Have a phone interview with Amazon for a sr technical program manager. Does anyone have advice or a heads up for what I’m walking into?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Also if anyone knows that comp package that would be awesome!

Location based but 270-370k.. Sr TPM L6

Awesome thanks

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Hi people. My spouse has 11 YOE in Java (backend) with 15 lpa ctc and NP of 90 days. Uploaded CV 3 weeks ago on Naukri for job change. Has worked in two companies and has been a consistent performer.

While there have a few calls till now, many are on third-party payrolls. There have been mails direct from HRs asking for resume but no response after that. Over other calls, quoted 100% hike expectation given current low salary.

Wondering why no interviews yet. Please share your valuable inputs.


Is it a good idea to go to client like BCG, from Deloitte? I ll loose certification and wfh benefit!


Does anyone else feel like people are inflating their salary numbers here or are including stock when asked about base +bonus? I’m currently F10 and have interviewed at several big tech companies in the last year before I accepted this job. The numbers people are throwing out definitely do not reflect what any of these companies offered for base+bonus.


Network connection at MBB offer to discuss CV. How do I get a referral without explicitly asking for it?


Looking for sparring improving resume for getting interviews in global companies.

Background 10 years of data science/data experience (around 50 ds projects) with 5 years of manager/head of data science experience with P/L responsibility. Lead program creating 25M $ annual ML portfolio with 15x ROI within 1 year. I've sent approx 200 applications starting only 5 processes. Any thoughts? Looking only private companies.

Currently working as Principal AI & Data consultant in a Finnish company.

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Thoughts on Omnicom Health? Specifically DDB Health, Biolumina


Hi ,

Any insight what is the approx salary range at C1 band in wipro for SAP functional consultants?

Some advice from a regular remote interviewer - If you feel you can justify/maximise your value to a company above the current salary band, apply for the role, impress the heck out of the panel and push for that higher salary. You'll be surprised how open this conversation can be.

Company's have budgets in place for recruitment. Therefore, adjustments can be made to other open/upcoming roles marginally to facilitate recruiting your higher salary request.


I have interview for Angular dev role in wipro next week.
Someone please help me what is the difficulty level of the interview so that I can prepare accordingly


Can someone explain how working for McKinsey works? Is it all on a contractual basis or are their employees just called contractors? Also are their roles generally remote or in office?


Had a phone call with PwC HR, was told they only transfer h1b with more than 3years left now. Anyone heard of same thing?


Curious if anyone knows the total compensation ranges for an L6 senior manager position at Amazon, specifically with the SPECT team? Going into negotiations for a role I was offered this week and want to be informed.. Thank you!Amazon


How do you tell a company that you have upcoming in-person interviews for, that you want to withdraw from the process? Did some more research and it doesn’t sound like a good place to be at.


Need urgent help 🐠 fam. Went for my H1B interview in Delhi. VO said visa approved and kept my passport, but the status shows “administrative processing”. Does anyone know anything about this status?

Hi Fishes, what’s it like to work in ServiceNow? And how are corporate benefits ?

Hi!! Are there any admins where who work on a trading floor? Im interviewing for an administrative role on a trading floor in Manhattan. Looking for tips on what to wear - is it pretty similar to a “hedge fund dress code?”


Amazon (AWS) vs Microsoft? Interested in culture, WLB, stability, long term progression.

Offers are more or less equivalent in compensation - L6 at Amazon (Sr. PM) and 65 at Microsoft (Director). Non technical roles, starting as individual contributor and incorporating staff later on.

Advice much appreciated!


Does Infosys reimburse Internet bills for resources who are working from home??

Also does they provide any extra miney to setup home office, like for chairs & tables?

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Looking to put in 25L in bitcoin (and forget about it. Look at it in 5 years maybe). I am on H1 so want to know what the implications are. Do you guys invest and anything to take care from a visa/tax standpoint??

I am a CFP(tm) and a 20 year veteran looking to educate and acquire businesses from owners in GA (or the southeast) who want to sell or are looking to get educated on the succession planning process.


Despite having felt it was a great interview, being ghosted by the a couple of the big 4 after final stage. Felt connected with the interviewers and positively answered their questions and felt culturally fit for their org. What would have potentially gone wrong? Not heard from one for 1 month (probably move on now) and another 2 weeks…


Just seen someone at the gym running on an incline with crocs 🫣


Hi can we give interview again in HCL Technologies
They gave me my employee id but as soon as interview started i got internet issue could not give the interview completely

Want to try again once for different profile HCL Technologies


Anyone at rehomo? Text me


Anyone know a resource to have blueprints drawn? I have some projects that I need to have drawn up.

BDO Perks? Anyone?


