Got interview call letter from techmatrix and client is Maybank and this opportunity is for Malaysia. But little bit doubt on whether it is real company or any fraudulent involved
Any one came across that or how can we verify this

Please help on this

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Few points to check:
Google about the company, it it's not a legitimate company, there might be posts regarding it online.
Go to their website and check the position from there.
Probably go on their LinkedIn to verify?
If they do exist on LinkedIn, you can message one of the recruiters to check with them if this is a legitimate opening?
The English in the mail does not sound very polished, but cannot judge the legitimacy on this alone since English is not their first language.
Check what they want to offer you, and compare it with Glassdoor, if available.
Last, look at people in that role on LinkedIn and ask them if they're aware of such a position and client.

Interviews can happen in a hotel. It is normal.

Bhai aise emails ko avoid hi karo. Unless you can verify the people/company beyond the shadow of a doubt. Malaysia/Thailand mei they’re trafficking Indians to third world places to hack web3 companies and what not. Even GoI issued a statement on this.

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I wanted to get people's opinions on leetcode, codewars etc when prepping for interviews. I am a junior full stack dev looking to move to a better paying junior role or a mid role and honestly these style of questions have always stumped me. I have found that in a year of work to have never found them useful in tackling real world issues. Now I'm moving from a junior to a mid can I still expect leetcode style questions?

I work mainly with react, TS, node, graphql, mongoose and mongoDB.


Is it worth switching from EY GDS to hcl in just for months as there is no project and sitting on bench. EY GDS : CTC 23.5lac fixed HcL : CTC 28lac, yoe 9yrs Designation payments analyst. EY PwC pwc HCL Technologies


Hey guys

Just want to understand how the 3rd round (they told hiring manager round and techno management) of interview for Data Analyst.

I had cleared 2 tech rounds mostly hands-on SQL and Excel and some design thinking questions.

Tonight is my 3rd round of interviews I wanted to know from your experiences, how is the process ? What kind of questions can we expect in this round and what is the next process because I need to join a company in 10 days.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.


What's the average pay for a project manager?

I’m looking to obtain a marketing manager role at Pinterest this year. Can anyone share any insight or connections/sources that might help in the process? So far, I’ve focused my efforts by applying directly through their careers page and through their LinkedIn job postings. Any guidance is appreciated! Thanks so much.


I’m been an acute care RN, BSN since graduating- 13 years ago. I’m now interviewing for remote case management positions. While I’ve never held that title, specifically, I do feel inpatient / acute care RNs are involved in case management on the regular. Is this something you’d consider “experience” if so - how would you speak to that in comparison to the duties of a titled RN case manager? Thank you!


How do firms handle export control rules compliance for inbound disclosures for new filings?
Do you make the determination of export control classification number (ECCN) yourself based on each inbound disclosure? Do you ask the client to provide the ECCN, if they know it? Do you play ostrich? Or something else?


Anybody transition from Audit to Advisory within the same firm? 1) Who did you contact and did you have to interview? 2) how was the overall process? 3) was there a salary adjustment?


How do y’all manage your STIPs when applying for jobs? Do you wait until you get your STIP payment for the last FY before you accept any offers?


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“This is the best project ever why would you want to leave"

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Whats the bench period in Hashedin by deloitte , after how many days we usually get allocated to projects? How about client interviews? #HashedIn


Hi Fishes ! Need help to decide between the two
Wipro Credit Suisse client Pune 30 lpa
HCL Technologies Deutsche Bank Client Pune 29 lpa

Business Analyst with 9 YOE. Need inputs regarding Work life balance , Work culture. Anyone working with Wipro Cs client ?


What's the probability of getting hired when you made it to the final interview?


Hi Everyone, applied to Walmart Global Tech Java Developer role, with 3.5 YOE. Role requirements are 2-7 years experience in Java, Microservices, etc.. Interview scheduled this week.

Any idea on interview process, level of difficulty and CTC expectations

Current CTC - 9.2 LPA
Expected - 15+ LPA - As market is Employee friendly and one person I know joined for 15+ LPA with similar experience.

I have interviewed scheduled for early next week at Apple. I get really nervous doing interviews and I get flustered and can’t keep my thoughts straight. Any tips for me to do well. I just want to have a good and confident interview experience. It’ll be bonus if I get selected.Apple Apple Inc.


Hi Folks,
I have appeared for an interview with Infosys i already have an offer of 8.5 with 2.10 years of experience and expected ask 11-12 lpa from Infosys ...can Infosys provide that much or there are less chances?


Hi guys,
How is coforge in terms of wlb,job security
Got selected for one of banking project.
Could you please help with your reviews.


Hi Fishes,

l interviewed for Deloitte (India not USI) in January, and accepted an offer letter with DOJ of 25th April, later HR asked me to join on 11th April for which I agreed. Now I haven't received the revised offer letter or any links other than BGV and Pre-Hire form from Deloitte and now the HR is not even picking my calls or responding to emails.
Any advice on what to do?

Best advice to give young consultants/developers struggling on a tough project


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Do Big 4 pay superannuation above the ‘max contribution base’?

