Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to check what is the difference between Associate Consultant and Senior Project Engineer in Wipro. B2 band


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Do you always have prebid meetings or take it client by client? Do you show director reels during the prebid? Do you wait to take director calls until after the prebid meeting or have it just before bidding kickoff? Hearing differing things on all these lately


How is corporate data services wing/ project in Barclays.. howz work life balance

TFW you're trying to get as much sleep as possible on the redeye to the client, but the guy next to you knocks over his glass of red wine all over your dress and jacket. Not even an apology! 😡🍷👗


Need some benchmarks for a UK graphic design agency in the project management department. What’s your job title, level and salary?


Product designers, how involved are you in scope writing?
Is this responsibility and ownership on the PM?

My PM is not organized or reliable and is essentially blocking me so I volunteered to write most of the spec for a small project and then hand-off to him to refine (he still wouldn’t finish it so we had to sit down together to do it). At what point do you involve yourself in these kinds of things?

My partner finishes their day at 6pm and logs off til morning. I tend to check emails and respond to emails til about 9pm. I am forever replying to questions and threads for the both of us, and sometimes i’m stuck making the call on art direction when that’s not my expertise. What do I do? If I don’t answer emails in evening I feel like balls will drop. I can’t demand that they work after hours too. Anyone else go through this on either side? Is 9-6 doable in our advertising


Hi everyone
I have interviewed with EPAM team
2 technical rounds with Hyderabad team - technical and tech + Managerial,
1 technical round with onsite team,
1 client technical interview LSEG.
HR said I am selected.
I am currently holding an offer of 20 LPA + 1 Lakh joining bonus from a Product based company. And negotiated for 22 LPA with EPAM plus joining bonus. Could you share your suggestions on EPAM? Any Suggestions considering my client round is completed and ready to deploy in project.


How is american express project in Coforge? I am a devops engineerCoforge ltd. How much is the workload, how is the workculture, management etc


What is project fit? Is this real?


I have a few up but nothing yet. Still waiting on items from my last funded project. I am grateful though.

Does LTI has
dress code
log in log out app?
Can we choose/reject project?

How much relocation bonus they give for 1500 kms?


I don’t have much energy to paint these days but knocked out a quick abstract during the holiday break. Ignore the messy edges - it was a study but I didn’t get any further on the project.

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Hi, I’m looking for a referral in Microsoft. Can anyone please help?
I have 7+ years of experience in sales management, operations management and client management.


Hi fishes,
I finished my B.E (CSE) this year. Working in TCS since 6 months on a CRM Project. CTC : 7LPA (I also had offer at Accenture for 6.5LPA)

- I know basics of many languages/ technologies : C, C++, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Azure

- Basic level Problem Solving, DSA, OOP

I am a quick learner. I am currently learning DSA using C++ & Azure.

Can anyone in Hyderabad hire me for a better package at a company where I can work in development or Cloud Role?



Context: I’ve been at my agency for 3 years, client work is boring but easy, people are pleasant, work/life balance is great, but I’m not learning or growing. In this situation, how much of a salary bump would get you to make a lateral move doing basically the same thing but on cooler clients.


Looking for recommendations for happy hour location recommendations in the Loop. Drinks and light bites. Large enough area to “rope off” space or private area. Business happy hour non-client. TIA.


Over the last few months my job work load has increased to helping more teams and I have been brought on to be a major voice on a product transition (I am one of three non managers helping make the decision and have more responsibility on the project then half the managers. The company is global (30+ teams)) and I can see that it will increase over the next months. The company I work for is known for not promoting internally easy. Anyone have any advice on how to make the transition easier?

I’ve been doing healthcare essentially since DTC was made legal. In all those years, the majority of people in charge on both the client and agency side have been women. Even on men’s health. Cont...


Is it possible to move from project manager to a program manager? What battles will I be up against?


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Guys, do you buy slightly longer jeans and cuff your jeans or just buy the exact right length? Is cuffing popular these days?

Can someone please suggest me a good course on Salesforce?

I am a starter and have zero knowledge about Salesforce


Those who've left the country due to H1B issues, did you have to pay tax on transferring your savings to an Indian bank acct?


