Sorry if this has been asked a few times but - relocating to Charlotte and looking for apartments, preferably in southend. Any solid recommendations or places to avoid?

Looking for a 1 BR - 2.4K a month or less.


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District flats hands down. Do not do atherton mill unless you want to lose your mind with traffic and a ton of cars in and out of the complex.

District flats has the perfect location- short walk (5 mins max) to the light rail into uptown, right near all the bars and restaurants (again super walkable). Also nice pool, gym and amenities. The staff was great too. I lived there for 5 years until I bought my house.


Have you toured South End yet? I’d recommend taking a weekend and walking around so you can find the area you want to live then check the apartments there and cross reference with this post. If you like walking/running outside or have a dog then easy access to the Rail Trail is great! If you want to walk to the grocery store, living near Publix or Harris Teeter is a must. If you want to live by the popular South End bars or want to avoid them entirely then check out Bland St. and South Tryon. If want quiet then your best bet is east of South Blvd somewhat in Dilworth

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I personally DONT recommend MAA properties. I’ve lived in the Arysley location and then stupidly to the Uptown location and as a whole it’s clear the company isn’t great.


I agree. My last apartment was an MAA property and it was terrible. They are not a good management company.

Super reasonable budget for a 1B! In southend- check out the Hub, Maddox, District Flats, Hawk, & Atherton. All with great locations. A lot of friends of mine have found even better deals at these places through subleases on FB sites


Honestly not much, ideally just want a “nice” unit with some space in Southend haha

Look at condos not apartments. I lived in 1315 East for years which is a long walk from south end.


I recently moved into Silos South End and like it!


I recommend all Cortland properties! They are so accommodating and the renewal pricing is flabbergasting!

i would recommend them as well. I have been living in my apartment with them for over a year and have no plans to leave anytime soon. I realy love it here.

If you work in uptown then at that range you can get very solid apartments. Most 1br will be under that range so you’re solid. I recommend the Crown if you are working in uptown since its on the border of south end and uptown

northerners and weird people mostly move to uptown bc they think it’s a city but it’s kind of an office park on steroids. lived there for 2 years.

i am renting a condo in Uptown in Gateway Plaza for $1750. spacious, nice complex, easy easy access to offices. i recommend.

We enjoyed Camden Southline! Location is great—right along the rail, but not at a stop (the bells get annoying). Units were nice and dog park was great for our pups.

The bradham is an awesome building, great staff, good location in South end, and solid amenities.

It will be very easy to stay in budget.

Camden gallery: central location, clean, well upkept
District flats: central location, clean, well upkept
MAA Southend: central location, very fratty, not upkept, but great deals
MAA Reserve: better upkept, still great prices, chiller part of south end
Atherton Mills/ Maddox: upscale, great pools, well upkept, great locations

I don’t have anywhere that I’d say avoid as it is pretty specific to the individual.

check The Francis in UPTOWN 1 BR is just sroun 1.8k with cool layouts and building plus whole foods is just under the building

Checkout uptown 550, the Francis, and Savoy. Also any apartment managed by Greystar. I would stay away from Courtland managed apartments…they came to market a few year ago and bought some places. They are really cheap and don’t provide the same luxury service as the previous companies who owned some of the properties they bought.

I live in Uptown 550. Like it a lot with great amenities. If you send me your details I can refer you and I think you’ll get a discount if you like the place

South End is lovely! I’ve lived here for years. Avoid MAA reserve at all costs… formerly known as Colonial Reserve (racists)

Great recommendations, do any of these offer furnished units?

I am hearing mixed reviews on Hello Landing. Did you have a good experience with them in Charlotte? I almost booked one and canceled it because of reviews

I’d Recommend ‘the Francis’. Very nice apartment and seems like the residents care about the apartment more than other like MAA south end which is for people in 13th and 14th grade.

The Edge with Marsh Properties! Great staff and really nice building, definitely not a “frat party” complex

Not in Southend but it is in South Charlotte… The Links Rea Farms is awesome!! Best apartment I’ve ever lived in - excellent and fast maintenance, friendly staff, great amenities including a golf simulator and 2 pools. It’s right across from LifeTime Fitness, too! 15 mins from most places in Charlotte.

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