How much medical insurance is provided by Tech Mahindra?

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How much will Nagarro pay for 9 yoe Java full stack developer? If current CTC is 32lpa.
Or on other words how much should I ask ?


Hello all,

I’m a recent graduate of masters and currently have 2 offers in my hand.

1) One with CITI Bank with 100k salary and no sign on bonus and as it is in my home town as I stay with my family needs no relocation bonus required.

2) This is with American Airlines in Dallas Fort Worth which offered 100k + 10k bonus + 18k relocation bonus (required)

Which ofer should I consider given I’m a new graduate and this is going to be my first job. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Hello everyone, what are some good LinkedIn learning or certifications that are good for someone with a Healthcare Administration BS and Healthcare Informatics MS, with a strong background in Revenue Cycle Management? I am trying to become more marketable. Also, I am open for new opportunities.


DTC - fad or future? I interviewed the CEO of Lively the other day (undies dtc) and she suggested it’s just a catch all term that will age out in a few years.

How much salary can a cyber security analyst with 3-4 yrs experience expect in TCS ( Tata consultancy services) ?
#tcs #salaryexpectation #cybersecurity #security #analyst


Anyone Accenture UK fish know what happens to your health insurance after you quit? How long are you covered for by AXA?


Hi All, has anyone from Chennai who is part of LTI went to Mindtree office. Will our access work there. Did they started allowing


"Evaluation In Progress" what is this mean in TCS. Got mail to upload the documents and current status "Evaluation In Progress". Other side I see Intervew Process as " Prepare Better Learn more about the..." see the screen shot.

Finally what all this mean ?

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May be a bit niche but: expected salary for product engineering and development manager at Deloitte? 13YOE as a mechanical engineer, currently principal engineer of a global product line. (This is for my husband, not me. Ignore the title/name.)


Does Barclays give permanent work from home ?


How is KPMG’s Financial Crimes group? Can anyone provide insight into HCOL senior salaries?


Hi folks
Please advise how is the life looks like in Consultant in Advisory profile, do we have wlb or any other perks, is it good to join ?


I have an offer from IBM, haven't accepted yet, should I renegotiate before accepting or after accepting is also fine?


Hey all - I currently work as PM at a NY agency. However, I went to school in Boston and my partner is from the North Shore. We’re thinking about making the move back to Boston early next year. Does anyone have an insight into the ad industry in Boston? What’s it like? Are agencies hiring? How’s the culture? If anyone has worked in NY as well I’d love to hear about how the two cities are different from an ad industry perspective.


Which one to join for Java Developer with better WLB & job security?

Cognizant : 19+ 1 JB
Datamatics : 25 Lpa (perm. Wfh)
Relevance Lab : 23.5 (perm. Wfh)



Anyone recently got offer/joined from Bosch. My experience is 4 years and 5 months and it is mentioned as 4.05 in the offer letter but usually it is equivalent to 4.4. Anyone help in this regard.


What are the employee benefits Barclays UK offers to it's employees other than salary? Whats could be the share plan Barclays provides to their employees?Barclays


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Hello! I’m currently tax consultant with a bachelor of laws and i’m considering finishing up my LLM and ADIT and then doing my CFA. Ideally, i’d like to pivot out tax and into investment banking as either a consultant or an investment lawyer. Does this sound too far fetched? Is there a better way to do it?


Hi Everyone - Need some insights. My PERM process was started by company in Feb’22 (currently awaiting wage determination, submitted to DOL in May’22). Its been months and DOL is working on requests from Jan’22. My H1B expires for good in Oct’23 (with all the recapture). Is there any chance I’ll have my PERM completed by then? For those of you who have been through this process, what was the overall timeline like?. Appreciate any insights you can help provide! TY!

EYP recruiter reached out for a SaT group opportunity. Still in the very early stages but wanted to know what I should be targeting for TC. I have 3.5 YOE (2 in Big 4 consulting and going on going on 2 in a key strategy role at a FinTech). Is $175k base realistic?


In NYC. I am currently in a very toxic environment and would love to get another position. Any assistance would be great!! TIA


Thinking about jumping ship. I have no problem selling work, but am starting to think more about wlb now that I've hung out with my family for a year. What firms are best known for the wlb/comp sweet spot in payer/provider health care? Not as concerned about speed to partner - if it happens, great.


I have a para/assistant teacher that just wants to argue over everything. “You’re the teacher, why do I have to assess the children during break out rooms?” We have 8 kids, and I am only asking her to do 3! The other para is doing 3 and I and doing 2 with IEPs!!! How am I supposed to handle this in a professional manner virtually? Plus she is frustrated b/c o can’t explain everything. I keep telling her it’s all new to me too. Grace is not a word in her vocab. And I am feeling graceless.


