Need suggestions...

Accenture offers 16.5 fixed, 4.45 variable and 1 joining bonus...
Work is more on python RPA and less emphasis on AI-ML..

Tiger Analytics offers 15 fixed, 1 joining...
Work is on core data science...

Which one has better future prospects?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Obviously AI & ML


Think it will be worth sacrificing 1.5 lakhs right now?


6.5 years total in python scripting, looking to switch into data science career path...

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Where’s a good place to get salary information or billable rates for the NYC area? I’m hearing of people getting 200k plus or $150-250 an hour for tech work, but I’ve never been able to get more than 145 or $100 an hour. I have 20 years experience, impressive (but not FAANG companies) on my resume, tons of LI connections and written recommendations, and a BS in CS.


Does anyone know the salary range for a Office & PR Assistant at Sunshine Sachs Morgan & Lylis? Also- what’s the culture like? I’m between them and Ketchum at the moment


Why do HR recruiters from agencies bring up salary expectations in an initial screening interview before there is even an offer on the table? I’ve now had this happen twice and it’s a bit off-putting


Favorite wine bar in the city? Bonus if they offer any type of happy hour :)


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Hi tribe, how is the WLB in Tiger Analytics? How is the company culture, growth and learning? And is the salary paid on time? Tiger Analytics


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Hi All,
May I know the designations hierarchy in BA continuum?? especially for band 6 (levels before AVP & VP)..
Is work from home available before Covid or any plan in future may be??
And if no bonus what will be the average hike percentage every year..



CW Freelancer on a day rate... Today's a half day. Charge the full day? Or half the rate?

Hi Folks,
Need suggestion,
I have given an interview on HSBC, When I got first call from HR I discussed expected CTC 30 LPA and HR agreed to it but during final round with project hiring manager they said maximum they can provide is 27 LPA.
Should I accept the offer?
What is Annual Bonus and Increment?

Exp: 9 years
Position: Senior Avaloq Developer

Does anyone have any insight into typical salary for sr project manager at 21 grams?


Can sone one please help me with production support engineer II interview questions at cerner ??????????????????


Hi all I am 10 yr experience and I was interviewed at AWS for SDE —2 but recruiter updated me that they think I will be good for System Engineer -2 . is anyone aware of System Engineer position ? How is this position different and how much total compensation I can ask ? AWS Amazon Also, can I make internal transition from System Engineer to SDE -2


Hello Fishes,
I am interviewing for IT Project Manager role at
IQVIA Germany in M&A group. I have 9 years of experience. What compensation should I ask for Germany? IQVIA


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Any good books to read this winter break? On leadership, digital, or any autobiographies?


Hoping to make the switch from London to the US, I’m a UK citizen. Seems most companies are stating that they won’t sponsor visas in their job postings. Currently no transfer opportunities globally on our internal systems either. Do you have any insight on why this might be / when companies may start sponsoring visas again? Thanks in advance!


What would you do if you got a job offer at the same time as when you were starting a new project as the manager, and there's very few people who could take your place?


STM due soon with a 2 yr old. SIL & her BF want to come over for a month or so after I give birth to help with cooking/cleaning (she’s child free & doesn’t have any experience with helping with a NB, but her BF does). I’m apprehensive since 1) I’m going to be vulnerable during this time, 2) want to hangout in my robes with my boobs out, 3) really value my space & privacy. My sister will also be over for several weeks to help me specifically with my NB.

What ground rules should I set? (Cont’d)


I'm an MBA Graduate with SAP HCM Certification course, seeking for a position in HR Field to perform well by showing my efficiency and to be a part of the organization there by grew as a key player in the team by putting new ideas and strategies.

Currently Working in Allianz Services as an Associate in Operations Field. I have already missed 4 years in Searching for a good position. Can anyone help me to get a position in HR Field please?


In the news

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Wanted to share. Listening to "The Dropout" about Elisabeth Holmes/Theranos and Chiat Day makes an appearance. Good podcast.


Is HCL calling to work from office?

Thoughts on Harvard Extension School's Master of Arts in Finance? It's an online part time program and fairly inexpensive (~30k). I'd do an MBA afterwords probably a 1 year MBA at Kellogg or Cornell


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For a Deloitte partner who retires after 10 years, what is the expected payout? From pension or buy out etc.


Hi Sharks,

I am a Software Engineer from India. Require job in Singapore in a reputed company.

Roles - Business Analyst/ Data Analyst/ Business Intelligence Engineer/ Data Engineer.

YOE - 1.2 yrs

Remote work is fine too.


Hello Fishes,

Can anyone please tell me what will be the in-hand salary as fixed is 17LPA.

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Do you still have your first luxury watch? Been debating whether I should sell it for the residual value or keep it for the emotional value.


Has anybody here tried trunk club? Was it good?

What are some great documentaries to watch?


Why do we do it?

I’ve been laid off from every advertising job I’ve ever had. I was one of the first people in my graduating class to get hired. I worked on TV before any of my peers...


Additional Posts in Tiger analytics

Does Tiger Analytics negotiate? I have been offered senior analyst at 16 CTC Now I have another offer of 18, will tiger match it? please help

Hi fishes, I'm having below 2 offers. I'm little bit confused. Can you help me to choose one. Factors : career growth, work life balance. YOE : 2.7 yrs 1.Shell - Senior process data engineer (11+ 2L(variable) + 2.3L joining bonus (1 year) ) 2.Tiger Analytics - data science - python developer (14L fixed + 1L(2 year clause)) Shell Tiger Analytics


How many days will it take to complete Background verification in Tiger Analytics?

What is the increment cycle in tiger analytics?

What is the average salary for data engineer at tiger ?

Any idea on the the salary bracket for Senior Consultant in Analytics Consulting division at Tiger?

I have 1.8+ YOE with package 7.6 LPA in Data Science. What CTC can I expect for Senior Analyst position at Tiger Analytics?


Can a lateral senior analyst get promoted to data scientist in the half yearly cycle if performance and feedback from client is good?

Anyone in tiger working with pepsiCo client?
Please dm me

I have 2 offers. Accenture and TIGER : Pypsark, Aws (2 yrs exp) . Please help to choose between two based on career growth and WLB.
@accenture @Tiger_analytics

In Tiger, what is the scene of WFH/Remote work in future?
Honest opinions please


I am holding two offers,

1. Tiger Analytics for Senior DE role, WFH.
2. Fractal for DE role, 6 weeks DE Training later project, WFH.

Finding both companies similar in terms of project. Please help pick one.
Looking for better hikes while working.


Hi guys,
Got offer my Tiger analytics for the role of data engineer. How good company is tiger and team member are supportive or not?
What is wlb and does they fire employee as this is my first switch.


Hi Fishes, Can anyone share about the work life balance, growth and culture at Tiger Analytics in Big data engineer role. Confused between Accenture and Tiger Analytics. Thanks in advance.

Hello everyone, I am Data Engineer with skills on Azure and am holding couple of offers KPMG Digital Lighthouse as Consultant : 12.5 LPA fixed +20% variable +1.25L bonus Tiger Analytics as SE : 14.5 fixed YOE : 4.1 years Can you please help me with which is better in terms of growth and WLB with your insights ? Tata Consultancy KPMG India Tiger Analytics KPMG Deloitte EY


I cleared the interview in tiger analytics for senior software Engineer.
Tech - big data, spark scala
Yop - 2 years
Having counter offer for 17 fix.

How much can I expect from tiger?


On an average I see people being promoted to data scientist from senior data analyst in 1 year
Is this the correct trend? Tiger Analytics