Hi JPMorgan Chase,

I have joined the company this Monday and I am partially aware of the reimbursement policy.
Just wanted to confirm Max Air M1 having 8GB Ram and 256GB space will work as per the JPMC tech reimbursement policy?

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I am going to join JP Morgan on 5th December..

Just wanted to know about reimbursement policy..

Do we need to purchase from our pocket and then claim for reimbursement ?

they will add $1100 in my account ?

What are the other things we can purchase expect laptop?


Where do we need to check for docs?
It will be mentioned in Offer letter?

I had bought exactly the same macbook and got it reimbursed, so I don't see any issues there.

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Yes, the mentioned specifications are allowed. You can refer to the internal document for bare minimum config.

The purchase date should be after your joining date.


Thank you

Does the purchase need to be after the joining date or can it be bought before? I'm joining on 7th Dec and HR told me I can buy anytime post 8th Nov. Just want to re-confirm this.


Lucky you guys. I ended up buying 2 laptops. Because my personal laptop had crashed, so 1 basic laptop before joining and 1 after for reimbursement.😂😂


You can buy any laptop or stuff as long as it’s not assembled via parts and it’s valid invoice is available. I guess the minimum spec mentions 8gb ram but I don’t think they even bother to check that. You can also buy cpu, monitors, headphones if need be. Max limit of reimbursement 1100 $


System specifications should be as per documents shared with you in this regard. You can access this document at me@JPMC also.


Anyone working with Mac?
Manager told me you might face some difficulty such as excel shortcuts.
Kindly let me know if I might face any problems else I am ordering today


You just need to use the command key instead of the Ctrl key in windows, all the shortcuts will work.

My joining is in Jan, in Offer letter its not mentioned about tech Reimbursement..
Am I eligible for this?
Where do I need to check?


Yes you can generally buy any laptop or any other stuff mentioned in the documentation. The upper limit of reimbursement is $1100.

Don’t buy Intel Mac. Depending on the budget, go with either M1 8,512 or M2 8,512. M1 Mac is a very good machine and personally M2 is not worth the extra money, specially for the use case of a software engineer.


8GB Ram and 256 SSD M1 Air is more than capable. But you would have to shell out 15K more on the peripherals and complete the set up.

Got it.

You have to bought from your pocket. Then you can claim it by using concur application. It will be credited in bank account (Salary Account) which is linked in JPMC database. Make sure you have updated your salary account in the portal. Purchase date should be after joining date.

Understand Thanks !!

The budget for reimbursement is 83000 INR

No, it’s 90K+ plus now at current exchange rate. I’ve utilised it.

Is that laptop to Be returned to JPMC when people resign or it is permanent for the people to keep

No you can keep it to yourself

Is the claim valid if I get the laptop from US (US invoice)?


Could someone please refer me in JPMC, I am working as Team Manager in Amazon I currently have 13LPA package. I am not from technologies I have experience in customer service.

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