Opening for CIEC for senior data engineer.

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Looking for a referral! Can anyone help? I’m looking for a data science intern for the summer 2023, I strongly feel I needed a chance. The best thing I could say is I strongly believe learning is a lifelong thing and I follow it. Anyways , happy holidays and have a great year ahead.


Hi!! Are there any admins where who work on a trading floor? Im interviewing for an administrative role on a trading floor in Manhattan. Looking for tips on what to wear - is it pretty similar to a “hedge fund dress code?”


At a plaintiff’s firm, I bring in 50-70 of my own cases each year the last couple years, and have produced 2.1 million of my own fees, 2.4 million in total fees when included cases the firm has given me. I have a salary of $125k a year and have been paid 595k in bonuses based on settlements. Am I missing out by not opening my own firm?


Hi Fishes Schneider Electric
I have seen a job opening at Schneider, I tried registering also but I am not getting an interview call. Could you pls help me get a call
Skill : Apigee, API Management

Has anyone been hired for a support position like instructional coach only and then put back in the classroom for multiple grade levels at the middle school while doing some of your actual job


Hi dear ones,
Kindly let me know if there are any job openings with good salary package, in data science field for 1 YoE as an intern. If anyone could refer, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance 😊


I currently work as a referral coordinator and a portion of my job duties entails writing appeals for essential medications denied by drug companies etc. In general I really enjoy this portion of advocacy in my job and this is a newly discovered passion of mine
I would like to use this job as a stepping job into further advocacy work to gain experience, but would like to step more into advocacy work.. I have a ba in youth development- I’m looking for advice suggestions! Any ideas are appreciated


Just got a head of planning role and have been asked what I want for a title.

What are planning department heads called these days?

Executive Planning Director?
Something Strategy?
Planning Poobah?



I am offered a Software engineer (rank 44) position in
EY GDS and a Consultant in KPMG India.

Which one should I choose?

Not much difference between the CTC.

KPMG being higher side along with joining bonus.

Please let me know as I have to decide in a week

Any replies will be much appreciated.


Any tips on leaving a firm “correctly”? Was about to go “of counsel” with my firm of 6 years, but then another firm whose partners I really respect (and personally like) offered me a partnership position. I predict my current bosses will *flip* (cut off file access immediately, try to beat me to calling my clients, etc.), so how do I set myself up for a successful transition?


Hi Buddies ,

Any opening for Scrum Master/Agile Project manager roles

Please refer mine

Hardly looking for Job Change

Having PSM- 1,PSK - 1 certification and 8.6 YOE

Working Credit Risk Management Role across Portfolio 

Current Company : TCS


How is everyone doing? I am applying to a few jobs of interest at the following companies. 1) Regeneron 2) Amicus. 3)BD If anyone is able to provide a referral link I will be very grateful. I am a pharmacist looking to transition toward a role in Medical Affairs and will be starting my MBA soon. Thank you all so much for everything and I hope to hear from you.


So the company that laid me off in March just posted that they’re hiring. I haven’t been in touch at all, but former clients are reaching out saying they’re excited to work with me again.

Do I

1) not do anything bc screw those guys
2) send a screenshot to the EP with an FYI that his clients expect me back
3) take a job at an agency and make them bid on projects but never award them one?


What are the Top MBAs outside of M7 to land an MBB role?


Anyone who’s moved from consulting to VC, what are some of the ways you’ve made your application stand out? How much of securing the role was down to networking?


Hi fishes
How much does consultants earn in
Deloitte India. With 1.5yrs of exp they were offering 6.5lpa for consultants role. Is it a good deal or should I demand more.
Any suggestions please Deloitte


Can anyone provide a referral for Oscar Health? Oscar Health . I'll send you wine if I get the job (not a bribe, unless...). My email is


Hello All,

Currently I have an experience of 3 years in Non IT domain. I am searching for Data science and Machine learning jobs (As a fresher or intern). Please help me to find the job. I am currently doing a applied machine learning course. I have a good knowledge of Machine learning, Python and SQL for data science.

Thank you.

For those who have gotten hired during the pandemic, was there anything you negotiated during the hiring process that helped you feel more secure in case of any layoffs that occurs after you’re hired?


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Hi All ,

Looking for referrals .Exp:10+ yrs,
Tech stack : ML/Python/AWS/Mlops.
Please let me know if anyone can help.


Any ADs looking to grow at an agency in NY but work remotely in Philly 2/3x a week? DM me if interested.


Which life science companies do you think are the best in the Chicagoland area? (Besides AbbVie / Abbott)


What are your thoughts on how faith should affect your work?


