What will be the in-hand salary at Birlasoft for 11.5 LPA ??

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If it's fixed. It will be around 80K per month

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Hi All

I interviewed for JPMC Mumbai but process seems but delayed. recieved call from hr discussed CTC and all , but they keen on understanding my travel to office as I live a bit far from office location

Does JPMC rejects for such reasons ? Also how much time does it takes to release offer letter ?

Seems but delayed to not sure why ?

Any idea what could be the issue ?


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Hi guys,

I wanted to ask the range of salary one should quote for “cloud technical specialist- data analytics” role with 5.5 years of experience in data analytics in Canada.

I am genuinely not able to find any relevant numbers online. Any insights would be highly helpful:)



I recently learned from 3 different employees that left (voluntarily) they were making 98-105k. They were outside candidates and were all hired within the last year and for the same position, and same regional territory. I have worked for the company 3+ years and went from a core position, to large loss. I was given a 10k raise putting me around 78k. Yes.... some of these individuals have Lardge Losss experience but does that really make a 20-25k difference? Any advise!?


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Hello everyone I have 29 years as a dental professional in Texas. I started as a dental assistant back in 1993. As my career progressed as a RDA, I moved to the front office and eventually management. I even taught dental assistants and became the Program Director of a DA program. COVID opened up remote work for me, I manage eclaims, claims corrections and billing for two offices. $20 per hour, no bonuses or incentives, I know I am not getting paid enough! Any input would be appreciated.


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Hello Fishes ,

Wanted to know which is best
Cognizant or Techolution (US based startup with remote role)

Attended and cleared client discussion for both the firms.

Package more or less same 23 L
SAP consultant (PI /PO) background

Your views pls
One client is of banking and other is an uS based medical one


Hi Fishes,

What would be the in-hand salary?

Thanks ;)

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Looking to transition into an HR leadership position. 17+ years experience in running a startup managing 50-100 people (15 years) and handled all facets of hiring, firing, compensation, negotiation, training and employee relations. Responsibilities also include other non HR functions such as business dev., client relations and expansion, logistics. Currently studying for the SPHR and plan to take the GPHR as well. Thoughts on difficulty of moving into an HR leadership role?


I got CID in accenture but so far didnt get any interview scheduled..how long should I wait for the call from the recruiter or HR? Please give a reply on this friends...


Who wants to make a referral bonus?
Senior looking to move to Manager.

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Hello all! I had 3 teachers that I mentored myself last year, and I’m mentoring 1 more teacher this upcoming year. I’m a career/technology teacher and I have a lot of resources! I also have a SpEd background so any questions about that are welcomed as well. I’m more than happy to offer advice or help with resources.

Hi everyone,
JP Morgan is offering 14 lpa CTC.
How much in-hand salary will be?


Looking for an entry level remote tech position. Honestly not picky, current TC is 111k anything close to that would be appreciated.

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Disappointed with the 2.42% raise in Austin market. I joined the company in June 2021. My manager resigned in October 2021, new manager got assigned this February 2022. There were no self evaluation sent last year. The numbers were already decided by my manager’s boss and the HR and my manager was just a communicator. When asked, got a response that business is affected due to shipment/container price hikes, chip shortage, Covid, war, inflation, etc.


I have clicked on accept offer on portal.
Can I decline the offer now? I have more than 60 days to join. I don’t want to do it at last moment.


Hi ,

Can you help me to locate where are TCS office for SAP do they have in pune ...is there any office in magarpatta..

Thanks in advance


Would anyone at Deloitte like to discuss a role and possibly a referral?


Hi anyone working in BDO RISE LLP FS AWM sector- if yes, please let me know how is the work pressure and culture

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hi Recently I had an interview at Airbus for Technology analyst ii role. That was the final round but HR did not give me a number after my expectation and said that they would offer me as per company standard . can you tell me what is the pay scale at this position? this is for e2 level

Hi guys need your support to get 11 likes to enable DM


10k to go IS navy reserve. Comes with TS. 1.5yrs to sched&attend is "a" school in virginia so you will have plenty of time to plan. can cut you orders to any nosc.


Hello everyone currently working in Tata consultancy services at the position of configuration manager ,wants a job switch can anyone suggest.


Any firms in the region recruiting current MBB associates/managers w/o case interviews for associate/manager positions?


Hi folks

I got an offer from TCS. In the ibegin portal I see the location is Hyderabad-JST-STP.

Does anyone know which office location on Hyderabad does this belong to?


Additional Posts in BirlaSoft

I have completed 1st round in Birlasoft and 2nd round scheduled, it will be technical or management?

Hi ,
I am having an offer of 14.5 LPA in birlasoft and 17LPA with Capgemini.
I like the job profile offered by Birlasoft. But CTC is less than Capgemini.
Can I renegotiate with Birlasoft for the new offer. ?


When do we get hike letters in birlasoft?


Is it an idle Bowl with no posts whatsoever or do I lack any rights to see them?

Hi Fishies , Need one help. I have 2 offers from Birlasoft and Genpact where Genpact is paying 2LPA more than Birlasoft . But profile is better in Birlasoft. I want to join Birlasoft but not sure if they will give me same profile because IT Companies after joining change projects sometimes. Any suggestions from Birlasoft or Genpact employees. My domain is in Oracle Apps Technical (Genpact ). Birlasoft it is PDH( MDM) cloud version. CTC offered :- 16.5 + 1.85 + 50k(Birlasoft )
Genpact :- 21 LPA.


Will I be getting the joining bonus with the first month salary or will I get that after 3 months ? Ps: I joined on 16th august and my first salary is due on 30th September.

Hi folks

BirlaSoft has changed variable payout policy?
Is it now monthly payout instead of 6 monthly?


I am holding 2 offer one from infosys with 12lpa they are refusing to tell project/client other is from birlasoft with 15 lpa for banking domain which one should i prefer Birlasoft Infosys Limited
Can anyone tell how is birlasoft

Am a new joinee, have submitted the signed mandatory docs 3 days back. How long should wait for HR approval and to get myworld access ? Pls advise


Hi folks
Joined birlsoft lastweek

Please let me know how to declare and modify medical details of dependents

How to apply for WFH kit like table chair?

Whwn we can declare flexi


What is the payout of monthly bonus in birlasoft. Is it 100% or it is less than that.

How much appraisal can I expect, I joined recently as a front-end developer (Angular)? I have been assigned project immediately.

YOE: 1

How to use the insurance provided by birlasoft? My father has a medical condition for which I need help.

I m getting offer from birlasoft is it safe


Does anyone know how to apply shifts in Birlasoft? And how is their promotion policy for new employees.


Hello Friends,

My Wife is having offer from BIrlaSoft and Barclays. And thinking to join on next week.
Can you please suggest how is the WLB and Work Mode in Birlasoft?

Technology - .Net
YOE - 5 Years
Current salary - 9 lpa
Offer in Hand - 15 lpa

Appreciate for the feedback.

Thank You