Does Slalom offer fertility coverage? (E.g. IVF)

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What’s the vibe at Gartner ? In the final rounds of interview and wanted to hear about current and former employees experience there. Any insight is helpful.


Hello all,

I am in bench for last 2 months. Can someone please help if any criteria that any duration for bench or will wipro exit the resource forcefully..?

Hi ,

Is HCL will revise offer letter based on the counter offer or not.

Any suggestions


Hi Fishes,

Who offer better salary at AVP grade?

Deutsche Bank or Credit Suisse?


Any idea on salary ranges for PwC M/SM? Trying to prepare for salary negotiations... thanks!


Which one is best for IT Sector in terms of best CTC. DELHI/NCR vs PUNE.


What are the best and most interesting benefits that you have at your job?


How much time Qualcomm take to release offer letter? I am a immediate joiner.

I got selected last week but till now didn't get my offer letter, HR told they will send the offer letter within a week.

After enquiring, now she is saying your offer is pending with India head, after that it will go to US office for approval?

How much time it really take any idea? How could I approach HR for immediate offer letter?

Any help?

Hi all , can anyone please tell me where pwc hyd is allowing employes to work from office voluntarly ? At present

Hi Fishes, Any idea how long does it take in PwC India to issue an addendum for a revised joining date. It has been more than 2 weeks and after several follow ups I am yet to get it. My joining is in another 14 days.


Does anyone here work at or have interacted with the Ad Agency Karsh Hagan? Got a pretty good offer from them but the reviews on line are awful.


Technopolis office e kojon lok dhorbe? R Kolkata te approx workforce koto hobe any idea? And kobe khulbe??? Bari boshe boshe jole gelo..


What is the parental leave policy at your firm? Please include: (1) size of firm; (2) location of firm; (3) how many paid weeks off (from firm - not state/fed); (4) other perks, such as ramp up/down time, etc.

How is Job Security in Morgan Stanley Can someone put some insights!?


Hi - I am thinking of turning my life around and apply for an LLM in Frankfurt with really solid job opportunuties once I graduate. Anybody know what the salary range like for Frankfurt based big law firms like Clifford or White&Case?


Pro Tip: take the week off before a holiday break when everyone is rushing to get work done and then “work” the few days immediately before the holiday when everybody else is on PTO.


Does anyone has any insights into revenue goals for manager / senior manager level at Big4, Capgemini? Primarily looking to apply in Germany.


Hi folks, I've accepted an offer from Monitor Deloitte as a Strategy Consultant. Although in the offer letter, the name of the company is Deloitte India LLP. Just wondering if anyone else has gone through the process and is currently working at Monitor. I wanted to understand about the projects, hierarchy and overall culture at Monitor. My base location is Gurgaon. Deloitte India Deloitte Monitor Deloitte Deloitte USI

what is VBP Percentage target in EY GDS. In my offer letter it is mentioned as 5% for rank 44.
And 11 lpa fixed CTC + 37k medical is this offer in par with market standards for 2.5 years experience in Big Data domain.


Hi 🐠 ,

I asked this before but still very confused.

Cloud Engineer in McKinsey & Company Knowledge Center (Working in a DevOps/SRE role) - 18 LPA fixed


Software Engineer at
Qualcomm (coding profile) - 15 LPA fixed + $16,000 stocks (divided into 3 years)

Please help 🙏
YOE - 3.5
Stack - Python/AWS

If you had this choice what would you have picked?


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Copywriters, How hard or easy is it to write a white paper? Have you ever written it?



I'm planning for my first solo trip. Any suggestion on places to visit for women solo traveler and travel groups or agency who facilitate ?


Hello everyone!!! How is everyone doing?


Is it worth doing an MBA if I don't plan to join IB or consulting?


How is the final settlement calculated at Accenture? Notice period is 3 months.
Will I get normal monthly pay for the first two months? I'm leaving after completing 12 months.