I just started using NearPod after hearing so much about it - what do you like? What do you dislike? Do you pay for their content or make your own?

Hi can someone give me an estimate of what a pediatric occupational therapist should be making in a city with a high cost of living. No benefits. Between 30 to 40 billable hours, documentation time unpaid etc. Independent contractor role. Practicing for over 5 years.


Jummah Mubarak 🤍
A beautiful reminder for us all 🤗

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$143k base, $205 OTE. 4 YOE and have been with this company since the start of my career in pre-sales. I specialize in enterprise storage sales.


This snow has made me feel less motivated to workout 😩. How are you all doing it please?


Hiring for QA Automation selenium resources with 4+ yrs for Mumbai & Pune.


Looking for a Spotify referral 🙌


When you are new to fishbowl and are scanning through the Gifs and you accidentally hit on something and it posts and you don't know how to delete it:/


Can you use offer from a different company to get a raise in your company? Would it upset my relationship with manager or reflect poorly on me? I'm in position of strength. If I leave, The cost to replace me is higher for the team. What do you guys think?


Breathe in... breathe out...


Could anyone advise how we can get employee verification letter from PwC. It’s for my parents visa sponsorship. Thanks!

Truth Time: Was Copywriting Your FIRST Career Choice?


Additional Posts in Tech Mahindra, promotion

A good company to work for on a small scale not much issue

Tata Consultancy Tech Mahindra Currently i am working with Tata consultancy and serving last month of notice period, about to join Tech Mahindra next month as a Project Manager (P1)

I don't know why i am getting 2nd thought and doubt to leave TCS and join TechM.
Can anyone please help and clarify my doubts. Is it a good decision to leave TCS and Join TechM at this moment.

Job security is main concern 😟

Year of Experience - 14
Currentl Salary- 28 lacs
Future Salary- 40 lacs

Anyone can share the review of Tech Mahindra. How is there danamon project for AWS cloud profile.

Hi Fishes,
How much salary hike is expected in Tech Mahindra when an associate is promoted from U2 to U3 band??
Current CTC at U2 is 6LPA


Hi Team,

I joined Mindtree on 8th Feb and not got project and I was waiting for last 2 and half month. So, i gave interview outside (tech mahindra) and got selected. Almost 30-35% they said they will give and i am negotiating on it.

My main concern was shift and i have some health issues and unable to continue in night shift in Mindtree and tech mahindra its purely EMEA shift and per project team update.

Shall i switch to tech Mahindra?

Hi Fishes,

I joined TCS 1.5 years back only in Oct20 as an Asso Consutlt (C3B).
in Jan22, I appeared for Tech Mah interview process and got selected as a Project Manager position, they have offered me 40% hike.

Currently I am on notice period, resigned from TCS last month but still not very convinced with my decision there is still a 2nd thought like whether should I join TechM (obviously bcoz of leaving TCS and its facilities, job security and no hire back policy).

Please guide me.
YOE- 14+

I need a suggestion.
I onboarded wipro with 20 Lakh salary and now I got offer from Tech M 23.5 Lakh salary. I am confused whether to join Tech M or not. What happen if I will not login to Wipro as I have only onboarded there. Is it worth to abscond Wipro for Tech M for 3.5 lakh annually extra salary pay

How is Tech Mahindra for legal counsel role? What should be the package for a person with 4 years of experience?

I have 2 offers in hand - Global Logic - 23 LPA fixed , Tech Mahindra - 26.5 (including variable).
Which one is good for job security , work life balance and hike and all.

Need your inputs pls


Is anybody aware for probable CTC that one can ask for fr 3 year experience..with post graduation degree in design ..

Current CTC 9.5

Hi All

Awaiting offer from Tech mahindra
Client KPN Telecom
Network security

How is this project and wlb
Location Bangalore.

Please advise

Hi Fishes,
What will be my in-hand salary?
Can anyone help me with that?
Tech Mahindra

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Hi Fishes, Just need a suggestion which is better to join Tech Mahindra or Infosys . I am getting 16.7 CTC +1.25 joining bonus in Infosys and 19 CTC +50 K in Tech Mahindra.
Please share your experiences in both companies regarding work life Balance

Hello folks

I have offer in my hand from tech Mahindra with 6.30 lpa which includes 10 percent variable. Also Im holding one start up company offer with 7 LPA without any variables. Which one should I choose ??? Tech Mahindra will be good choice as per job security ???

Also with new offer can I ask counter offer in tech Mahindra .?
And if I did not continued with tech Mahindra will they blacklist me ???
#seriouspost #help


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