Today I gave an interview in mindtree.It was 30 mnts long it should take for getting the result?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

If you go through it then you'll get a Google form.

actually they told that i have to attened technical 2 round means cultural.what is that?

Cultural round can be techno-managerial or it can be technical too.

ok thanks for your help.

It's manager round..

In my case it was pure technical. So be prepared.

All depends on the panel.

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I'm looking to pivot from consulting into tech. I've gotten lots of interesting from tech companies on the ops side but am much more interested in product management.

Any advice on books or courses to help make the transition? I'm struggling to land PM interviews at companies that aren't tiny startups :(


Hi Professionals,@society generale

15 days ago,

I gone through 2 rounds of Interview about joining Society General

the 2nd round interview feedback yet to announce!!

is that means, am rejected !!??


I have been alles from infosys hr several times, each time they haven't given me a chance to ask any questions and have scheduled interview for Saturdays.. but none of those interview ever happened. Neither they rry for my mail...anyone with similar experience or knows what's happening


Recently laid off, and struggling to land interviews. Anyone have tips or tricks on how to get an independent consultant role?

Will have an interview with KPMG UK transaction services for an assistant manager position. Any tips? What are possible questions?


Do cover letters actually make a difference when applying for a job?


I have a technical case study interview with QuantumBlack coming up for a data engineer role. Anyone who's been through this? Any specific topics need to brush up to be better prepared?


Hi Folks,

Does anyone knows about xmplar hiring process.
As I have given two round of technical interviews where the last one was final round .
But now recruiters are not replying to my mails and there is no feedback from their side.

Any advice will be appreciated 🙏


Currently I'm in last phase of interviewing with Apple, Austin TX. What would be a decent compensation TC (Base + RSU) for a non-software related Quality Engineering based position? I have been looking at quite low offers on Glassdoor, but folks on fishbowl seem to share quite high offers, so not sure how much should I negotiate for!


Good Morning, two days back I appeared for a Capgemini interview round 1 (for senior Devops) and it went really well, could anyone guide me about how long it takes to get a response(positive or negative)


Teladoc Health Inc.

I was offered a Part Time Physician Case Manager Position (Remote) in Malaysia on 4th November 2022. I was interviewed by your Medical Director (Dr. Christine Louis) via Microsoft teams platform. The whole onboarding process was handled by a senior HR admin from Shanghai.

Subsequently, I was required to sign a contract and provide financial details and ID for onboarding purposes. I have then given Microsoft office sign-in credentials.

Would like to verify the facts and personnel above. TQ!


Do experienced hires have to submit their SAT/ACT score when applying to McKinsey or BCG?


How long after your interviews did you get a response back you got the job ?


Hey Fishes, I’ve given docs for Background verification for PwC AC Kolkata location, gave interview for Senior Associate Role, YOE 4 years, how much fixed/CTC should I can ask with HR while negotiating? Current fixed 8.4 lpa. Thoughts?
Need to know if I can get a good payout in this role. PwC


Super day at Goldman Scheduled for the near future. Also trying to field various other interviews. Any advice?


Can anyone please guide me. What's the domain round in Optum about.

Got a interview call for domain discussion for pega , not quite sure what it means.


fellow fishes, suggestions please

I appeared for an interview at Adobe in December end and completed all technical rounds. And came Christmas and New year holidays
Now no response from them yet, what should I do as it's already a week after new year holidays


Should you always negotiate? I never gave a range during the interview process, I had a TC # in my mind. Got an offer and TC was exactly what I would've asked for. I will take the job.

That said, is there any harm to negotiating for higher here? I don't have any data to back why I deserve a higher #, but feel it's a missed opportunity to just accept the first offer


I recently had an interview with a very promising pre-IPO company in the AI/ML space for a SE leadership position. The interview feedback was better than I expected, but with a twist. They have already given the offer to someone else, but they still want to bring me on board and they asked me what I would like to do. I am in the process of gathering more info, but it is tempting to ask about pivoting into product management. What would you do in this situation?


Hi guys,
I want to inform you all that with your help I was able to clear the Hirevue round of Deloitte New Grad position 2023 and now just final interview remains. Thank you guys, you made it possible.
The role is technical strategy which I guess comes under SAP so the SAP team will be taking the interview for Toronto location.
The interview will have 30 minutes behavioural interview questions and 30 minutes case study.

I’m looking for tips now guys. I really want to clear it. Please guys.


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Happy MLK day, people,
I know a host of you here and would like to determine if there would be interest in attending an open session on career advice for young professionals of color. Talk 2 me.


Where it is better to accumulate star alliance miles : Turkish miles & smiles or Lufthansa likes and more ? I am flying quite a lot in Middle East and south east Asia

Hi all,

How's the projects in OISV & Fintech SDU of Engineering R&D services in HCL?
If I join
HCL Technologies then will I get to work on latest tech and development projects?

I am having 4 years of experience as Java developer. I am having offer from HCL that's why need your inputs.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome! This bowl is growing so it makes sense to share a few important messages at this time. Continued in comments…

Post Photo

Anyone bought an attractive office chair that is also supportive for your back?

It will be in the middle of my living space so needs to not be ugly. TIA!


hi sharks
anybody can let me know what is lead analyst implementation conversion senior profile In Fis global
What is there responsibilities??


