I have got the offer from TCS with 29lpa.
Currently working with IBM, having 8 year of experience in sap.
Is it safe to join TCS now ??

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Yes you can join and look for onsite .

Hey! How many days did it take for them to call you for the HR discussion?

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Hello Fishes

How much salary should I ask from a New Zealand company for senior SAP consultant profile. Interview in progress.



What is an appropriate rate for a non union production coordinator for a low budget commercial (150k) for the duration of 2 months? I was offered 5k is that low?


Boston SFA 5 years exp (Corporate finance). My research shows 110-120k for comp range. Does that sound right to others here?

Questioning your salary compared to others. Is it ever okay to question your salary compared to others? As context my current firm@hired@a group of about ten folks from another cpa firm. Everyone except me got a title bump even though I’m the only cpa and the only one competent in alteryx and other rpa tools. I feel underpaid for my skill set compared to the others


I just finished my Masters at UT Arlington. I’ve been working for this firm for almost 3 years in uptown Dallas. I technically don’t have a title, obviously because I’m not license. I mainly do a lot of renderings and postproduction work along with some digital graphics for a lot of projects. Is it too soon to ask for a pay raise? Or how do I come about that?


How’s PwC US Advisory in terms of culture and WLB as compared to DUSI?


Looking for information on companies hiring EMT-Bs in and around Clearwater, Largo, Tampa, FL.
Looking to hear which places I will be able to get a higher salary. Working as an ER tech or privatized ambulance.

Hey fishes, would be joining PwC AC DDVIT team in some time. I have some questions:

1. Is the PwC AC DDVIT team same as Strategy& or these two operate differently?
2. How is the overall worklife balance for PwC DDVIT team?
3. What are some some good benefits in PwC AC (monetary/non-monetary)
4. How much time does an associate 2 take to get promoted to senior associate?
5. Are there on-site traveling opportunities? And is it only to US or European countries as well?


I have couple of offers :
IBM - 8 LPA fixed + 50k Joining Bonus
Kroll - 8.22 LPA
LTI - 9 LPA fixed + 50k Joining Bonus

Please can anyone help me which company I should consider. My YOE is 2.8 years.

Also if anyone has any idea about the yearly hikes in these companies please put it in comments.


How is Accenture tech strategy? Is that a growing group within Acn? I found a job posting that I am thinking of applying for. What is the difference in tech strategy and tech?


I have three years of experience in agency recruiting and HR. I’m currently making 47k as an HR Coordinator. I’m starting to feel bitter that I took a pay cut to transition to HR from agency recruiting so I put myself open to recruiters on LinkedIn and got a Sr Recruiter contract offer with a company that I’m familiar with for $38/hour. I don’t love the company’s culture so I’m going to keep looking but would it be worth leveraging the offer with my current org? I’ve only been there for 7 months


Hi everyone! I have an interview at Amazon for a Business Development Internship. I’ve been told it involves an excel case study. Could anyone guide me through the process please?


Is Any one recently given interview in Cognizant (within 2 week)


Hi everyone, an IQVIA recruiter has reached out to me about an evidence synthesis role in real world led science. I would love to hear about people’s experiences at IQVIA. What types of projects are there? Is it impactful work? What’s the work life balance like? What do the exit roles look like?


Can you negotiate the raise/promotion offer? Are you expected to? My job has “salary bands”


Hi All,
I got offer from capgemini with 18 lpa and having 9 years of experience. Shall I negotiate more or is it the enough as of now. My another question is do they provide joining bonus after joining and will there be salary revision after my probation period is over?


Hi fishes,
As today is salary day, I received my salary but not in the new compensation after band release. It was the older amount.

1. When will the new compensation letter come into effect?
2. Is there any arrears?


Hello Fishers! Need your suggestion, which company to choose!

YOE- 2.3 Domain - Data Analytics

Pitney Bowes - 16 LPA Fixed + 1.5 Joining bonus TechStack-Power-BI+SQL+Throughtspot+Qualtrics

S&P Global - 14 LPA B ixed+ 5% variable + 1 JB Tech stack- AWS + Python + Postgresql

IQVIA - 12.37 LPA Fixed+ 1 LPA Variable Tech stack - SQL+ Exel+ Tableau+ Python

Guys need your help & suggestions. KPMG Deloitte Accenture EY PwC American Express JPMorgan Chase Barclays Wells Fargo Citi

What’s the current return salary for GSAPers in GPS Tech with T15 MBA


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I am starting the interview process at sfdc for an engagement/project manager for the CSG team. Any tips for the interview process and what to expect?