Bain & Company Is it worth switching to MBB if you move back a level? I have 2 YOE and received a promotion at a T2 and I’m told if I apply and get BCG or Bain, I’ll be an Associate or Associate Consultant…not happy about that given that home grown employees at those firms would either be Consultants and Senior Associate Consultants. But at the same time, it’s MBB.

Any thoughts and insights?

Boston Consulting Group Bain & Company


Wondering if anyone is willing to share what the target comp is for new partners in your firm. I’m specifically looking for comp info for non big 4 firms.


I'm looking to have some work done on my car: window tint, dent repair, and deep scratches fixed. Does anyone have any recommendations?


For those with a morning routine. Other than the gym/working out, what else do you do with this time?


What apps do u use to meet ppl? Which is the best one for u? Justify.


Does anyone have good tips for getting through the workday with moderate depression? I struggle to finish tasks/am always on the brink of tears. I have a trial next month & can’t take time off.


Deloitte M&A fishes. Looking to benchmark comp. Is a $230k base in line with that PMI SMS make at Deloitte ? Can one expect bonus in the range of 20-40%?


See y’all in the Pit of Despair!! 😂

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INSG. Huge sell off today after earnings, which was actually good. Amazing buying opportunity!


I know all about Wieden’s NY office but would love to hear about how the Portland office is. Especially from someone who has lived and worked in a big city before.


Does anyone feel …that IT industry is not for me .. but u cannot do anything else bcz of certain factors so u r stuck ???


What disciplinary action can CG take if anyone abscond within 15 days of joining?

Anyone from Strategy&'s PE value creation group willing to connect? A PWC DDV recruiter reached out but it doesn't seem to fit my ops strategy background

X-posting in this bowl as well

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What’s in, who’s in Ashburn Virginia? My website is constantly hit by numerous different IP address there. Tech? Advertising agencies? It’s weird.


Deloitte USI is hiring instructional designing leads (Sr. Con level). Interested folks with 5-7 years of exp. can DM me for referrals.


Hello fishes,
Can you please recommend good societies for staying in Viman Nagar? 2bhk for family.


Additional Posts in Wiproite

Any referal for big data,hive spark sqoop tech.

Hi Sharks, Any idea in how many hrs we will be able to login with credentials after joining wipro?Wipro

Hi, I'll be joining Wipro 28th September. Any idea when I'll get hike? 2023 or 2024?

Hello All,

Can anyone refer me for a job opening at wipro?

Thanks in advance. 😊

Can anyone tell me from which path i can find that from which date i am on bench and what will be end date of bench?

Looking for refrel for Delivery Manager post.

is this bowl active?

Hi In my offer letter I was hired for the consulting stream but in the Wipro internal portal in the staffing page my career stream is updated as " Project stream" my band is B2. How can I get it changed to Consulting?Wipro

Hello Wiproite,
What should be the good offer from Wipro as compensation and band for a 14 yr IT experience with niche skillset?


Please can anyone tell what is cateria in Wipro & for anyone who comes from outside, the years of experience required to get Senior Analyst (SA) particularly in Finance domain.

what does sr role developer L3 means?


Hi Folks,

I have received an offer from Wipro and there is a component WBP (Wipro Benifit Plan) which is of 2.5 L.

Will this be divided and paid monthly or will there be any deductions?

Thanks in advance.

I have got offer letter from Cognizant, for gurgaon location, i am supposed to join as Blueprism RPA Developer, what are the chances of re locating to different location after getting into project, if possible can someone help me with number of open opportunities in cognizant for gurgaon location.

I don't want to re locate to a different location from gurgaon.

Hi guys,

Does anyone have an idea on how a general referral works in wipro.
I want to refer my friend, is there any criteria for me to refer him? Pls help


Hi Guys, Can anyone please let me know yearly hike/ promotion hike percentage in Wipro. Also do we get any furniture Allowances or any joining kit or any other perks from Wipro?

- Thanks in Advance.


Which band or designation can I expect from Wipro with 5 Years of experience in SAP domain and what is the salary range for that band?

Can anyone suggest the salary range in Dubai for 14 yrs experience person as IT solution Architect


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