Microsoft Received some feedback yesterday that I’m “Too smart for the role and they feared that I’d get bored and leave quickly. “ It’s honestly the most confused I’ve ever left a call. Does anyone know what this means? I thought it was a compliment initially but in retrospect it just doesn’t seem very genuine. Have y’all had anyone hit you with this one?

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This seems odd. Microsoft’s culture is to hire for Microsoft and talent. If you were a rock star I find it difficult they would pass because you would grow internally too fast.

Unless they could not possibly offer you a level and pays scale you would accept. This is the they only concern. Most roles are capped at the level they can bring someone in as.


Oh I see, that makes more sense I figured since Microsoft had doubled the budget this wouldn’t be an issue but I am sad either way. I was looking forward to working with one of the top 10 in the world.

Thank you for the feedback!~


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Hi fishes, DM for referral.

Business Development Representative - Canada
Location: Canada - Canada - Remote
Function:: Marketing

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I'm offered a role of Specialist ( Package implementation) with 7 YOE @LTI. Is this equivalent to a role of team lead??


Looking for a Frontend developer role(ReactJs) -Entry level.
Any leads would be appreciated.


Any RBP companies in Philly or remote hiring?


How is job security in cg now for senior consultant position.


Hello all,
I have an interview for a sales engineer role with Splunk, what should I expect? and how should I prepare? any guidance would be appreciated !
Thanks in advance


Hello Friends,
Can anyone apprise me of the expected salary that i can ask for a Solution Architect role in Telstra - India? The band offered will be Band 2 which is confirmed. I just need to know the range Min and Max. I have 15 years of experience now.


Hey all! If anyone is looking for a referral, reach out to me and we can see if you’re a good fit


Any tips on leaving a firm “correctly”? Was about to go “of counsel” with my firm of 6 years, but then another firm whose partners I really respect (and personally like) offered me a partnership position. I predict my current bosses will *flip* (cut off file access immediately, try to beat me to calling my clients, etc.), so how do I set myself up for a successful transition?


Exit suggestions? 7 years at big 4 consulting with 2.5 M&A doing operational due diligence, integration, divestiture, and standup. Mostly cross functional but some IT. Not really an IT fan


Hi Fishes!!!
How is Coforge(previously known as NIIT Technologies) is for the Scrum master role on the basis of :
1. Work life balance.
2. Work nature.
3. No. Of teams handled by one Scrum Master.
4. Being Agile forum.
5. No. of reports and meetings for the agile forums not just teams.
6. Layoffs.

Please help me by answering as many pointers as you can.

Location is Noida.

Thank you.


Is it wise to switch at this time when recession is in the air?
From Consulting role standpoint


Hello fishes! One of my friend is looking for referral for business analyst role. Currently working as BA in a start called Aline together based out of bhopal.
Total corporate experience 2years.
It would be a great help.
Preferred location pune but can be flexible.

I currently work as a referral coordinator and a portion of my job duties entails writing appeals for essential medications denied by drug companies etc. In general I really enjoy this portion of advocacy in my job and this is a newly discovered passion of mine
I would like to use this job as a stepping job into further advocacy work to gain experience, but would like to step more into advocacy work.. I have a ba in youth development- I’m looking for advice suggestions! Any ideas are appreciated


Im currently trying to switch from the RE finance industry to tech as a project manager. My current title is project manager w/ 4yrs experience and over 10 years of transferable skills. Ive also recently obtained my CAPM. In my current job I dont feel as if Im gaining any of the project management skills. Considering everything I’ve had to learn. My company does not use any PM softwares. For someone in my position would a salary range of $80-$90k be considered too low, or too high?

Hi fishes,

Is there any openings in supply chain management in flipkart...
Can somebody give a referral
it would be of great help .

Amex Platinum bonus - does anyone have a 150K point referral promo link? Hook a brotha up!!!!


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Okkkkkkkk let's try this again 🙃 Click the link below to get going with the matchmaking survey do-over:

I will share updates along the way to keep y'all posted on progress. Feel free to share with others outside this group as it seems there may not have been enough males responding the last time.


So this will be my first Thanksgiving working. Not going to miss the family drama, and I'm imagining front of house will do pretty well with tips but maybe that’s optimistic. Any thoughts?


Does anyone have experience working in the strategy group at a health insurance company / would be open to talking about their experience?


Hi ,

I have joined Cognizant during last week of August 2022. Will I be entitled to receive hike in April 2023 ?

