What is the process of bench in Genpact? How can we get another project and with whom we need to connect? How much time we get to be selected in another project? What is supply list in Genpact?

Band - 4B

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

On bench you will be receiving requirement call sand in this you will be supervised by a manager.

Are u on bench?

Hello buddy, do you have idea? How long genpact allows employees to be on bench before being let go?

Following. As I'll be on bench soon and would like to know how many months they allow employees to stay on bench before being asked to leave? Please update.

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Currently in Interview process with EPAM Systems in Canada for Performance analyst role ( Performance testing / engineering ) and also Test Automation role. I am new to Canada and have about 6 years experience in each field. What would be salary ranges offered? Other services companies in market are offering in 105 -120 range.
Also what can i expect in project interview and manager interview? Will it be highly technical? I cracked round #1 technical interview, it was easier than expected


How is NTT global data services based on job security and salary on time

How do you help client's figure out how much life insurance is the right amount?


A big workflow question: An effective creative workflow is critical, and no place is perfect. Teams of account/creative leadership, creative directors/brainstormers, multicultural experts, writers, designers, production folks, and accessibility experts need to work together. What's the best platform for building projected and real-time adjustable timelines, and can handle project tracking so most, if not all, contributors can remain in alignment from start to finish of a project?



I have got an offer with Wells Fargo, India. I have 8+ years experience in .net full stack. I am offered 23lpa fixed + 3 variable. Am i offered low for a 8+ yrs in Wells Fargo? Is so, what's the salary i should request to hr?


Hey guys
Plz help me with interview questions.
Got this interview tomorrow with amex
@americanexpress AMEX GBT American Express

Role: Analyst risk and information management

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What is the role of DevOps Engineer in CTS. is it an individual role in each project?


What is the job security for people on bench in HCS? I have joined HCS almost a month and a half and yet to be assigned to a project. I am worried if it would negatively affect my position in HCS. Kindly help with your answers.


Hi everyone - does anyone have any general info on the average compensation for in-house counsel at Cargill? I've done some online research (Glassdoor, Comparably, etc.), but would appreciate additional data points, if possible. Thank you!


Need advise, have an offer from KPMG Singapore for Microsoft practice, Managerial role.
Got another one from HCl India as Solution architect.

Any idea abt projects and WLB of both?
Which one would u folks recommend


In regards to SS, when a client has a family history of premature deaths, and the client isn’t in tip top shape themselves, do you advise taking the lesser payment sooner?


Hello everyone, I've been extended an offer of 17.5 LPA as CTC from UHG for a big data engineering role. I currently have 4+ years experience. I did research everything about this and everything seems fine to me but I still want to know from you guys if I'm fairly paid.
Sorry if this is a repeated question but please help me understand if I should consider any other aspect of this offer too.

Thank you!


Can really use some advices here…. 😭 The thing is I got pulled off from a project I’ve been working on for two weeks by a senior who I work with. After we went through all these detailed discussions related to this project, right in the meeting he decided I should hand over it to someone else. Need some advice how I should talk to my reporting supervisor. The reason I got pulled off this project is that I’m new to this area,


What is the internet reimbursement in KPMG global

What will be the inhand salary at tcs on 10 lpa


Does anyone have any feedback or know anything about Rubenstein PR and the culture there? I’ve seen mixed reviews on Glassdoor.


Amazon career essentials assessment (ACE) tips?
Just got contacted to take 1st step for a Program Mgr role within Amazon Freight from a referral. What should I expect? Should I study?
P&G has an assessment test as well, and it wasn’t fun


Hello everyone,
Hope you all are doing well
Looking for suggestion
YOE : 7.5yrs
Holding offer from
CTS -15LPA - Tech lead
LTI - 18LPA - Senior engineer
Altimetrik -21LPA with 3L bonus - Data Engineering
Appreciate your feedback on these


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Wish apps like BetterHelp were free. I can’t afford healthcare or therapy (I’m unemployed, and yes, I’ve tried seeking pro bono therapy options — no place anywhere nearby offers it.) I really need a therapist I can talk to on at least a weekly basis to just unpack so much that’s bogging me down to the point of being unable to function some days, but it’s just so cost prohibitive! What sucks is everyone assumes this career hands you median wages on a platter but I’m worse off than I’ve ever been.


