Hi guys,
Got offer my Tiger analytics for the role of data engineer. How good company is tiger and team member are supportive or not?
What is wlb and does they fire employee as this is my first switch.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

In how many days did you get the offer letter?

2 days

What package they offered you on data engineer role.

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Hi All,

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Primarily remote roles

Hey fishes,

I am currently looking for ETL testing referrals ..

YOE-5.6 years
Skill- ETL/DWH Testing
Location- Hyderabad

Please let me know if you have any openings for the same . Thanks in advance!


Anyone from FS Practice of Deloitte India, want to seek referral for myself.

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Skill set: AWS, python


Pwc US Tax , Guyz How was your hike and bonus please comment , Deloitte is being like don't go hike is very bad but they are also not giving what we are getting , Please throw some lights.

At least I can practice my singing on this empty floor


5.5 Years/F/AS/NYC/$77k

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Additional Posts in Tiger analytics

Could someone share job security in tiger analytics at all level??


I have joining in Tiger as Data Engineer next month in AwS, I have heard that they put in training for two months and ask to take some certification, can someone please provide info what kind of test or certification is expected....?? Has anyone given such test??

YoEx - 6
Tech - Bigdata

I got an offer for senior analyst data science
CTC fixed 12lakh.
Could anyone please help me how is the work culture here, is it worth joining.

I have 2 offers. Accenture and TIGER : Pypsark, Aws (2 yrs exp) . Please help to choose between two based on career growth and WLB.
@accenture @Tiger_analytics

Got a Call from Tiger Analytics HR that I'm selected for a DE role after 2 rounds. He told me the offer on call but even after 2 days no mail. What should I do or consider it as ?Tiger Analytics


Questions my friend asked when I got selected for TA..Bhai teri company ka CEO shroff hai? bhai tumhari company balm bechti hai? Bhai tumhari company me 1411 employees hain? and so on...


On an average I see people being promoted to data scientist from senior data analyst in 1 year
Is this the correct trend? Tiger Analytics

Need suggestions...

Accenture offers 16.5 fixed, 4.45 variable and 1 joining bonus...
Work is more on python RPA and less emphasis on AI-ML..

Tiger Analytics offers 15 fixed, 1 joining...
Work is on core data science...

Which one has better future prospects?

Would anyone please suggest which company is better between Tiger Analytics and Pubilicis Sapiens.
Role - Associate Data Engineer
Yoe - 2.5 yes

Any suggestions would be very helpful for me.

I got an offer from Tiger Analytics, India for Data Scientist role with 15 LPA (fixed).
YoE: 4.5+ years
Please suggest if I need to negotiate
Also can you please hit like to enable DM. Thanks!


Hi fishes, I'm having below 2 offers. I'm little bit confused. Can you help me to choose one. Factors : career growth, work life balance. YOE : 2.7 yrs 1.Shell - Senior process data engineer (11+ 2L(variable) + 2.3L joining bonus (1 year) ) 2.Tiger Analytics - data science - python developer (14L fixed + 1L(2 year clause)) Shell Tiger Analytics


So, here it is. I was having joining on last week October as a senior analyst data science in Tiger Analytics. Today I got an call from HR that due to economic recession we are going to delay your date of joining by 2 months. My notice period was of 3 months. So total duration would be 5 months. Infact even after that too they didn't send me revised offer letter. There is something wrong with this company.
Fuck them


How many days will it take to complete Background verification in Tiger Analytics?

Does Tiger Analytics negotiate? I have been offered senior analyst at 16 CTC Now I have another offer of 18, will tiger match it? please help

Hey fishes

I have received two mails from
Tiger Analytics one is a case study and
other sql assessment
In case study it is mentioned to
submit within 3 days but for sql
assessment nothing is mentioned
Anyone have idea for it's timelines

Also it would be really helpful if any
experience is shared regarding what
kind of questions are expected for
this assessment.

In Tiger, what is the scene of WFH/Remote work in future?
Honest opinions please

Which one to choose between Optum and Tiger Analytics for Data Scientist position? Where can I expect better data science domain expertise (In my previous companies I found very less understanding of Data Science practices as team)? Heared good things about both of these. Also hearing Tiger is expanding rapidly and getting some crap projects as well in the name of data science. Could someone put light on these things?
YOE: 4.5 Years
Tiger: 18L Fixed + 1L JB
Optum: 21L Fixed + 1.5L JB


Hi Fishes, Can anyone share about the work life balance, growth and culture at Tiger Analytics in Big data engineer role. Confused between Accenture and Tiger Analytics. Thanks in advance.