Hi Fishes,

Any idea when we can get confirmation from HR if we are selected/rejected . I had my 2 round completed and after that got a mail to fill some details... not heared after that


Any one can give me referral in TCS?


Immediate joiners required for angular ,java full stack , automation testing and SQL development

Ping me if you are having any of above skills

How is the job stability in Tesltra India How many employees work in India?
I was interviewed by people from Infosys, not sure how did they interview me for Telstra job. Any idea on these points ?

What is the interview process like for a cyber consulting gig (strategy/risk) at a Big 4? Are case studies required?


Hi Folks, I'm a MERN stack developer with 7 years of experience . I wonder if i can get a job based on my skills. I wanna permanently WFH & will give my best to the company.

🎶 “I get to research monsters, fuck all my friends who are lawyers "🎵


How to pit down the papers in Landis Gyr?


Is the performance bonus directly proportional to the tier rating?


Does anyone know roughly what Sr Managers or first-year Directors typically make in the Netherlands or Germany?


Hi fishes, Does anyone recently got offer or joined Citi recently?If yes, please comment. Need to know few things. Thanks in advance. Citi @Barclays Credit Suisse UBS

Interest rate going to move up or down tomorrow?


For those of you with CSR, how has it been submitting claims for trip delay insurance? Currently stranded in Iceland in the middle of an awful storm and want to have an idea of how the experience is before I buy a bunch of stuff. The site shows what’s covered but if ppl have actual experience it might convince me to buy or not buy certain things

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Has anyone used/given coderbyte sql assessement.
Just trying to get a little more understanding on it.

Any recommendations on resources to study for Android system design interviews?

Looking for insight into interview questions for lead tech program manager (L4) at Disney Streaming. How technical will the questions be?

Hello, i have an interview scheduled with palantir in coming weeks recruiter told it will be LC questions.. any specific ds to focus on ? Any suggestions for prep

Anyone ever pay for prep for a FAANG non tech interview prep? I’ve had 2 in the past and never made it to the virtual on site and looking for help for my next one.


What can I expect in HR round of Morgan Stanley for a Devops Lead Role ?
P.S. I have 8.5 YoE

I have a phone screen interview with AWS for the position of Systems Engineer with the Linux team early next week. I’ve been a Sys Admin for the last 4 years, and I’m not very well-versed with coding. The phone screen does have whiteboard coding, any tips on what I could do to prepare for this? I’m not sure if I can let the interviewer know I’m not too strong with coding. I do want to take up the challenge, and also find out if the role would require extensive coding though. Any tips?


Interviewed for a sr. PM last Thursday. Was scheduled for 30min but we went to an hour and had a really good conversation. The questions I got asked I was told the answers were perfect by the hiring manager. I felt really good coming out of it but then followed up with an email thanking them for the time the next day and I never received a response or next steps. Am I thinking too much into it or is it not a good sign?

Looking at interviewing as and SDE at Google (L5/L6) and LinkedIn (staff engineer) in the coming weeks. Any tips on what to expect at either place and how the interviews and process compare to Amazon or other large tech companies? Google LinkedIn Amazon


Any thoughts on asking a hiring manager to speak to one of his/her employees without the manager being present to get a good feel for the culture?

Any insight into how to transition into a Program Manager role? My background is process improvement in the supply chain space and I’m trying to pivot into tech. I’ve worked with engineers/ technical partners in my current role which I’m working on leveraging as transferable experience. Any must know concepts, skills or interview prep recommendations would be appreciated!

Netsuite interview for Solutions Consultant Academy.

Has anyone on here interviewed for this position before? How did you prepare? If not, how do you prepare for pre sales interviews. I haven't been able find much insight online about this role.

Does anyone know the Manager 1/2/3 base salary scale for @Apple? Finished my loop round last week and curious what range I should negotiate for.


Anyone work at Nvidia that I may be able to ask a few questions to about the company and it’s solutions / products just high level prior to my second round interview ?

About to interview for Tech Architect role in Slack Any pointers on what I should expect in the first round?


Received an invite for a Front End Developer technical interview at Zillow Inc. I know it will be HackerRank. Is the any other insight someone can provide on what to expect?

Thank you!


What type of questions are asked in Morgan Stanley for position of Senior Database Developer skillset in postgres , snowflake etc..Any leads would be much appreciated.

I'll be graduating soon in Fall'22 and preparing for Data Scientist role. Please recommend some online resources to prepare from.