I have cleared interviews at UBS with tech stack SAP BW4Hana, BOBJ, Native Hana, SAC etc. And with YOE = 7yrs. What is the maximum CTC I can get at UBS; if my CCTC = 19 LPA Bosch Global Software Technologies

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

22-25 I don’t think they would give more than this.

Is it EOY or Tech Stack? That UBS having CAP on offered CTC.

Do you know what designation they will be offering you ? The salary mainly depends on that.

Did salary negotiation happened? Can you let us know how much they have offered you with 7 years of experience?

Will surely close this thred with number to expect.

I am not aware about the designation as of now but it's mostly 1level below AD. It's reference hire so interviews were scheduled faster but yet to get call for Salary negotiation. That's why checking how much is expected range. CCTC is 19, so what should be ballpark number to expelled.

Can you please let me know what they have offered you. I have a interview with them next week

23LPA which HR mentioned is the best they can do.. considering 6-7% hike each year.. automatically by 12yrs YOE I will make AD.. with lowest pkg range. BTW current is 7YOE. I rejected as it's only 21% hike.

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50k euro is good deal in Belgium ?
YOE - 12
Skills - Java, spring boot microservices angular SQL, nosql
Dependent 4 ( spouse + kid + father + mother)
Current CTC -34 LPA(31 Fixed)
If switched company in india, I may get between 44 LPA - 50LPA


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Had an interview with a cool startup, followed by Meta and wow what a difference. Meta is cool, but the interview and questions felt like the opening scene from Severance


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Hi, am in final round discussion for EY offer in D&A for enterprise architect having 20 yoe. Hr saying that there is no director role in EY it’s only associate director or executive director. Can anyone clarify pls? Also what would be the legitimate ctc and role ask from EY?


What is reasonable band and salary for 18 year experienced, joining as Technical Program Manager?



I got offer in TCS for a mainframe developer role and my joining date is on September 19th..

Today HR called me and told that my joining date is postponed so my new joining date is October 03rd.

She told like onbroading is happening in In-person.

My last working in my current company is September 16th.

Could you please let me know, will TCS postponed my Joining date once again? And please let me know why is it getting delayed.
Why TCS reject my offer letter?



So you find out you are being underpaid at a job you just started at in comparison to other attorneys at the firm, Do you:

A. Ask for a raise.

B. Accept your current salary and address your compensation package at your performance review in a year

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Anyone from Barclays finance process? Can you please share your YOE, Role and CCTC. Don't see anyone from finance background here.


Hi everyone I’m currently interviewing at Apple and was given this use case. Could anyone help provide the best method to answer the following three questions? Picture attached. Please feel free to DM me.Apple

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Has @Deloitte India disbursed the bonus?? What are the average percentages for Manager level at Rating 1,2,3 and 4 (1 being the best rating)

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I recently made the switch to a fully remote Sr IA role. As a new hire, my manager asked me to come up with some measurable and quantifiable performance goals for the next 6 months, as well as a stretch goal. Does anyone have any suggestions? I appreciate the help.


I have an offer and want to negotiate

1. London base salary but I have to absorb all the expenses (train + stay)
I am thinking to negotiate to

2. home base salary and have my expenses paid for

I know that's depends on the amount I have to travel (and potentially stay) but at the moment this is unknown. Past 8 months was just twice a month + 2 nights stay.

The only thing I know is it won't be every week, the return trian ticket is about £80-100, depends I could plan ahead.

Is it possible to get into life sciences investing out of b-school with only prior life sci consulting experience?


Hi Sharks

I have a offer from Kyndryl and DXC

Both of the offer almost same

Kyndryl is having Hybrid Model whereas DXC is WFH

Which one to choose?


Affordable PG for Boys

Shared accomodation available in 3BHK
Location: Pimpri Area (Pune)
Landmark: Pimpri Station Rd

*DM for details*

Rent: Rs.3500 per bed/per month
Deposit: Rs.5000 per bed

- Fully Furnished
- Direct Owner
- Car & Bike parking available
- Standalone Building
- Electricity bill will be shared equally among all tenants
- Rs.1000 to be paid by tenant for notarized agreement
- Maid charges (for cleaning room) included in rent
- Max 3 people in 1 room


Im a new grad NICU Nurse been with my hospital for 1 year but ready to leave.!how can I make my self more attractive to other hospitals in my area.


👋🏻 Hello 💸 What would be the salary range for a visual designer in San Francisco? Client side 🤫


Is Covid under control where you live?


Does Accenture gives Hot skill bonus for SAP.

If so, which all modules are eligible?

EWM gets HSB ?


So, any big Tu BiShvat plans?


Does anyone here use dividend income to live off or fund parts of lifestyle? I’d like to get started now and hopefully have nice cash flow in some years


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My hemorrhoids are killing me.


I have 5.1 years of experience walmart is providing me IN3 position.
Any idea about the range of budget they would be having for this designation??


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Has anyone here worked in data science at the Mayo Clinic?


Additional Posts in UBS

When are you planning to resign from @UBS? :)


Hi Fishes,

Can someone Please guide me to clear
UBS interview for Automation test Analyst? YOE-2.5 UBS

Hi Fishes,

What is the interview process with UBS Pune for Java 3 years experience.

Hi all..I got offer from JP Morgan Bangalore and UBS Pune with same CTC. Can someone help me which should I join ?

Does UBS renegotiate after giving a counter offer?

Hello guys,
Can anyone tell me about UBS culture match assessment for Off-boarding analyst role and does it include numerical reasoning?

hi, fishes,

for 9 + years exp is 32 good pkg with AD role in UBS?

Any business risk specialist at UBS? Need to check few things about the role

What are the next steps in UBS post salary discussion with HR? How long usually they take to relase the offer?


How long does UBS take to send offer letter after the candidate accepts the salary breakup ?


Does UBS pay relocation bonus?


I would be grateful if anyone can refer me for ta particular job opening which is currently active in your organization, UBS India.

Please DM.

Thanks in advance!

What is the expectation of bonus and increment this year. Share your views and thoughts

Does UBS provide any welcome kit?


BNY Mellon technology specific questions -

#0 How much max salary for grade K ?

#1 How long does it take to promote in bny from grade K to L ?

#2 Any specific criteria for promotion? Expr , certification etc...?

#3 How much % hike to expect post promotion ?

Skills- Java, microservices,react, cloud

HSBC India JPMorgan Chase BNY Mellon | Pershing Citi BNY Mellon UBS Citi Allstate BNY Mellon | Pershing BNY Mellon Corporation HSBC India


Hi Fishes,
Can anyone please refer me
UBS for analyst position. The job id is 255789BR