Read divorce thread posted a few weeks back, going through the same, I’d like to ask: how much was alimony and child support as a % of income? Full custody to spouse, have 2 children, area = NE US


Any good CapOne points options? Have a VentureOne but an upgrade offer to Quicksilver, debating taking it


No team outing and no team lunch coupons in cognizant..?
Recently i joined been 6 months but didn't see any team lunch budget or outing thing😐😞


Any Female fish want to grab brunch and watch the Masters this weekend


How much rent should I be paying?

Finding a house-share with enough working space for wfh seems expensive since I first moved to London 4 years ago - £900+ pcm and still competing for the room! Is it worth just trying to rent solo a little further out for ~£1,300pcm? Big issue is I’m only earning ~£45k with 4yoe.


Anyone have multiple FT jobs? I'm looking about to land a new primary FT job, as my current job is very very slow, doesn't really have any projects for me, and could end at any time (with a 30 day notice).
Where there any legal issues? (The two companies area in different industries so no competition). How did you manage both? The new company knows I'm still employed, should I quit the first or keep it as long as I can manage both? Any bad vibes or feelings of unprofessionalism? TIA


How is Accenture S&C in terms of work life balance?


For partners at Big4/ ACN/ other T2 firms:
Does your WLB improve after you make partner but stress levels increase since you are responding for revenue and for people. But in terms of delivery it’s the M/SM/D handling the work and the long hours?
Is that an unfair assessment? Is it a false goal to aspire to to become a partner?


Hello Nagarro friends,

I'm in final stage with Nagarro for the position of Product Owner, what salary I can expect from them.

Total exp- 6.5 years
I have asked 28 LPA but I feel they can offer more. Nagarro


Which one to choose from below:
1. Publicis Sapient
2. Hexaware Technologies
3. Wipro

Tech Stack - Salesforce
YOE - 6.7
Note:- Each of them paying similar.

Thanks 🙏


Anyone have any insight on the company Healthmap Solutions?


How long did it take you all to get interview invitations from the date you submitted your application?


Sitting in traffic in an uber to airport and he keeps jacking on the brakes and gas back and forth to weave through cars and it's making me so so sick.

I hate being that person but I'm very close to having to say something. This nausea is unreal and we still have 25 minutes to go.



My h1b petition was approved till September 2022. I was not able to get it stamped through previous employer and now my current employer is willing to transfer the H1b. Since the petition got expired can someone guide me what is the process for this ?


Additional Posts in Mindtree offer

Hi All,

Is there anyone who received Addendum letter for location change, after receiving the actual offer letter?

I have got the letter with a location change from base location Bangalore.

Letter Subject Line : "Mindtree - Addendum to Employment Offer Letter"



Hey Fishes,

When I could expect the offer from Mindtree. I am following up with HR since 25 days and he said , approval is in line and soon they will release offer.

Today, HR person called and took one screenshot of mine through TEAMS amd informed it's needed before offer relase.


Hello fishes,
I had discussion in
Tech Mahindra about title and band. They are offering the title below,
Total experience is 6.4 years
Designation : Senior Business analyst
Band: U3

Is this correct?
Tech Mahindra


Anything we need to do to get the Joining Bonus in Mindtree ???

Or it will come automatically with first month or second month salary ???

Kindly share inputs recently joined Mindtree minds.



Mindtree is asking for previous employment verification with 3rd party provider Digiverifier, Is it okay to share EPF and Income Tax portal password with them? I haven't heard of this kind of verification, Please suggest. Tata Consultancy Mindtree Wipro Infosys Deloitte


What is the avg. annual hike in Mindtree ?


Hi, I cleared all the rounds in mindtree as per the information from mindtree recruitment team. But my current status in their portal is "Parked"(Earlier it was "Shortlisted"). When I called and asked them they mentioned I've cleared all the rounds and my offer has sent for approval and once they get the approval then they will inform me or send me an offer

May I know how long does it take to get offer from mindtree once all rounds are cleared. I'm bit concerned becuz it's more than 17 days now


Hello Everyone, I got an offer from Mindtree 24lac fixed(Azure Data Engineer) it okay to join Mindtree is the project availability and job security? also as LTI Mindtree has been merged will I get an offer from LTIMindtree?Mindtree @LTIMindtree


Has anyone tried re revision of offer letter in mindtree? Mindtree is offering 15 lpa +35 k joining bonus. I recently got the offer of 19 lpa with 4 lpa joini g bonus.


I have cleared technical round of Mindtree, I received a call from HR stating that I have next round today, however he didn't explain me what that round is all about? If there is anybody who has recently cleared Mindtree interview who can explain me?Mindtree


Hi Fishes,what kind of questions can I expect during ‘culture’ round in Mindtree?

Mindtree CTC contain 12% variable/bonus. Do they pay that 12% as part of monthly salary. Are there any clause on this part of CTC?
If in case you are not part of project, than is this variable is still payable?


Hi Fishes, I have 8.6 years of experience.
Currently working as a technical lead in mindtree from 1 year now. Having 21LPA package.
Is I'm under paid at this experience?? should I try to switch now for better package ??
#nodejs #Typescript #react #angular #Mern #mean


Anyone who recently joined mindtree can please tell me the steps till joining. I got offer from mindtree and after accepting offer, I was asked to submit all documents related to employment, education etc. on a portal for background verification. After that what will be the next steps and when? How do I know that bg verification completed or still under process. They don’t have any portal to check current status. I am asking here because hr in mindtree don’t pickup calls.


Ibm or mindtree. Which one to join
Java 5years


I received mindtree offer letter with 60 days. Since my current notice period is 90 days, HR informed that they can extend the dates later and reissue the updated letter.
Is it the process of mindtree and is it okay to resign with this initial 60 days offer letter?


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