For those who don’t know what this is, employers are only required to pay super on income up to around $230K (so $23K super max). Some companies may choose to pay above and beyond that.

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First-Time Home Buyer in Seattle! Home was $605K, 1500 sq ft — how is this Homeowner's Insurance Quote? Should I add / omit anything?

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Coverage A – Dwelling $253,600

Coverage B – Other Structures $25,360

Coverage C – Personal Property $177,520

Coverage D – Loss of Use $50,720

Coverage E – Personal Liability - Bodily Injury and Property Damage (each occurrence) $500,000

Coverage F – Medical Payments to Others (each person) $10,000

Peril Deductible (Property Coverage): $1000


Hi All, recently I gave tests of a company (2 weeks back). Tests went okay. Quant i could not answer a some of the answers, but remaining two tests (one on ML, one on reasoning) i am sure I got almost every question right. I have not heard back from them yet. Yesterday the head of analytics of that company visited my LinkedIn profile. I wanted to check if i should approach him on LinkedIn and if yes, how should I do it? What shall I message him?

Or is it better to wait?


How much do Medical Imaging Managers make starting out?

Anyone have suggestions for good virtual design thinking workshop tools?


We bought a 2bd condo 5-6 years back for 300k which has increased to 500k now - approx 10% annual return. Do not plan to sell it. Thinking of buying another condo in same complex for for 550k, which has appreciated in the value the same way.. 300k to 550k in last 5 years. Not sure how far it can grow... but have had decent returns so far. Should we wait or pull the trigger?both are investment properties.


Any other parents with toddlers on here? Looking to network on play dates.


What should I be expecting for my first couple months and first project? Joining out of college soon and a bit anxious on what to expect - thanks!

I'm a military veteran and a recent graduate. I will be relocating from Atlanta and starting my new position in August. I am looking for a studio or one bedroom in Brickell or Downtown (possibly Little Havana or immediate surrounding areas as well), since I will be working Downtown. If anyone knows of any places leasing for $2,300 or less please let me know. It's been tough for me to find anything - I am not considering roomates.

TC 105k: $80k base and $25k from other sources.


Can anyone please help with a FDD referral to any Big4 in Canada? I am an ACCA member and plan to join as a Senior Associate.


Looks like that new time sheet computer locking rule did nothing for me when I don't use my laptop 🙊


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We're all supposed to pool our tips but I'm pretty sure the waiters are keeping most of the money for themselves. I already told the manager and she kinda blew me off. Anyone else been through this?


There was continuous flow of Coronavirus stats from China, still management at developed countries ignored based on their instincts.Please help me justify why data analytics if management is not ready


Hi, I have got an offer with Wells Fargo, India. I have 8+ years experience in .net full stack. I am offered 23lpa fixed + 3 variable. Am i offered low for a 8+ yrs in Wells Fargo? Is so, what's the salary i should request to hr?


Additional Posts in BIG4 UK (Moving from India)

Has someone here moved recently to UK from India? Have some questions on moving around rent, luggage, visa etc. TIA.

For sap consultant is it possible to directly apply for deloitte UK?
Currently working in deloitte usi.

Can anyone guide me how to look for such opportunities?

Hi Fishes, Does anybody know what is the salary for M1 or M2 in Big4 in the UK?

I have 9 years of experience and working in EY GDS with a fixed salary of 35lpa. I have received an offer from EY UK and they have offered 65k pounds. I know it’s less but please let me know if that’s okay given the fact that my wife has an offer of 50k pounds.


Hi everyone, if you have got an offer from Big4 in UK, can you please share your base salary, core skill, designation and YOE?


Can I survive on £26,300/yr in Belfast?

Can anyone refer me for a SAP FICO profile in UK?


Interviewing at EY London for a Technology Consulting - Data engineer role in the Data & Analytics practice within Advisory. Any idea what the pay band is for this role?
Yoe - 5
Tech skills - Big Data, Spark, Azure

EY Deloitte PwC


Hey folks! Any idea how much an associate makes at Deloitte UK? (Isle of Man)! Any leads would be appreciated.

Hi fishes, anyone working at Deloitte UK currently? I'll be joining them in a couple of months and had some questions about the benefits they offer. Please DM, thanks!


Anybody got their TB test done at Delhi, Max Medicenter Lajpat Nagar? What all documents did you get after completing the test?

I was interviewed at EY UK on 7th Sep. It was quite smooth. Since then I haven't heard anything back from them though interviewer claimed SLA to get back with outcome of interview is 48 hours. On portal it still says I'm in hiring team phase. It was level 1 interview.

Should I take this delay as rejection?

Hey all, hope everyone doing well. I am Automotive engineer with Master degree from UK and 6 YOE in India. Any job opportunities in UK suitable for me?

How much time does it take the Home office to provide approval on CoS. Specifically for SVW?
CoS is taking more time than anticipated and it is getting difficult to plan the actual joining date and put down notice at current firm.

I have been interviewed and selected for a role in EY UK. The status of my job application is “congratulations on receiving an offer from EY”.
However I have not received any email yet.

Can someone confirm which team sends the final offer coz the HR is saying that he has processed everything from his side.??EY