary should I expect?
I am currently working with o9 solutions with ~2 YoE, current CTC- 11.4 LPA
Any information would be very helpful. Thanks!!


I was recently contacted by a recruiter about an Of Counsel position at Fisher Phillips (SoCal). Can anyone provide any insight on this position? Pay, WLB, firm culture, etc.? Would be switching from Plaintiff’s side L&E.


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New homeowner, bought a house with decent renovation potential including building a full bathroom in a mostly finished basement. I’m trying to figure out the deal with permits. Some folks have recommended doing it without permits because it takes ages to get approved, thoughts? I mean is building without a permit common practice?


I have a DM online who’s great, loves running games..: but they’re all reskins of 5e! There are so many other games out there!


I need a really nice/comfy chair to work in at home. Anyone have suggestions? Looking for stylish and ergonomic


Women, can black jeans pass for business casual? Also what type of shoes are appropriate?


Is 1850 billable hours in a major market that much busier than 1850 in a non-major market? Specifically for litigation


Do you wait until you close your requisition to send Rejections to your non-selected candidate?

Are vo nagarro ka gift aane wala tha .

Post Photo

Wanting to move to a more relaxed town but I feel like tons of people are flocking to places like Austin. What's a good spot that's not in the middle of nowhere and also not soon to be overrun?


Any insight on Mizuho’s leverage finance group in nyc? The good, the bad and the ugly please and thank you!!


What would be the price of single sharing pg in Marathahalli /Bellandur side. Working in cessna park.


Hello Fishes,
I just wanted to know how many days oracle OHI takes to release an offer
letter.HR said there are approvals they need to take so when can i expect the letter.They let me apply to a oracle portal with designation as well.


Any female 🐠 want to meet up for HH tonight?


Have any of you done think tank work? How does it differ from academia?


Best ways to identify your target audience?


Have you ever changed your mind a week after turning down the job offer? It’s so hard when you’ve got small children getting sick all the time and you want to start fresh with no PTO.

But I just called their HR Dept to ask if the job is still available. They just signed a contract with a temp agency. However, they’re looking into reversing it and will let me know.
Where would I go from here??? I’d essentially be giving my boss less than a week’s notice. And I look flippant. :(


I miss my last year of college toxic situationship 🙃 She drove me nuts and I didn't feel secure with her but damn was I having fun. She had a very hot and cold attitude towards me but she always came back. She's started to text me again and I'm ready to dive in head first...


How would I go about setting up a staffing agency? I have a network of some contractors who work with my LLC from time to time on a contract basis, but I’d like to potentially place them, but am unsure how to get started. Ideal scenario being, someone is looking for talent, and comes to me, pays me, I pay the talent, talent works for client on behalf of my company. Any insight would be great, thanks in advance!


Additional Posts in Wiproite

Looking for refrel for Delivery Manager post.

Which band or designation can I expect from Wipro with 5 Years of experience in SAP domain and what is the salary range for that band?

Can wipro give early release to an employee who is serving notice period and if he is released from a project

Can anyone suggest the salary range in Dubai for 14 yrs experience person as IT solution Architect



Please can anyone tell what is cateria in Wipro & for anyone who comes from outside, the years of experience required to get Senior Analyst (SA) particularly in Finance domain.

Hi Sharks, Any idea in how many hrs we will be able to login with credentials after joining wipro?Wipro

Hi guys,

Does anyone have an idea on how a general referral works in wipro.
I want to refer my friend, is there any criteria for me to refer him? Pls help


I have got offer letter from Cognizant, for gurgaon location, i am supposed to join as Blueprism RPA Developer, what are the chances of re locating to different location after getting into project, if possible can someone help me with number of open opportunities in cognizant for gurgaon location.

I don't want to re locate to a different location from gurgaon.

Hi In my offer letter I was hired for the consulting stream but in the Wipro internal portal in the staffing page my career stream is updated as " Project stream" my band is B2. How can I get it changed to Consulting?Wipro

Hi, I'll be joining Wipro 28th September. Any idea when I'll get hike? 2023 or 2024?

what does sr role developer L3 means?

Hello All,

Can anyone refer me for a job opening at wipro?

Thanks in advance. 😊


Can someone please refer in Wipro for this job ID: 2748524

Thanks much!

Hello Wiproite,
What should be the good offer from Wipro as compensation and band for a 14 yr IT experience with niche skillset?

What is the salary for developer analyst at Wipro 6 years of experience? For .net developer

Hi Folks,

I have received an offer from Wipro and there is a component WBP (Wipro Benifit Plan) which is of 2.5 L.

Will this be divided and paid monthly or will there be any deductions?

Thanks in advance.

Any referal for big data,hive spark sqoop tech.


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