Jummah Mubarak Fam 💚☪️


Hello fishes ,
Need your help in selecting one from below . .
I have offers from
Benz - 26lpa
Publicis - 26lpa
Wipro - 30 lpa
HP - 28 lpa
Dunn and Bradstreet - 30 lpa
SRS consulting - 30lpa fixed + 2l jb

I'm looking at job security too .
Yoe - 8
Data engineer


Deloitte people on CPT with 40 hour/week limit: Since its self-reported, do you just bill 40 hours per week? Worried about the impact to my utilization.


Got the call 😍

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SaaS Sales Salaries:

(Not complete data and unverified but gathered this from different posts here, and from another source )

Microsoft Canada : Base $120K-160K; OTE $250K+
Google Cloud: Base $130K; OTE $325k+ and RSU $300k over 4 yrs (33%:33%:22%:12%).
Non - FAANG (Non-SaaS??) Base $130K; OTE $260K
VMWare: Base $150K; OTE $300K+;
Commissions are 2% appx. (Uncapped).

Seems these numbers are for 8+ YoE. Please contribute to these numbers to correct/ append or add other companies.


$125k base in LCOL (Dallas, Atlanta, Tampa) or $150k base in MCOL (Denver, Chicago, Seattle) ?


A mini rant, I enjoy the idea of the job, many of the people, & the opportunity. I just feel my effort doesn't get me far enough to be someone others want to work with and I disappoint those above me


Anyone from Harman international. Please respond need to ask few details about company. Harman


What have people typically paid in attorneys fees for a comprehensive estate plan: including setting up a revocable trust, pour over will, etc.?


Can someone refer of SAP BASIS profile in Qualcomm please?

YOE: 6.4
Notice period : 15 days left


So I found a watch I love but found out it discontinued manufacturing in 2017. They have a newer version, but love it less. Is there a way to track down the older version through legitimate sites or stores?


MBB folks, I’m a Product Manager (non-tech company) and interested in working at MBB.

Which level/role does MBB can offer me ?


Anyone have any good templates for manually tracking utilization on excel?


Any BCG Platinion Fishes here, work as Agile Coach? If Yes, willing to chat over DM?


Fellow lady 🐠🐠 I'm super curious about the eating habits of some of you. Mainly I wonder how yall aren't constantly hungry/hangry. I'd 🔪🔪 on such little food! What're your secrets?


Additional Posts in Comcast

Dear Sharks

Has anyone got Bonus payment, Usually 30% bonus split into 7.5% will paid on the last month of each quarter right
Like March, June, September, December

I have joined August month
I have not got any variable pay bonus
Is my understanding correct
Pls guide


Very Important !!!
Anyone working in
Comcast, kindly let me know how Bonus pay works here
If they commited 1.5 as yearly bonus and if we join at Aug month how much it will be paid...
Do you get fully or its calculated based on the calendar days


Hi Everyone

Can someone please tell me about AI/ML Team at Comcast India? How are the work-life balance, culture, and entry-level pay?

Hello Fishes,

May I know what all the topics will be covered in the first round of interviewfor the role of "Data Analyst" in Comcast Company...

Thank you 😊


There is an assessment for Comcast for an interview, can someone share what kind of assessment will this be and how can I prepare

Got an offer from Comcast. Can anyone explain work culture, employee perks, variable pay settlement, job security, average hike percentage, learning scope in Comcast

Does Comcast pay any allowance or provide any additional facilities for work from home? Eg: paying for internet? Comcast


Hi guys,
I have offer for Comcast and rntbci with same package. Which one should i choose?
Am expecting good hike and good wlb


Anyone has an idea what would be percentage hike when we get promoted from Lev 3 to Lev 4 engineer in Comcast India?


hi fishes,

any idea on senior anslyst enterprise procurement level 3 package? i have 2nd round tomorrow any advise? Thanks in advance 😊


Any idea about the C&SP department in comcast? working culture, WLB and all..

I was selected in Comcast for a developer role.. Will Comcast provide work from home?

so if anyone knows about that please share your thoughts.


What would be my in-hand salary per month after employee pf and tax Deduction?

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Hi Fishes, Can any one
please tell me what would be the CTC range for
"Development Engineer 4" - Comcast
India(Chennai). Total exp 8yrs relevant to the
role 3.8yrs. Tech stack- Python, SQL,
GCP(BigQuery), Docker, REST API.


Could anyone help me understand the levels for SEM role in Comcast Engineering Center India?

I attended a couple of rounds of interviews for Software Engineering Manager 1 (as the JD said) on a quick schedule and wonder if I should have asked next level instead.

YoE - 15, Hands-on EM, can code, do project and people management
Tech - AWS and .NET

Also an indicative range of CTC I should ask for will be helpful. Currently I'm underpaid at 20.1L as I worked in the same company for 12 years.


What are all the perks and benefits of working in Comcast Chennai?

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