Hi everyone, I am currently looking to get into project management in Vancouver or Toronto. Any opportunity would be amazing, thank you in advanced!


Should I upgrade from CSP to CSR or wait for another year to get my intro 50000 bonus? I just got a united mileage plus card because I don’t have a status with them and already getting global entry


Would anyone be willing to share their resume? I’d love to see how people with 10+ years experience are framing up what they do in strategy.


Hi Fishies,

I have a offer from Novartis for a Consultant role and offer from Eversana for Project Lead role Eversana is paying 4 lacs higher than Novartis which one to join please suggest.

Thanks in advance!


Anyone working or have any idea about the Salesforce Practice of Nasdaq Bangalore office?


I’m trying to land a job in healthcare administration. I have my master’s degree, but I have only 2 years of professional experience. The jobs I have seen ask for 5+ years of experience, is experience weighted more than my masters? Is it about paying dues before landing a job? Or am I looking at the wrong places?

Friend wants to be referred into Booz Allen Hamilton for Corporate Investigations Counsel role. Drop a burner for resume?


What's Deloittes WFH policy Incase one visits their home country for a few weeks?

P.S- Working in the US, home country is India.


Anyone been able to get into faang with a software bootcamp? I have a bachelor in Mechancial engineering


Anybody needs referral in Accenture.
There are multiple roles (~1000) listed -cant list them here
I.e SAP, ORACLE, Salesforce.

DM me for more details.

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HR and Hiring manager : where do you see in next 5 years.

Me : well if you give good hikes and promotion money money and good work life balance then i will be still working with you. otherwise i will switch whenever i want and sadly i will not be with you after 5 years.

Me-1 Hr-0


How many leaves are there in PwC AC. Do you guys have winter disconnect?

Any idea when the office in magarpatta becomes operational?


Anybody looking for a part time RN job rn? If yes, what areas are you looking for?


Guys is it good to join for grade 28 with optum for the below salary

45L fixed + 20%bonus + Employer PF

Is bonus paid 100% everytime??


Additional Posts in New TCS Joiners 2022

Hi All, I have received ctc details from Tata Consultancy about 4 weeks back for SAP IBP position at C3B level, however still waiting for offer letter. Any idea how long it could take ? Also, what are the chances tbat i will get an offer letter although delayed, are there cases where offer letter is not issued for internal reasons?


Can anyone share how the physical on boarding day goes? Is it just documents submission and verification? Or will there be anything else? And how long is the day? Do we have to stay in office 9-6 that day?


Hi, Anyone joining TCS on november 23rd at hyderabad


Hi.. I am working in TCS as a BA (Third party payroll) , recently my team has started the process of bringing me on-board TCS permanently ?
Is there going to be an interview for the onboarding ??


Does anyone have any idea What is going on in TCS.

They have postpond my DOJ fourth time


Any one attend Service desk lead role in TCS?


I got offer letter and base location as Pune in TCS . As per hr discussion I said my preferred location Hyderabad . Location plays a big constraint for me . I sent mails to hr and calling her , but not lifting calls and not replying to my mails. How to change my location any idea.

Any idea on how to inform TCS that I will not be joining TCS.


Why tcs delaying the onboarding process?


Will tcs continue work from home


Hi Fishes I am in a complex situation, please help me out..

I got an offer with TCS and initially selected joining date as Jan 2.. but current org released me in 1 month instead of 3 months.. I asked TCS HR and others for early Onboarding but they didn't respond well..

After that I got one offer and joined immediately. But now I don't like to work here as I have to go to office all 5 days mandatorily, also role is slightly new to me.

How can join in TCS on the selected date ?
Any possibility?


I have never come across as rude as tcs onboarding team HR. . Tata Consultancy They are literally incapable of handling of a crowd of 100 people and. I am surprised how they are planning to onboarding avg of 200 people on single day. They take individual's questions and start answering with statement like can't you understand I am not here for this purpose with very rude tone and in a crowd of more than 200 people. . Tata should take care of these type of HRs

Hi sharks need your help... it is very important please help if possible

I got selected in tcs during my 4th year 2019 on ninja profile 3.36lpa I accepted the offer from nextstep but didn't initiated the background check and also wrote apology mail that I won't be able to join
Now after 3 years I got offer as an angular developer but this time it is on ibegin portal
My question is
Will I be rejected during background check?
Because of the previous accepted letter
Tata Consultancy