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Offer questions and experiences related to personal finance and investments
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What’s a good auto loan rate? Is it better to buy in cash if possible? Looking at either an X5 or Cayenne. Will be from $75-100k. I know people generally advise against paying all cash, but at what po… more

How much do you consider “a lot” to save/invest each month? Trying to tighten my budget to focus on investing most of my income each month. Obviously, it’s all relative. Just curious what others striv… more


I have $15k ready for a car down payment but I’m starting to think it’s a better idea to not put a down payment and out the 15k into the stock market instead. Wouldn’t I make better returns there? Tho… more

I have roughly 7K-8K worth a debt, but I have a small investment that I would like to make.

I want to empty my 401k and 457 and use those funds to pay off my CC debt. Once my CC debt is cl… more


Fishes honest opinion needed. Me and My so presently live in Arkansas, living in our first home with a child 4 year, both of us recently changed our jobs and have HHI ~ 420K, current mortgage 1600/mon… more


I'm trying to buy ibonds but need a medallion notary to set up a US Treasury Direct account. However, both Chase bank and Fidelity (I'm a customer at both) said they don't provide medallio… more


What am I missing here - VNQ is considered as an alternative to buying actual property in the US. However, most real estate properties have appreciated 10-15% in the last year while VNQ is down 4%

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but which option is generally the better for someone who is just starting his career?

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I know I’ll get destroyed here, but celebrating the transition 100k net worth.

27M 5 YOE; First Gen Immigrant

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Anyone thinking of exchanging MMM shares for NEOG? Why or why not?

Is anyone here based in the UK? Looking to speak to a financial advisor as I’ve come into an inheritance.

If I’m hoping to do a Mega backdoor Roth 401K, would I elect to defer traditional 401k or Roth 401K?

A year ago I bought a new 2021 XC90 Recharge for $68k OTD. It immediately started giving me trouble, took it back to the dealer numerous times, finally initiated the lemon law process.

The … more


Does anyone have any investment platforms they use to auto invest their money? I’ve already tried and got burned by Delphia, Titan, Fidelity (all of them lost me money before I pulled my cash out.) I’… more


Anyone with large percentage of net worth in Real Estate?

I'm 34 and about 80% between 2 homes and considering selling my equities to purchase another property down the road, but would … more


Best HYSA rates right now? I’m getting 1.5% with capital one savings account. Anything better to move it to?


Please don't attack me for what I'm about to post. I don't really understand 401k even though I am investing in it. I randomly picked things (I don't even know what they are called) an… more


How much $ do you strive to save per year including retirement accounts and how much do you earn?


has anyone used a wealth advisor here? any thoughts from people who have invested for a long period of time. is it actually helpful? i got on a call with personal capital and thought it was useful. no… more


Ayyy stocks only go up let's gooo

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What are the benefits/cons of turning a 401k from a former employer into an IRA, versus rolling it into my new employer’s 401k plan? I know they’re both good options, but I’m a bit confused about why … more


For reasons that take too long to explain, I anticipate being in line for a massive tax refund next year. As such, how strongly should I consider converting traditional IRA funds to Roth?



anyone invest in crypto? BTC, ETH, SOL, MATIC seems like solid plays.

FYI ...

Funds (cash) in Voyager accounts are able to be withdrawn. Get your money out of there!


When closing on a home and you've gone through underwriting a while back, does the lender pull the credit again when you're close to closing? And if so do they do it without informing you? I s… more

How much non-retirement cash do you save monthly for future discretionary spending and how old are you?


Hi everyone, I received a balance transfer offer from Citibank. 0% apr, 3% fee. I can transfer funds to my checking account.

Can you provide me with some suggestions on investment opportunities? Apr starts May 2023

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Do different types of credit checks get combined if done in the same period? For example, lender does a credit check for a mortgage, and at the same time / a few days later I apply for a credit card t… more

Anyone use YNAB? If so do you think it’s worth it? Generally pretty disciplined with finances and investing but don’t have a strict budget planner other than Mint to monitor

I am 29 and total NW is ~$300K. However, nearly 40%(120K) of them are tied to retirement account and thus I wouldn’t be able to touch it until 60 in general (assuming not taking loans or early withdra… more


Back door Roth… when does it make sense and who is it for. Had never even considered it before, spouse and I max 401ks last 3-4 year at least, HHI is $700k+ so our marginal rate is highest bracket. Is… more


Leaving my employer and my 401(k) has a $15 quarterly fee. Part of it is traditional and part Roth. No brainer to move the balance to an IRA right? Would I need to open both a traditional and Roth IRA… more


Hi everyone, my startup just announced our 401K plan with a 6% match. I will be contributing the full amount every year, so I was wondering if Pre tax 401K is the best option or if I should do post ta… more


What is your salary and how much mortgage have you taken?


Is taking a loan out of your 401K for a down payment a good idea? Why or why not?


Looking to buy a premium 1BR condo for $1M. My current salary is ~$400k but not sure how long I’ll be able to survive in consulting. If that happens will have to leave the country.

Will mak… more


Need help on 401K! Salary about 100k (base), company does not match for 401k. What percent should I put in my 401k? Also should I do Roth 401k or traditional?… thanks in advance as I am terrible in th… more

So the wife and I are planning out a master bed/bath addition on our house w/ estimates coming back around $200k. We have about $270k in equity and are planning to do a home equity loan to finance, b… more

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