I hate that our time focus is on billable hours. Minimum 55 hours really means working at least 12 hours M-Th, 10 on Fri, and 6 during the weekend once you factor in G&A and and other random things.


SNPR = VOLTA less goooo!!! I took some profits because I’m still trying to cash out some of my portfolio gradually as the condo hunt continues but this could totally still be interesting at current levels. I sold 200 of my 300 shares but excited to see where the remainder goes


Are any more junior positions posted online at Google? Or is it just referrals ?

What are the top investment banks for life science/Pharma/healthcare transactions?


Hello folks,
I am looking for a job in Pune. I have experience of 7 years in analytics.
Skills are - PowerBI, SQL, Python and business acumen.
I would highly appreciate your referrals/ suggestions here.
I am in deep trouble folks, kindly help.


What type of charges we can reimburse in PwC banglore??


Please help me choose companies to apply for product management role ? Current I am a management consultant- data.


Is Atos have any bench policy,I joined atos in month of April but still I didn't get any project.
They give me 2 or 3 inteview calls but I said no to them beacuse it's not matching my skills set.
Can you please help me will they fire me if I'm on bench for longer time.Atos

It’s so hard to make friends. I just want to meet chill people..


Are servers down?


Any feedback/review for Persistent and Mphasis - for people who joined recently, 5-6+ YOE.

What about WFH and WLB as well

I've refused to believe this reality, but that Comp Sci degree does matter even if you use only 20% of it at most. I changed career from another tech space into software via coding bootcamp. Every comp sci skill I've learned on my own. It doesn't matter that I demonstrate the knowledge, I need that degree to have legitimacy in this field.


Additional Posts in Tech Interviews

I have a phone screen interview with AWS for the position of Systems Engineer with the Linux team early next week. I’ve been a Sys Admin for the last 4 years, and I’m not very well-versed with coding. The phone screen does have whiteboard coding, any tips on what I could do to prepare for this? I’m not sure if I can let the interviewer know I’m not too strong with coding. I do want to take up the challenge, and also find out if the role would require extensive coding though. Any tips?


Any thoughts on asking a hiring manager to speak to one of his/her employees without the manager being present to get a good feel for the culture?

Any recommendations on resources to study for Android system design interviews?

Looking for insight into interview questions for lead tech program manager (L4) at Disney Streaming. How technical will the questions be?

Interviewed for a sr. PM last Thursday. Was scheduled for 30min but we went to an hour and had a really good conversation. The questions I got asked I was told the answers were perfect by the hiring manager. I felt really good coming out of it but then followed up with an email thanking them for the time the next day and I never received a response or next steps. Am I thinking too much into it or is it not a good sign?

Has anyone used/given coderbyte sql assessement.
Just trying to get a little more understanding on it.

Hello, i have an interview scheduled with palantir in coming weeks recruiter told it will be LC questions.. any specific ds to focus on ? Any suggestions for prep

Anyone ever pay for prep for a FAANG non tech interview prep? I’ve had 2 in the past and never made it to the virtual on site and looking for help for my next one.


Anyone familiar with pre-recorded interviews? How do you prepare?


I'll be graduating soon in Fall'22 and preparing for Data Scientist role. Please recommend some online resources to prepare from.

Looking at interviewing as and SDE at Google (L5/L6) and LinkedIn (staff engineer) in the coming weeks. Any tips on what to expect at either place and how the interviews and process compare to Amazon or other large tech companies? Google LinkedIn Amazon


What type of questions are asked in Morgan Stanley for position of Senior Database Developer skillset in postgres , snowflake etc..Any leads would be much appreciated.

Microsoft Received some feedback yesterday that I’m “Too smart for the role and they feared that I’d get bored and leave quickly. “ It’s honestly the most confused I’ve ever left a call. Does anyone know what this means? I thought it was a compliment initially but in retrospect it just doesn’t seem very genuine. Have y’all had anyone hit you with this one?


Any insight into how to transition into a Program Manager role? My background is process improvement in the supply chain space and I’m trying to pivot into tech. I’ve worked with engineers/ technical partners in my current role which I’m working on leveraging as transferable experience. Any must know concepts, skills or interview prep recommendations would be appreciated!

Hey all, this is regarding Audible. I already did the pre interview call, assessment, technical phone interview with director and now am invited for the (I believe final) on-site virtual interview for a quality assurance engineer I role. Does anyone have any tips or is able to chat about their experience? They said to block off the whole day as it is around 4 hours with a panel.


Netsuite interview for Solutions Consultant Academy.

Has anyone on here interviewed for this position before? How did you prepare? If not, how do you prepare for pre sales interviews. I haven't been able find much insight online about this role.

Received an invite for a Front End Developer technical interview at Zillow Inc. I know it will be HackerRank. Is the any other insight someone can provide on what to expect?

Thank you!