I’ve noticed I have a harder time working on projects that aren’t that well defined and more vague. Mainly projects working with larger companies (think Nike, etc.) where say, you’re working on a site redesign, and focusing on certain features but a million people from the client side need to weigh in and chat through every little detail. I’m much better with straight forward work. Full site redesigns, branding, experiential executions. Anyone else feel this way? I just hate the vagueness.


Anyone gonna be in NYC on Halloween? I’m hosting a happy hour until 8pm. I don’t want to just hang out in my hotel after. What’s goin down?

I just took a shower while on mute during a client presentation. How’s your Tuesday?


So I’ve only been a month at a tech company as a CSM and they liked my work enough to move me internally to another team as an Enterprise CSM. I said I would accept an interviewer to learn more about the role. Afterwards the new hiring manager said they want to move forward with me. Long story short, the directors of the sales had an opening and want to move. My question are: Am I in a position to negotiate? What should I be asking for? Total ARR I’m responsible for is $7.5m around 100 accounts


What is CTC of senior analyst at Indegene? Any idea you have would be helpful


What's the cost of living difference if moving from NYC to Boston?

Pls DM if interested

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TLDR: Getting over your ex of 2.5 years ghosting you after they said they wanted to reconnect.

I was dating someone for about 2.5 years and then we broke up because of COVID and the long distance was making it too difficult to continue. The break up must’ve been like a 4-5 minute FaceTime because I was very distraught. After we broke up, she started seeing someone else but I was heartbroken and it’s taken me over a year to really get over everything and process those feelings. (Cont.)


Thoughts on Ted Baker shoes?

Downgraded from CSR to freedom, does anyone know how long should I wait until reapplying for CSR? It’s been over 4 years since I applied the first time


Are you hiring senior saas pre sales or delivery leaders?

I can bring your team:
*Global transformation program leadership with project p/l responsibility up to 7m
*SaaS expansion account leadership responsible for 106% new within a 5m portfolio

13 years experience (10 progressive finance erp (Oracle) transformation programs and last 3 years in consulting go to market and saas strategic expansion account sales.

Based in Detroit; seeking local or remote


Can anyone refer me to a good work from home job? I been out of work for 3 months and I have a little one. I can not afford daycare right now. Any help would be appreciated thank you very much!


Does anyone have a specific setup for science notebooks/binders? I'm looking to change mine this year...


Tableau: "Don't worry, you can fully leverage Tableau on Kubernetes!"
Also Tableau: Shoves all services into a single 9 gig docker image. 🙄


Are any of you married and had your first kid when both you and your spouse were in your 30s? What have been the pros/cons of your experience so far?


Additional Posts in Genpact Lateral Joinees

Is there any refferal open for the post arise at genpact of manager- accounts payable

Hi everyone,
Can someone please refer to the one opening position in genpact?
I have job title.
My LWD-4th of October

How is Genpact Credit Risk Modelling team? Is it worth joining??


I have offer in Genpact and Atos syntel.

Atos is offering 2 LPA more than Genpact.

I am offered to the role of 4B, Lead consultant in Genpact. How the work life balance/Hike/variable pay in genpact. Variable pay is payable 100% ?

How is the Company Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets in terms of Career Growth,WLB,Job Security and annual hikes?

Is it different from Genpact?

Client: Morgan Stanley
Location: Bengaluru


Hi fishes,
What questions shall I expect during the VP round for Genpact??
Please help.

Anyone joining genpact in november last week or december first week.


Is wfh is there in Genpact? If yes, till how many months we can extend wfh?Genpact


Hi All,
Can someone refer me for the role of VMware engineer at genpact.
I am having 2 years of experience as windows and vmware admin and currently serving the notice period.


How much time does Genpact take to release the offer letter after confirming the offer??

Hey Fishes,. I got offer letter from Genpact for 20 LPA, position: Lead Consultant (SAP SD). In onboarding page in profile it is showing, I am assigned to ITO department. Can someone tell me ITO department stands for and responsibilities.

Please help me if it is the correct HRA deduction

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Pls suggest and refer me for this openings in genpact

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Can anybody help me with the salary bracket for process developer band 5B

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