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Most people are not working , enjoying WFH option,so the client is not happy they are asking everyone to go office


They are asking to come to office for many projects

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Any tips on helping my remote bond/feel more connected with each other?


I got offer of 17 LPA fixed CTC from Accenture for level 9. I need to design the compensation plan myself. May I know how to do that? Any examples?


Hey guys has TCS started calling employees to wfo. If we request extended wfh will they accept


What is the average salary for a product manager at jio platforms Ltd with 2 yoe ?


Hey all,

Has anyone recently got interviewed/selected at
Volvo Group ? How long did they take to release the offer letter after submitting the documents?


Hi friends,
UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) reimburse internet charges?

If so, up to what extent, and is it in addition to CTC?

Kronos Incorporated UKG


What is work life balance like at Alverez and Marsal? Specifically for transaction advisory/financial due dilligence


Hello fishes, Anyone have idea about Belcan India salaries for 11 years experienced candidates at Bangalore. I'm from mechanical background, screened for technical lead role, so trying to get some estimate. Any inputs would be appreciated. Tata Consultancy Accenture Belcan Wipro Infosys


Hi folks! Curious to see if any of you are working at the City of Toronto? Thinking of applying to a Management Consulting position and wondering how the overall environment is in terms of WLB, culture, work satisfaction etc. Thank you!


What is pay like at Jones Day compared to regular market salaries and bonuses? Curious about mid level salary


Hey guys, I have been affected by layoffs. I’m actively looking for a new opportunity related to marketing analytics, consumer insights, and social media. Based in Toronto, and open to remote jobs as well. Thanks


What is the position of Authorised officer in UBS?are they the team leads ?

Hi Fishes,

Recently interviewed with
Tata Consultancy for developer position.
All rounds are completed. The interview went very good as mentioned by manager.
How much can I expect as compensation, or how much should I ask for ECTC.

YOE: 6.3 years
Tech: ServiceNow
Currently holding offer : 14LPA

Thanks in advance


When being interviewed and it comes to the part where the interviewee can ask questions - what are good questions to ask that will give you real insight into the company?


Does anyone have any insights into compensation for product managers in BCG Omnia?


Received an offer from @visa Inc.What are employee benefits from here.Want to hear from people who have worked/ currently working on visa ? How is the work culture, appraisal, wlb, bonus ?Visa

Does Infosys reimburse Internet bills for resources who are working from home??

Also does they provide any extra miney to setup home office, like for chairs & tables?

Hey everyone! Could someone speak to the culture at Big D Consulting. Particularly is there a strong Latino network, are affinity groups active, anything I should watch out for, if I join.


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Our president is a 🤡 and nobody respects him. He’s the laughing stock of many Americans and the world. No one can take tgis comedian seriously


My heart really goes out for the women in Pakistan, the amount of harassment they face on daily basis. I wonder why that is, is the root cause the extreme level of gender segregation.

Ideas on how we can grow this community? This would be a very very helpful community if we’re able to scale it.


When do we receive offer from ey after filling pre offer form any idea?


Does anyone know how widespread / impactful the mental health effects are going to be on long-term WFH/quarantine? Is this going to be a pervasive thing or person-by-person.


Anyone here currently pursuing or planning to get an MBA/EMBA? If so, what are your plans after graduation?


What makes you want to quit residential real estate selling? List your Top 3 reasons that get you frustrated in this industry


I’m really depressed I can’t even handle a simple task. When I can’t complete the task, I panic and get very anxious. When I get anxious, I hyperventilate or just shut down for the day. This sucks.


Hi All! I have an technical interview next week with Amazon for a Sr SA position. I know I need to refresh my technical knowledge but besides that any other recommendations would be very helpful. I really want this job. Thanks


Hi everyone ! Anyone from Mumbai or HYD Liability Operations Team or KYC & AML role.

I want to switch job at Mumbai, Banglore or HYD location. If anyone can help me out..

Here goes nothing….26 F (muslim) in the Northeast. Please only DM if you are local and looking for something serious


Anyone investing in Pokémon/Yugioh trading cards? As in collecting PSA graded material. Thoughts on this as a store of value, prices hiked a lot this year


Do T2 consulting firms (think Kearney, OW) and MBB hire experienced professionals WITHOUT MBA (I.e., is a prestigious MBA mandatory in the region?). I already have a post-MBA position


Staff I, staff II soon in audit and assurance interested in making the move into FDD transaction services. Should I try to transfer internally (though might take longer?) or look at another big four?


Does anyone have experience leaving public for a fund admin position? Any insight would be appreciated


Deferred admit to two M7 schools. Ask me anything!

Been having a hard time focusing lately. It feels like I am suddenly less intelligent than I used to be. Is it really a matter of not taking time off? Fairly new partner so that is not easy to do.


Partner “Can you get this to me by close of business tomorrow?”

At what time to you get “this” to the partner?


Hi. My lease is up at the end of March, so I’ve been thinking about trying to find a temporary lease for the summer but then digital nomading in the winter. Does anyone have any advice on doing this? How could I go about in finding a shorter term lease? If subletting is easy, does it make sense to do a 1 year and sublet during the months I’d like to travel?


Additional Posts in BirlaSoft


I have completed 1st round in Birlasoft and 2nd round scheduled, it will be technical or management?

Hi ,
I am having an offer of 14.5 LPA in birlasoft and 17LPA with Capgemini.
I like the job profile offered by Birlasoft. But CTC is less than Capgemini.
Can I renegotiate with Birlasoft for the new offer. ?


Hi Fishies , Need one help. I have 2 offers from Birlasoft and Genpact where Genpact is paying 2LPA more than Birlasoft . But profile is better in Birlasoft. I want to join Birlasoft but not sure if they will give me same profile because IT Companies after joining change projects sometimes. Any suggestions from Birlasoft or Genpact employees. My domain is in Oracle Apps Technical (Genpact ). Birlasoft it is PDH( MDM) cloud version. CTC offered :- 16.5 + 1.85 + 50k(Birlasoft )
Genpact :- 21 LPA.


Will I be getting the joining bonus with the first month salary or will I get that after 3 months ? Ps: I joined on 16th august and my first salary is due on 30th September.

Is it an idle Bowl with no posts whatsoever or do I lack any rights to see them?

Hi folks

BirlaSoft has changed variable payout policy?
Is it now monthly payout instead of 6 monthly?


When do we get hike letters in birlasoft?

I am holding 2 offer one from infosys with 12lpa they are refusing to tell project/client other is from birlasoft with 15 lpa for banking domain which one should i prefer Birlasoft Infosys Limited
Can anyone tell how is birlasoft

Am a new joinee, have submitted the signed mandatory docs 3 days back. How long should wait for HR approval and to get myworld access ? Pls advise


Hi folks
Joined birlsoft lastweek

Please let me know how to declare and modify medical details of dependents

How to apply for WFH kit like table chair?

Whwn we can declare flexi


What is the payout of monthly bonus in birlasoft. Is it 100% or it is less than that.

How much appraisal can I expect, I joined recently as a front-end developer (Angular)? I have been assigned project immediately.

YOE: 1

How to use the insurance provided by birlasoft? My father has a medical condition for which I need help.

I m getting offer from birlasoft is it safe


Does anyone know how to apply shifts in Birlasoft? And how is their promotion policy for new employees.


Hello Friends,

My Wife is having offer from BIrlaSoft and Barclays. And thinking to join on next week.
Can you please suggest how is the WLB and Work Mode in Birlasoft?

Technology - .Net
YOE - 5 Years
Current salary - 9 lpa
Offer in Hand - 15 lpa

Appreciate for the feedback.

Thank You