Is entity formation considered the practice of law? More specifically can an out of state lawyer in let's say michigan file and prepare a LLC for a pc in idk let's say Nevada?


Anyone else tired of the multiple status updates emails and messages already?! Day 1 from working from home and I’m already over it.


22 M looking for F in the D.C./Virginia area

How strict is Jio background verification?? My wife has not shown her previous company in CV and now HR has asked to share last 3 months salary slip to release offer letter. Is it fine if she skip this company??

Is compensation among the Big 4 + Accenture partners similar?


Been 3 months since I joined Luxoft and I am assigned to a backward DXC project. The lead is oppressive and bossy. There is no work-life balance and 9:30 hours of work is not enough for them. My probation period is going to end soon. Should I inform my Luxoft manager and tell him to change my project right now ? Or shall I wait for him to end my probation period ?
DXC Technology Luxoft


Does anyone know someone who has been fired from their firm for political activism? Please state why and the context.


In case anyone needs help with their Tax returns, please feel free to DM me.


Why are you in consulting (your industry if not consulting)? Wrong answers only.

Me: I’m in consulting because misery loves company 😅

Looking forward to all the creative responses!


Hi fishes,
If anyone have opportunities for Datastage Developer or ETL Developer in their organisation, please help me with your referral.

I can join soon as my last working day is 14th November.

Any leads are appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Guess my firm. Healthcare Payer/Provider Strategy. 185k as a SC.


JP Morgan released a number of reports in Covid. One section identifies second waves and they can’t find an increase rate of infection outside of Djibouti and Iran. Great news all around 👏


Alright, what plays are my peeps making? And may the odds be ever in your favor.

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Standing desk and ergonomic chair recommendations? Post your workplace set up below for some inspo!


I understand that in most cases folks with <2 YOE will join with the same title as UG campus hires. How many YOE (or months of experience) will qualify you for a higher pay band (compared to campus hires)?

The answers might vary across firms and I’d appreciate if you can specify which one you are referring to - TIA!


Additional Posts in Employee Benefits

If you could change / add one benefit for your firm that you've had in a previous company, what would it be?


Anyone at the PCAOB? How are the benefits? 401k, any pension, medical premiums and provider (BCBS/UHC)? Did you find their compensation package to be competitive?


Currently interviewing with McKesson, how do you guys like to work at McKesson?


Does anyone participate in the Iowa Caucuses ? If you are in public, is your firm ok with you doing it?

For PwC, Does Basic Benefits Salary = My Base Salary?

That means my supplemental life insurance amount that I pay for per paycheck is equal to 10x my base salary?

(i.e my current pay is $66,300, 10x supplemental life insurance is $6.70 per paycheck check, the total life insurance amount is $670,000?)

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EY friends, I saw that there was reimbursement for workout equipment. What’s the price limit?

At KPMG how much is the health insurance cost per paycheck for employee-only coverage?


How many PTO/personal days do we get when we become managers?

Anyone knows anything about EAP (employee assistance program) for a therapist or a psychiatrist visit? My symptoms are getting worse and I would love to use some firm resources if any available


What are the most important firm benefits to you and why? I mean beyond medical, dental, and vision. What’s your level in the biz?


We can reimburse phone accessories up to 250$ right?


Do your firm benefits cover physio?


Anyone at Cognizant care to share medical benefits info?

I was under my moms healthcare policy until she lost her job in February. Am I able to enroll with EY even though I’ve missed open enrollment?

Does Deloitte make you wait a year before utilizing the tuition reimbursement benefit?

Deloitte Cloud practice vs. Accenture Cloud practice. Which one is better?


If I do a HDHP next year and contribute to a HSA, what happens to my HSA if I want to go back to a LDHP the following year or a few years later?


Which firms have unlimited PTO?


What’s the cheapest way to get Solidcore? ClassPass? 20 classes package directly from Solidcore?


Does PwC offer a corporate AmEx? Also what’s the PTO and 401(k) contribution?

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